Plaid in summer

OK so this post almost didn’t happen. My whole weekend teetering on collapse. Yesterday after dealing with the migraine from hell Friday through now and my phone being inaccessible it was a day that required me to really go back to bed. Back to bed instead of being in a social situation. But, I didn’t. I got up got dressed and went to a BBQ even without being able to get into my phone. I decided to download Samsung pay, and I have no idea how but I locked myself out and couldn’t access my phone for diddly. After calling my service provider after calling Samsung, 24 hrs later I was able to get on my phone after a factory reset. Oh the joy. Thank god I back my phone up so often.

Anyways, aside from that I tried to get a few things done and that didn’t happen either.

I didn’t even think I was going to get my ootd shot. I did. Wow!


I went school shopping for my little one and this is what I wore. A basic plaid shirt, some flares, my new ALDO sandals and a chunky necklace. Pretty simple, and love it. I really like plaid even though I hadn’t thought I would look good in it until I took the plunge and grabbed a shirt. Now I like it! I need more! If you want to see another outfit with this shirt you can see it here


Outfits like this are season less. Fen though it can kind of get hot out still, a sandal can make it more “summery”


I love taking a great button down shirt and adding statement pieces like this. It is so shiny and having it peek out of the blouse makes it more special and beautiful.


I got this necklace from Mirina Collections but found one similar that is less expensive that I will link too.


It was a windy day today.





I always have loved Express jeans I seem to get them at the right time. They always fit well and last. And if you didn’t see Friday’s post you can check that out here too!

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shirt: H&M similar here and here

jeans: Express here

necklace : Mirina collections similar here

Shoes: ALDO similar here

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Violets and Lavender

Ok, so I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory(again) and there is a little girl called Violet. Well, when I started working on this post I couldn’t think of anything better for the title other than that. And considering my outfit is all purple it fits right? ootdlookbookNow, I have worn this before and it was a long time ago in blogger sense. A couple of years? Maybe? I know it was back when I started taking blog pictures more seriously.

francescasneclkaceBut, this outfit just makes me happy. I got this skirt from LOOKBOOK store and unfortunately it isn’t available anymore I don’t think. So I will post something similar. The skirt is one you can not help but twirl and dance in the grass in.


And I must say I love this light shade of purple I paired with the darker shade of the shirt. Now this shirt I got back in 2009! Scary thought right? I rarely wear it and don’t know why. I got the top from Target and it is still looking new. I try to take very good care of my clothes. Even if they are not expensive.

francescasnecklacesNow this outfit is one I need to wear more of . I beat myself up for not wearing it more often!

flowyskirtsOK, so we need to talk about this humidity. I didn’t do much to my hair and my makeup wanted so badly to be melted to the ground.

The chair fell
The chair fell


I also have on my new ALDO shoes, I got them on sale and am super excited because they transition to fall nicely. Well, we really don’t have a “fall” here basically we dress like it is spring/summer still. IF there is cold we break out the fall clothes.



So what do you think? Do you have outfits you forget you have and then rediscover them?

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Shirt: TArget similar here

Skirt: Lookbook similar here

Shoes: ALDO similar

Necklace: Francescas similar



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#OOTD HM tunic and Express flares.

Hi there friends how are you all! TGIF and all that jazz! It is one fantastic Friday I must say. I am spent the day out and about with my little one and we had a lot of fun even though it was so hot I almost passed out. The heat is horrible this time of year.

socuteWe went to a splash pad which was not on when we first got there but that changed quickly. It turned on and I lost my son to the watery fun. He was having a good time and I didn’t want to stop him, even if it was 9am. I was able to get some pictures taken of us although he never turned around. HAHA.

OTODWe are both wearing HM and I have a great MANGO bag and Express jeans, I wore my nude colored ALDO heels. Such a great outfit but not the most cool, once again I am a genius wearing jeans in 900 degree weather. Might as well have been standing on the surface of the sun. But at least I looked good while dying of heat exhaustion.

fashionbSo, the thing about taking pictures of yourself in a public setting is this, people look and stare sometimes. I have a tripod and it must have looked very narcissistic. I certainly felt that way. I sometimes just get out and do it and not worry but being an introvert(hard to believe I know) it gets overwhelming.  Although most of the time no one bothers me.

cuteoutfitAnyways, today’s outfit besides killing me was full of color. Perfect for summer, and I wore my GeekyGlambySteph Earrings. These are so much fun to wear and the red went so well with the orange. These colors just put me in a great mood, even though a certain little person had a short fuse today.

I also met this lady

DUCKShe tried to follow me into the store, and when I talked to her she would wag her tail. It was a total Disney Princess moment. I had a duck friend.



Thank you for reading!

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Shirt: HM similar

Jeans: EXPRESS similar here

SHoes: ALDO similar here

Bag: MANGO similar here

EArrings: GeekyGlambysteph here

Sunnies: EXPRESS



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The shirt dress Ootd


I love this floral skirt so much, but also love this green top. But there is a secret to it. The top is actually a dress. Yeah. I like using shirt dresses as shirts as well as dresses. Why? To get more use out of them. Yes, multi use they really are! Shirt dresses are multifunctional. And this is just another way to wear them.

Shirt dress shien // Skirt Shein // Justfab shoes

I love this floral midi skirt so much, and am so happy I bought it from SHEIN a while ago. Looks so good with so many different things. And it is great with green and yellow. Or pink! But items like this are classic and   Great for all seasons. Floral prints can be great and worthwhile.


I kept the accessories simple and basic.


My child stole my shoe….


Got it back.


This is just a great outfit and fun to twirl and spin in.



New shoes!! And so cute but I got them too big…true to size . These heels are from Justfab and are so cute! But they are a size too big. Sometimes with justfab I have to order a size up but this time I was wrong! 🙂 The yellow is too beautiful!




So what do you think? Do you have pieces that are multi purpose?



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shirt: she inside

skirt: she inside

shoes: Justfab






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GeekyGlam by Steph

Hi there friends! And I hope your weekend is amazing and awesome! Well, I wanted to make a full post about my shop GeekyGlambySteph on etsy. Yes, I took the plunge and am now selling shirts and jewelry on etsy. I am so very excited about this and am very proud of the things that I have made. SO, what does GeekyGlam do?? Well, We…I mean I, design t-shirts with that geeky flare. And here is the unique thing all in sequins. I have designed a few shirts and hope to add more. I make the sequin designs by hand by drawing the thing then bringing it to life. I love my nerdy tees and I love fashion. I also love glitter and cute things! I mean if COACH can do cartoon characters on purses and Maschino can do a windex bottle as a phone case then why not. They also did Mc Donalds fashion remember? I do.  And think about Betsey Johnson, she loves the glitter and glam. I’ll link to the items at the end of the post. I keep my color pallatte simple with my shirts. Black and white. I love Monochrome. Now that doesn’t mean that I wont possibly make some special editions for the holidays. Like a hunter green shirt for Christmas. (that is a hint.) I already have the design for that one in my head and on paper. Making these shirts takes a lot of effort. And it is time consuming. But, I enjoy it so much. And I am so happy and proud to share this with you on the blog today.



tinyasswhalesThis shirt is available for sale now. It is a custom shirt. So, when you order your size I make the whale. I am currently trying to figure out how to do letters. Learning curve.

But over all it looks amazing and I have gotten so many compliments.  The whale is cute and it look amazing with a black pencil skirt. I am a believer in that even the cutesy can work if you wear it with the right things. Move over pineapples and make way for the WHALE.

Whale sequin tee



2016-07-24_10.00.072016-07-24_09.50.13I love this freaking whale and I hope you all do too! I am super proud of the way it turned out!


I also make earrings. I am trying to make these in red.  As well as other earrings and jewelry.  I love how light these are and how amazing they are! The red may be in the shop later this week.


And to celebrate my store opening  I have a coupon for 15% off discount!!!

Use code GOFASHIONFRIENDS for you 15% off your order!


Whale shirt available here

Tassel earrings here


Garay Treasures

I am participating in a great linkup!

Off shoulder blouse and skinny jeans.

Hi there friends I interrupt my pokemon Hunting to bring you this blog post. Seriously I have been trying to get this done all day but have been swept up in my ETSY shop creation. I made a few more things for the shop and am not working on more. WOW. I am trying to find balance. Balancing my family life as being a SAHM, being a blogger, and now GeekyGlambySteph.

sheinside blouse

Today’s outfit of the day is one I love, just adore this shirt and the bag. Something about the Jethro bag just makes me smile. It is a bucket bag but doesn’t seem like a bucket bag. Weird.


I love off shoulder shirts this season. The trend is a great one and I love every minute of it. You can wear shirts like these with a more boho pair of palazzo pants or even a nice pencil skirt. It is a blouse that just looks fabulous.




ootdwhitewhiteootdwhiteandyellowI love this combination of a crisp white blouse, nude heels, and a great bright colored bag. Mustard is a perfect shade this season and I think it will carry into the fall as well.


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Shirt: SHEIN

jeans: HM similar

Shoes: similar

BAG: JUSTFAB Jethro here

EArrings: SHEIN

A love hate kind of shirt.

Ok, SO, I have had this sleeveless shirt from HM for a bit now and avoid wearing it. Why? Well, I have a love hate relationship with it. When I bought it I thought oh I will like that, got home and thought hmm maybe not. Is it the cut? Not sure, I have 2 other garments that are the same kind of cut. But they are full on dresses, this is a type of crop top. So what is the deal. I can not if it is the fact I think it makes my shoulders look weird. I can not put my crazy finger on it. Maybe I am just crazy.

ootd hm shirt sheinskirt


I even wore the shirt with my fave maxi skirt. And I feel like that didn’t make me “LOVE” it.  MAxi skirts can make a top like this look amazing and I love taking some “risks” with shirt choices with this skirt.


Maybe like I said earlier I am just going crazier than a cat lady in a Humane Society. Looking at the pictures it doesn’t look how I feel it looks. I guess we all have days where we question our fashion choices. Just like we think “I shouldn’t have eaten that 6th donut.” WE are the victims of self torture.

20160720_110714_002sheinskirtI love this freaking skirt  so much though!

20160720_111447ootdstarI also have some updates coming to the ETSY shop! I can not wait to get them on the shop! 🙂

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Skirt: SHEIN

Bag: JUSTFAB c/o similar here

Jewelry: similar

Sunnies: EXPRESS


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