Skreened tee and Miista Sandals

Skreeened mordor shirt and Miista shoes
Wearing : Skreened tee // Express jeans similar // MIISTA sandals // Mohzy tech bag// Urban decay VIce city trap queen lipstick

So yeah this shirt is on repeat.I can’t help it. I love a good basic graphic tee. And this one makes me so happy to wear, even if it has to do with a place not so happy in Middle Earth. The Mordor shirt from Skreened is one that is comfy and I never get tired of. Paired with a great pair of flares like these from EXPRESS and some gilded MIISTA sandals you can not go wrong. For a pop of color I added a micro bag(something that is weird for a big bag lady like me) . And I love the fact my hair is starting to get angry a sure fire way to say hey summer is coming! My hair, is getting poofy and trying to go back to curly.

ootd styling a graphic tee
one does not simply walk in

Everyone needs a sam.

Have you noticed that in everyone needs their own Sam? In LOTR Frodo has a Sam, in GOT John Snow has a Sam, Dean has a Sam, and I think in Mass Effect(my own opinion) your tech implant has a name SAM.SO, since I take my own pictures I have decided to name my silly ass tripod SAM. What made me think of this was actually a bit on Instagram, a blogger was talking about how her little sometimes takes her pictures and the weird looks she gets. And I thought, that is why I take my own. But, the weird looks I get are as I have said before Daunting. It feels a tad narcissistic sure. OK, a lot.

Being a blogger especially a blogger that write primarily about outfits and fashion etc, I take pictures of my outfits. And I like getting out of the house sometimes to do so. So, weird looks are part of the territory for me and SAM. (pfftheh) Like today, weird looks from passer byes. Lots of them, and I just went on my business. If they want to know what I am up to they could stop the cars and ask or walk up and ask. I probably (you all know my problems with this kind of stuff) would nervously say what I am doing and or awkwardly state it in a way that would make no sense to anyone.

And let me say SAM is the best photo partner, never complains, never gets tired. Perfect for me and my shoots. Right? SAM. Good ol SAM.

ootd blogger styleblogger style
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Shirt: Skreened c/o
Bag: Mohzy
lips URBAN Decay trap queen


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Jumpsuit, What I Wore Wednesday


ootd Jumpsuit and gold shoes
Love jumpsuits and how comfortable they can be. I got this jumpsuit from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and have loved it since. There was a metal piece that was at the collar bone but it was driving me crazy so I got rid of it. And the change made me love this sill jumpsuit even more. Jumpsuits are perfect when you have no idea what to wear and they make perfect day to night outfits. And they are so easy to accessorize!

I wore it with my Justfab Bryanna shoes and red Alucard bag. And of course more gold jewelry. The bag is perfect for days when I have to go to appointments with the little, which is every week. The bag holds everything, my coloring book, his coloring book, and all the other crap I carry. Yep. All the other crazy crap.

What I wore Wednesday jumpsuit
The only thing that annoys me about jumpsuits and rompers are the fact you have to practically take the whole thing off to go the bathroom. Other than that I love them!!! I will share my faves below! Since this particular jumpsuit isn’t available anymore.

OOTD fashionblogger
Jumper: nordstrom similar// Shoes: JUSTFAB// bag: Justfab//neckalce H&M old similar

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Shopping My Closet

Justfab Kateryna Review and #ootd

Hi there friends! And it is time fore some Justfab Goodness!  I just got these adorable ballet inspired heels! And I love the way the Katernya looks with this beautiful lace mini and this Mauve bag,also from Justfab. The shoes are so chic, they are a soft faux suede almost velvety in texture. They are super comfy too!! They look good and are comfy! that is a win win.


Katernya is true to size, not snug  at all, just right. The straps are tied not too loose for me. I got the blush pink which is a great color for spring and summer.  Spring I see a lot of the blush pink sticking around in different hues and tones. The heel is a blocky chunk heel which makes it easy to walk in. These shoes are so easy to walk around in. There are also many color options available with JUSTFAB.

The outfit.

I wanted to stick with the neutrals so I wore the lace EXPRESS skirt that I have had a while and a beige sweater from H&M. They go well with my H&M necklace and Zaful bracelet. But the outfit is not complete until you add the shoes and the bag. Justfab is really stepping up their game too when it comes to packaging.

JUSTFAB KaternyaGot the pale box in and the box was damaged (thanks USPS), but when I opened the box I was blown away with how pretty these simple shoes are!  I love it!!!

For makeup I went simple and in trend with a bold bold bold lip. And for that boldness I went with Conspiracy by Urban Decay

The bold lip just takes the look up a notch and makes it more now!

OOTD justfabheels



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SKIRT: Express similar here and here



BRACELETS: ZAFUL c/o here and here similar

LIPS: Urban Decay Conspiracy and NYX lipliner(fave lipliner.)



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Shopping My Closet


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I do deClaire

Urban Decay Vice City liquid lipstick! A review.

Urban decay vice city

Every once in a while you get these products that just come into your life and you are just OH MY GOD I NEEEEEEED THIS! And When I went into Ulta a few weeks ago, I had that exact reaction when I gazed upon the glory that is the Urban Decay Vice city lippies. I immediately gravitated towards the brightest red lipstick. Trap Queen you slay me more than Lady Gaga at Superbowl. Seriously. This lipstick is amazing! Urban Decay Vice City Trap Queen
This lipstick is multi faceted. It has metallic it has the rich vibrant red color. But, the red has the right amount of blue to make me feel like I have life in my face. Pale girls you know what I mean. But, there is so much richness in this shade that it would look good on anyone! It is a matte shade and yet it isn’t. How? Well, the metallic sheen of the gold makes it look more glossy than it really is.

And I since I got it I have been wearing it more than that red Justfab bag! When I bought this lippie the girl that was walking around ULTA was telling me there are people who love it and people that hate it. I get it, same can be said of ANY product in the beauty dept. Some people love the NYX liquid suede(me) and then there are those who hate it,loathe it. And that friends is fine. It is OK, it is awesome.

Let’s now talk wear.

It wears for about 8hrs or longer. I ate with this lippie on and drank coffee. As well as give my little smoochies on his chubby cheekies and nothing moved except for the lipliner I was wearing, which was by NYX. (my fave lipliners next to milani)

This lipstick can be sticky when first applied. But when dry it is fantastic. A little goes a long way. Definitly as with any liquid lipstick like this exfoliate your lips. And this can be done with a soft bristle toothbrush(that’s what I do) and I apply a lipbalm for over night like the EOS balm or I used to use the Clinique Repairwear lips at night. All About LIPS is my fave lip exfoliate but I am out,which is also Clinique.

So, why do I love liquid lippies so much. Well, it is simple. I have a 3yr old who likes to take my lipstick and play with it. The liquid stuff like this he is less apt to mess with. I don’t know why. But this stuff he leaves alone. So, I can get more and more. YAY. After he got a hold of a Chanel Lipstick, I shifted completely over to these kinds of lipsticks. Can you blame me?

These lipsticks are $18 at ULTA. Not bad considering the MAC retromatte is $20+ and the Chanel Ultra Wear is $37. The Balm lipstick I want bad is $17 and it is also long wearing. But, this lipstick is going to be on my list of faves and that color is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

SO, Have you tried this lipstick?

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My other lip faves

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My best of beauty gift guide


Hi there friends! Got another shopping guide! This time I am sharing some of my fave beauty buys!!! These products are some if not all, things I use all the time. From the NYX liquid suede to the MAC retro liquid Matte. And Lancôme Dual Finish. Oh how I love this stuff and these things friends make excellent stocking stuffers. And are at all different price points. You don’t have to break the budget, and hey TREAT YO SELF!

Best of beauty buys holiday gift guide
01//02//03//04//05//06//07 // 08


The E.L.F H.D. powder is insanely good, and the Urban Decay 2 pack is a hell of a deal from Belk!The setting spray really works and I am obsessed with it!  I love the MAC liquid lipstick and there are great gift with purchase going on right now on the Urban Decay. The Lancôme sets are always a great deal and the Hypnose mascara is really good and gives full lashes. The box is small enough for a stocking, but still pretty for the stocking. The great thing about makeup like this is it is easy to shop for it on line. No holiday traffic, no standing in line for 5 hours. Just you, your pc or smart phone, and a cup of coffee. Shopping done! Easy right? Yes. And we like it when shopping is easy!

For some other great gift ideas for the family check out my last shopping edit here and here. And here too

honorable mentions

Lancôme le Stylo gift set
milani eyeshadow primer
E.L.F mad for matte holiday set
E.L.F mad for matte holiday set

I love the holidays and I love love love new makeup! Such great sales right now and free gifts. Thanks for reading!


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ULTA micro Haul!


Hi friends!! Today on Gofashiondeals I wanted to really share my Ulta micro haul. Why? Because why not! I went in to ULTA for some new concealer and well, I was bad. I got all the things instead of just one thing.

ULTA HAULI got more of my Urban Decay all nighter spray. Which is hands down my fave setting spray. This bottle is $15 at Ulta.

I got the NYX concealer which I used yesterday on my makeup. One side was the NARS the other NYX, the only real different other than price was consistency. NARS is thicker.

Nars vs NYX concealerI think my NArs had more pinky tones.

But both have amazing coverage. At least in my opinion.

NYX liquid suede in cherry skiesI love this color and am so happy I got it!!!! So beautiful! And I wore it yesterday too!

Such a gorgeous shade! And I made a whole YouTube video of this haul as well as spoke of all the pricing in the video!

I love these products and yeah there were other things too like the hair mask which I used and WOW is it amazing! Definitely going to put that in Christmas gifts with the oil! Great stuff!!!!!!!! EEEK so good and it smells amazing!

Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to my channel !

ULTA micro haul


Who knows Urban Decay?


I saw this gem on hautelook and fell in love. I am always willing to try new makeup, you know see what is good. And the green shadow caught my eye. I purchased the shadow and just got it in the mail yesterday. 


See how pretty it is?  This shadow goes on smooth and the pigment is outstanding!  It is a powder shadow but feels like a cream. I want more, yes. I want the blues and other shades. This shadow is worth every penny.



Sorry the pic quality is meh. I was taking this on my phone.