#OOTD DVF and Gucci

Gucci skirt and DVF blouse
SKIRT: GUCCI similar here and here // Shirt DVF similar here and here// Sunnies ZAFUL// Shoes similar here and here// lipstick MAC

Hi there friends!! I am thinking I am finally back in the blogger groove here.  Those few days although sick recharged the blogging batteries and here we are! And I felt good enough to get dressed up, well my usual dress up. How awesome is that?! So, I knew imediatley that I wanted to pull out the Gucci skirt I have and the DVF silk blouse.  And of course I decided to wear my studded shoes which are good Valentino Rockstud dupes.  Dream shoes those, but I can deal with having these. These are all classic pieces. A basic pencil skirt, a great black blouse, and some classic pumps. And of course I had to wear my Sunnies from ZAFUL .



blogger outfit of the dayI got the shirt and skirt from The Real Real. And as you all know I cronically shop there and it is no wonder as to why. I can get Gucci and YSL and DVF for the fraction of the cost. Got to love thrifting and I didn’t even have to leave my freaking couch! WOW!

Ahmazin as my son would say. And I love that they check everything to make sure it is infact authentic. You get a ticket of authenticity and that is super reassuring. Because that piece of mind is super important.  I love saving money and I love these designers, so when I can get pieces like this I swoon! I have YET to be disappointed. YET. I think the next time I want a designer hand bag The Real Real is where I will go to.

Thrifting for the lazy. HA!

VAlentino dupe


I love this outfit the stark black DVF shirt and the color from the GUCCI pencil skirt is just a great and classic combo, really you can go from the office to a date out in this outfit.

Steal my style!!!

Shirt: DVF similar here and here

Skirt: GUCCI similar here and here

SHOES: similar from ZAFUL here


Lipstick MAC

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Reach for the stars! Styling busy prints


ootd shein zaful hmHi there friends! How are ya?! This is such a great day, right? Hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I am in shock about how quickly this year went by. And that I will have the munchkin home after next week for the holiday break. Which means, I need to get posts predone. Right? Maybe. Who knows.  I love having the booger home. He is the light of my life, my little star.

Today, on the blog  I really don’t know what to write. I am thinking about yesterday’s post, and that holiday stress has fried my brain. OUCH. I bet since the title of this blog post says Reach for the stars you are expecting something truly profound or uplifting . But then if you know my blog by now, that isn’t the case a lot with titles, it can be about my outfits. Which today it is! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. I have had several cups of coffee and am feeling great. Caffinated. I am feeling cafinated. And I can not spell.

Shein skirt// Zaful dress// HM jacket similar// Joomi lim ring

So let’s talk about today’s outfit of the day and how to style a busy bold print!

Blogger outfit of the day

So today, I am wearing a gorgeous dress that is from Zaful and a skirt that is from SHEIN. I love these pieces. Why? The print of course!!! The print of these pieces are amazing, and when I got the dress from Zaful I noticed it was very much like the skirt I already owned. How very YSL. How very Valentino. Inspiration struck my brain and I went for the boldness. I have layered pieces to make a maxi dress look, read this post!

OOTD busy prints

I love the print and new where I wanted to shoot it at, remember I do all this myself. And took the fluff with me, he wanted to go for a ride in the car. And a dog is always fun to have around. Well, it was overcast when we got there and then the sun was like WHAT UP SUNSHINE?! LETS GLOW! And me, being very very very pale was like “NOOOOOooooooooo”  and then I got blinded. I got some good pictures but then reshot them at home. And why not, I have a lot of places to shoot pictures. Anyways.

The prints of this combination can be very out there and definitely attention grabbing. But the key here is to wear things to compliment it. I wore simple jewelry, and my shoes were the color for this outfit. I even kept my makeup on the simple side! My shoes were bright but that is it, and they work! The monochrome outfit that this is can be worn from the day to the night, just add different jewelry and grab a sparkle clutch. DONE. Don’t let bold and busy prints scare you. You can wear them, you can make them work!


OOTD star print YSL inspired

I love that the prints at matchy because it looks like one piece, and if the wind picks up the slit it doesn’t become a fashion disaster, because the dress under it. It looks like I have a pair of shorts on.

By the way, I have only one new year’s resolution. Ready, I will buy a pair of shorts.

That is it.

I know, it is the best damned resolution ever.

HM jacket

Styling a bold print


So the outfit, I actually needed a jacket and I think the denim toned it down nicely, because while it is a very day time or night time look, it is also one of those things that can go promville quick too. SO the denim helped me out there. I  kept my accessories simple, I wore my Joomi lim ring and a simple necklace. That is it. Nothing major.

Joomi lim

monochrome ootd

What do you think?

Steal my style!

DRess:ZAFUL c/o

Skirt: SHEIN

SHoes: JUSTFAB sold out

Hair: Irresistible me

Jacket: HM similar here

lips: MAC

Ring Joomi lim

Necklace : lulus simi;ar



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How to style busy and bold prints

Vintage florals with Newchic!

Newchic dress

Hi there friends! And what a day! I hope you got a lot of candy last night. I spent the night on the couch with my little one sick as anything. He was fine, me not so much. And still today not that great. But when you are a bloggeraholic you feel that need to get up and get shit done. And so here I am, makeup on, in a new dress and lounging around in my Sweet Dreams VS slippers. All while Dragon Age inquisition is playing in the background. The world can be saved in a bit.

Being sick sucks.

I wanted to go OUT and get these pictures done, and since I take all my own photos, I was not in the mood to drag everything around. I got in the car, sat there for about 4 minutes and then got back out and took my pictures here at home while I was on the verge of crashing onto the couch. Good times.

Today’s outfit I guess we should speak about that. RIght?

Sure. Yup. YESSIREE.

I need coffee.

NEwchic Maxi dress

OK, So this dress was kindly sent to me by Newchic and I really love it. It is close to the picture of it and that is great! Because sometimes you get something and it is not much like the pic. sad to say it does happen. The only thing that is really different from the picture are the sleeves.

NewChic dressI got this dress in a size medium. As things run small, this was a good thing. While the skirt at a size M was a bit big this dress fits Perfectly! Not too tight, not too short, not too loose. Just right.

And I know move along goldie locks.

My only real complaint is the dress is SEE THROUGH.  But with a good slip under it that would not be a problem.  Still LINE THE FREAKING DRESSES PLEASE!  I love the chiffon dresses, but there needs a lining. My Lulu’s dress has one, and it is the same material and my Express dresses have the same. Even my HM chiffon dress has a lining. That is my only issue.

Other than that GREAT especially for the price of the dress.

Being $15.39 not bad.  I will do a side by side of the dress vs my dress.

new chic maxi dress #ootdI went for a monochrome(i know, i know again) look. And I love the grays and the black and the whites. Then a flash of blue nail polish and bold wine red lip.


2016-11-01_10.20.04.jpgTo me this dress has a more Victorian feel to it than a Boho charm. Maybe it is the print? Or maybe I have been watching too much Great British bake off. Or it is a combo. I think the print and the sleeves and the empire waist give it that modern Victorian charm. Either way Newchic did a great job with this Dress, and I need to get a wide leather belt with buckles to give it that YSL or Valentino effect.

Newchic maxi dress2016-11-01_10.18.33.jpg2016-11-01_09.33.14.jpgWhat do you think?

NewchicThe sleeves are about what is really different. But that is really minor.

WHat do you think? Have your shopped with NEWCHIC?

You, my lovely readers can get 20% off with the following coupon code,

Coupon code: Arriana

The coupon code valid from July 21st to  Jan. 22th 2017. That is a pretty sweet deal!


You can also see another piece from NEWCHIC here



Garay Treasures
I do deClaire


Dress provided for by NEWCHIC for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for your support and love of my blog! I truly appreciate all of you!

Styling a busy print!

styling a busy print

I love prints. And this star print which I have style quite a bit on this blog, is one of my faves. But I tell ya when I first got the skirt, it was like WOW that is a bold print. Even if it is a monochrome print. It is what one might call a busy print. Prints like this are easy to get overwhelmed by. And I by no means am a pattern mixing queen. When I mix patterns, it never ends well. People always say it looks bad. OR why aren’t you wearing a solid with that print. Stripes and flowers? YES.

black and white ootBut I was standing in my closet today and thinking what can I wear with what? And so I grabbed this off shoulder shirt that I have loved wearing, you can see more here and here. 

Then I grabbed the ALDO OTK boots and a belt. I knew I was going to wear this skirt. Back to black and white again. I know how boring…but I mean look at that print! I would have loved to go to the orange wall for these pictures but the place I do that at was off limits. They are cleaning the mess trees are down, branches everywhere still. Anyways, this skirt while busy can be toned down with the great plain but not so basic off shoulder crop. A crop that I could tuck in to the skirt. The only problem is random gusts of wind gave me a wardrobe malfunction. I had made a stitch to help that and I tripped and it came undone. UGh.

20161010_1341231IT was overcast today, so I wasn’t blinded.

20161010_133709120161010_1335461This skirt is one of my fave SHEIN purchases. I am so glad I got it when I did.  I went bold with the jewelry and that turned out great!

20161010_133238120161010_132956120161010_133057120161010_133258120161010_1334061And the sleeves have a nice bell to them, nice right?


20161010_1332151My son decided to go head first down his slide and he was laughing hysterically at his own fun.

momandson                                                                                                                                                        “No mom!”

20161010_1331421He did convince me to give him the necklace….

20161010_134325120161010_1343421Then he ran off giggling.

ootd off should shirt and star skirt20161010_1338541Oh well.

You can steal my style here below:

Skirt: SHEIN achieve similar look here and  dress version here

Shirt: SHEIN

Necklace: LOOKBOOK trying to find something like this one.

BELT: SHEIN similar here

Linking up!!!

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Wishlist: NEWCHIC

There have been a few items that when I see them i want them so badly. But, since I put myself on a spending freeze, since SundayExcept for the Urban Decay All nighter spray, that is a necessity not a want. Trust me. So then comes places like NEWCHIC who have just about everything for the whole family. Including those Mermaid blankets you see everywhere and on FB all the freaking time. But, just because I can not buy per my personal shopping ban doesn’t mean I can not shop and virtually window shop on many windows, while using Windows. Right? No, but I can to the good ol GFD wishlist!!!!

This wishlist has a bit more selectiveness to it.

NEWCHIC wishlist

I love a good maxi dress, and even though winter is coming….(yeah you saw what I did there)

maxidresses are all year! And the belt is really unique and I think would add an edgy look to the floral print maxi. Kind of like Saint Laurent. And I have seen so many bloggers and people with the red dress or blue versions. And even though cooler weather may be coming(doubtful anytime soon) you can wear it with a great moto jacket and go. Love it! These are items that I really love and can see myself wearing . A LOT. What do you think?

Your readers can get 20%off with the following coupon code,

Coupon code: Arriana

The coupon code valid from July 21st to 2017 Jan. 22th.


This post was in collaboration with NEWCHIC all opinions are 100 percent my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors and me that makes this all possible and for reading the blog!


Starry days. OOTD inspired by Valentino

bloggersHi there friends

How is your Wednesday? I had to remind myself that it is indeed Wednesday. This week has been all tangled up and knotty. Kind of like my hair on a good day. HA. Anyways, today I was inspired to wear the star print maxi skirt after seeing some pins of the Valentino collection with stars. So inspired as I was put my own leg in.

bloggerlookofthedayI have actually worn this skirt on the blog a couple of times but I really love this freaking skirt so much. Except when the wind gets a bit wild. I had put a stitch in the skirt to keep it more under control, but when I was getting out of the car with the dog, his nail got caught and well, there ya go.


The other thing is my dog didn’t want to cooperate today, and so after a few shots he decided to be a dog and do doggy things like try to run off, bark at nothing and sniff everything. Today’s outfit post was a thing of trial and error, I think with more error than anything.

NYXOK, so back to the outfit, my goodness, OK I love a great maxi as we all know and I love me a crop top. Which is why I love pairing them together. Now the thing with this is, yeah summer is pretty much over everywhere. But, here, it will go on for another couple of months. So, I will hold on to the summery goodness of this combo as long as I can.

sheinskirtThe print on this skirt is just awesome and what is sad about it is that it is no longer available on SHEIN, WHAAAA? I did find something similar if you like the print which I will put in the links below.


The necklace makes this outfit more complete and if only I could have gotten more shots of the damned shoes, but that is what happens sometimes when you take a pet on the adventure with you. They don’t always allow for it. Right? I was wearing a pair of blue pumps by JUSTFAB called LAKEN.

Steal my style!

Shirt: HM similar

Skirt : SHEIN similar

Shoes: Justfab LAKEN


Monty python flying circus.
Monty python flying circus.

Also I am considering making a YouTube channel. I just don’t know what to call it. SO that is something that I have been pondering for a couple of weeks. I still think my blog’s name sounds a bit spammy. But, I have invested so much time into this blog that to change the name would be weird now wouldn’t it. However, the name has always bugged me. I love blogging and love my fashion blog that is something I am not getting tired of ever. EVER. I love this little career(if you want to call it that) of mine. The youtube channel will just be an additional aspect of my blog not a full time thing. just what to call it.

ALSO link ups!!!!! be sure to check out their blogs!


A love hate kind of shirt.

Ok, SO, I have had this sleeveless shirt from HM for a bit now and avoid wearing it. Why? Well, I have a love hate relationship with it. When I bought it I thought oh I will like that, got home and thought hmm maybe not. Is it the cut? Not sure, I have 2 other garments that are the same kind of cut. But they are full on dresses, this is a type of crop top. So what is the deal. I can not if it is the fact I think it makes my shoulders look weird. I can not put my crazy finger on it. Maybe I am just crazy.

ootd hm shirt sheinskirt


I even wore the shirt with my fave maxi skirt. And I feel like that didn’t make me “LOVE” it.  MAxi skirts can make a top like this look amazing and I love taking some “risks” with shirt choices with this skirt.


Maybe like I said earlier I am just going crazier than a cat lady in a Humane Society. Looking at the pictures it doesn’t look how I feel it looks. I guess we all have days where we question our fashion choices. Just like we think “I shouldn’t have eaten that 6th donut.” WE are the victims of self torture.

20160720_110714_002sheinskirtI love this freaking skirt  so much though!

20160720_111447ootdstarI also have some updates coming to the ETSY shop! I can not wait to get them on the shop! 🙂

Steal my style!

Shirt: HM similar

Skirt: SHEIN

Bag: JUSTFAB c/o similar here

Jewelry: similar

Sunnies: EXPRESS


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