Blue lace and white pants.

blue lace crop and white crop skinny jeans
top: EXPRESS similar// Pants: TARGET // shoes ALDO similar // Bag DOONEY and Bourke similar

Well, everyone’s been talking about their white pants.Their white pants, got their white pants on.

OK, so this is actually the only pair of white pants I own, weird I know. I love the way white pants look. However, with a 4yr old, they are a dirt and dirty hands magnet. For instance he wiped his Doritos laden hands on my pants later in the day. Yup. Nice. And since I too am also a klutz it is a reason why I never wear white pants. I have white skirts, and i fear for them every time I wear them. #momlife That is just how it is I guess. Right?

OOTD gofashiondeals

So what made me bring them back out? Well, since my little is in school now I figured why not?! SO I wore these cute Target white cropped skinnies with my Express shirt that I have had for ages just always wear it tucked in with a maxi or or midi skirt. Like in this post here . So yup. And pulled out my old DOONEY  . But alas, his school day was cut short as he was not himself. Sometimes meltdowns happen and so it really takes it out of the kid. But, this turned out to be later he is sick AGAIN. There were several littles not in class for being sick. Got to love that they share Everything. Right? NO….somethings they SHOULD not share. Germs..ugh. Oh well. And so he got home and I made him some food for a snack and my pants became victim of little.

That is OK, I am used to it and that my friends is why there is Spray n’ wash.

OOTD bloggerSO this was another outfit I was going to shoot elsewhere and ended up doing it at home because of reasons above. We have to make do. But it still worked out.

OOTD gofashiondeals

Sam and I made it work. If you don’t know who SAM is read this post here . We got it done.

white jeans and blue tank

I also didn’t realize it was April Fools day….hm.

spring outfit idea

Things were alright. Except the lack of sleep last night do to new big boy bed and coughing, sneezing, snotty nose, and grumpy child.

Poor kid and poor mama.

What can you do, I just let him sleep in the bed after the 4th time of getting into bed with us after hearing how he was breathing.

Is that bad?

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Spring sales!

Hey there friends! It is a beautiful day out today!! I have not left my Pj’s, at all. I mean really at all. And I am shopping around online for some spring and summer outfit inspo. I have a great spring sale to share! SHEIN is having another sale for spring so you can get the jump on summer and get those summer trends for 2017!!

Sweet Breeze

Get $5 off over $55          CODE: MAT5
Get $15 off over $105      CODE: MAT15
Get $40 off over $200      CODE: MAT40

Beautiful Spring, sweet you

It’s time to go out for fun

Find your best outfit from SheIn

Here are some things I am wishing for!
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe







Army Green Pleated Maxi Skirt

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Etro edit spring summer satins.

ETRO spring/summer 2017

OK, So I am a bonifide Pinterest obsessed weirdo. And last night I was browsing around and saw the ETRO spring/summer 2017 runway show.There was a live stream of the fashion show and wow the colors! Wow the joyful use of prints! HOLY mother of satin and sparkle! The mix of patterns and the use of sequins and satins just call out to that ultra femme and boho girl. There were prints galore, chuncky and strappy block sandals and very simple handbags that look like your regular canvas bags. I fell in love with the pattern mixing and the lush colors. What else can you expect from ETRO?

SO I thought I would share some of that goodness with you all. Cause holy crap now I want to recreate the looks. Lets just say I am feeling inspired for 2017 spring/summer. Bring it on, as I am ready for this shit show of a year to be over. Who else is with me?

Now I wrote this in the event that my illness got the better of me, again. This cold, this freaking cold! AHHH!



These looks are just stunning and it makes me so freaking happy, you have no idea that I did NOT give away my silk satiny boho tunic top from H&M.

ETRO spring summer 2017
ETRO spring/summer 2017

ANd we can keep out our tall boots for spring and summer. And lets get crazy with bold patterns and big chunky Jewelry! I am so in to this collection. I love that even some of the hats here were satin and silk. So chic and elegant all these looks it is hard to pin point my faves, because I can see me wearing any of them! But the first picture is definitely  a fave of mine.

See something Inspiring? I know I did! Create your own “off the runway” look!

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Orange pop.

HM top and jeans MANGO bag and shoes
SHirt: HM similar// Jeans HM similar// bag MANGO new version // Shoes MANGO similar

Hi there Friends!! Happy Monday to ya! I have been trying to get a blog post done all morning. But, I did!! And I busted my bum off to get it done. It was a gloomy morning and I wanted to wear color today, or a bit of color. With the accessories and the shirt I am wearing is one I have worn 2 times before on this blog by H&M. It is a bit more of a summery outfit, but you know it is still summery here.

And the humidity is so bad I didn’t even tempt fate with my hair. Because we all know it would have not make a bit of difference. My hair would still be insane as hell. And I would have wasted my time straightening my hair. Even if the ISA professional flat iron is amazing, there are limits to even my hair.

orange and white outfits

What I love about this shirt is the fact that it has that little orange details. And this shirt looks great tucked or untucked. It is so light and airy that it is perfect for the weather we get in FL. This is true awesome FL fashion. Comfortable, casual, changing with the day’s weather. Yeah. It is a linen shirt so you stay cool and you can also be warm, weird how that works. In other words you can toss on a jacket and still be on point.

blogger style

I have this orange bag from MANGO, and i knew with the orange shoes, and the orange bag, and the white and orange shirt I knew I needed to mosey my way to the fave ORANGE wall. And why not?! It is fabulous and awesome and perfect! Orange Orange and more Orange.




MY dog and I fought so much during this shoot. He was not wanting to be in ANY of the pictures. But that is alright.

simple blogger style



I just wish my hair was also behaving a bit better too. Oh well such is life with curly crazy hair!


What I love about this is that it is matchy matchy, but it works. Sometimes you have to be all matchy matchy.

There he is.

blogger outfits

Bright colors like these don’t have to be just for summer and spring! Why not make a statement with some bold bright colors and comfy denim. And remember when they said skinny jeans would be out. Bahahahahha. m’kay. Funny story about Skinny jeans, I always was afraid to wear them, thanks to watching What Not To Wear. THey always talked about the “ice cream cone” look that it gave people, and so I was left lying awake at night thinking about ice cream and jeans. Until one day, sick of wide legs and flares decided to try something different.  And wow, it was as if the fashion gods smiled upon me and I got a couple pairs. Never looked back! And I love them. Is there a point to this story? No,but look at these jeans! So comfy!

OOTD orange tunicThis look is one I really need to wear more often. And really I have no Idea why I don’t. Weird.

blogger outfits of the day

I still need to finish up my Grinchmas post.

look of the day HM

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Shirt: HM similar

Jeans: HMsimilar

SHoes: MANGO similar

BAg: MANGO similar



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Family funday,Dressing like it is still Summer.



Hi there friends! How are you hope you are having the Happiest of Saturdays. Yes this post is a bit late. I have been trying to get so many projects ready for the blog. Like getting the things done for my VoxBox for Influenster. So today, it was a great idea to get out of the house and have some girl time with my fam.
And of course get an ootd picture or two. And the occasional selfie. #sorrynotsorry

20160917_090059Ha. Ok, so it was  great day at the farmer’s market. While it was still summery hot out we still had a great time. All the great fresh produce available at the Winter Park Farmer’s market was just amazing!

Fresh fruit and veg
There were lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, chickens, and eggs. There were fresh breads and pastries. This was an amazing farmer’s market. Really.

air plant

This is such a cute plant. I wanna say it was an air plant. And I am sorry I didn’t buy it!!! It was so cute!!!It is an air plant in a wire ball.

fall florals

I forgot what this flower shop was called(sorry!!!) but the flowers were amazing!!


I am not always the architecture picture taking person, but this building had the most awesome glass walls!!!!

What I wore!

OK, so it was like summer outside. It is Florida and here it is still very much summer in fall. So, yeah we haven’t traded our flip flops for boots and sweaters yet.

shein skirt Express crop

ootdI went for a lightweight skirt and a basic crop. Not any jewelry as I knew I would be hot and gross.

It was in the 90s!


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Shirt: EXPRESS similar

Skirt: SHEIN sold out

sandals: Luckybrand similar



And be sure to check out my first unboxing YouTube video from Today’s(sunday) post.

photos by my mom~



Starry days. OOTD inspired by Valentino

bloggersHi there friends

How is your Wednesday? I had to remind myself that it is indeed Wednesday. This week has been all tangled up and knotty. Kind of like my hair on a good day. HA. Anyways, today I was inspired to wear the star print maxi skirt after seeing some pins of the Valentino collection with stars. So inspired as I was put my own leg in.

bloggerlookofthedayI have actually worn this skirt on the blog a couple of times but I really love this freaking skirt so much. Except when the wind gets a bit wild. I had put a stitch in the skirt to keep it more under control, but when I was getting out of the car with the dog, his nail got caught and well, there ya go.


The other thing is my dog didn’t want to cooperate today, and so after a few shots he decided to be a dog and do doggy things like try to run off, bark at nothing and sniff everything. Today’s outfit post was a thing of trial and error, I think with more error than anything.

NYXOK, so back to the outfit, my goodness, OK I love a great maxi as we all know and I love me a crop top. Which is why I love pairing them together. Now the thing with this is, yeah summer is pretty much over everywhere. But, here, it will go on for another couple of months. So, I will hold on to the summery goodness of this combo as long as I can.

sheinskirtThe print on this skirt is just awesome and what is sad about it is that it is no longer available on SHEIN, WHAAAA? I did find something similar if you like the print which I will put in the links below.


The necklace makes this outfit more complete and if only I could have gotten more shots of the damned shoes, but that is what happens sometimes when you take a pet on the adventure with you. They don’t always allow for it. Right? I was wearing a pair of blue pumps by JUSTFAB called LAKEN.

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Shirt: HM similar

Skirt : SHEIN similar

Shoes: Justfab LAKEN


Monty python flying circus.
Monty python flying circus.

Also I am considering making a YouTube channel. I just don’t know what to call it. SO that is something that I have been pondering for a couple of weeks. I still think my blog’s name sounds a bit spammy. But, I have invested so much time into this blog that to change the name would be weird now wouldn’t it. However, the name has always bugged me. I love blogging and love my fashion blog that is something I am not getting tired of ever. EVER. I love this little career(if you want to call it that) of mine. The youtube channel will just be an additional aspect of my blog not a full time thing. just what to call it.

ALSO link ups!!!!! be sure to check out their blogs!


I want it fall.

Hi there friends! I want it to be fall right now, I want to drink my pumpkin spice latte and not feel like a total weirdo loser. (I am on my third cup of Dunkin pumpkin spice.) Don’t worry when Christmas gets closer I will be complaining that I want it to be colder and be able to drink my Santa’s White Christmas without being a weirdo freak monster. I want it to be fall or as fall as we get down here so I can do a couple of things.

  1. Wear OTK boots without looking weird.
  2. Wear boots
  3. be boots
  4. wear scarves without dying and with a cute pin
  5. drink fall beverages
  6. Halloween
  7. Halloween
  8. THanksgiving for gluttonous reasons
  9. pumpkin SPICE ALL THE THINGS!

SO there are a few reasons. Another is being able to pokemongo without sweating to death. Yea I like pumpkin spice in small doses. But also I get to vary up my clothing options a bit and not look as weird. maxi skirt for fall transition

Which brings me to today’s outfit! I love maxi skirts that is not a lie and you all know it! there are numerous reasons for them being a staple. One being if I am lazy

Copyright Disney
Copyright Disney

And I don’t feel like shaving or have not epilated in a while. And also apparently you can hide a dagger really well. (not that I suggest that at all.pls don’t)

But also maxi skirts as I have said a bazillion time are truly unseasonal. Meaning they can go from Spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, winter giving spring and summer a miss and going straight on into Autumn. You can wear them year round people. So that makes them worth getting.

wp-1471308692448.jpgANd you can twirly whirl in them.

wp-1471305909145.jpgwp-1471312457778.jpgThis skirt I got from Shabby Apple a few years ago and it has not let me down! I got it on sale and love it! They have such great pieces. Some on the pricey side but you get decent quality.

wp-1471308976745.jpgwp-1471308705458.jpgI also wore a basic tank top from Target and really it is so comfortable.


Now the shoes are anothing thing. If you feel you are too petite to wear a maxi skirt, you CAN! Put on some great heels and go! This skirt while I have worn with flats does better with heels on. Give it a try!


wp-1471308968031.jpgwp-1471305996993.jpgNOw I am going to go sip on some Pumpkin spice while playing some Dragon Age on my Xbox, toodles!

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Shirt: TARGET I like this one here

Skirt: Shabby Apple similar here

Shoes: ALDO similar here

BAG: EXPRESS not available in gray but other colors here

Hat: ALDO similar here

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