Blue lace and white pants.

blue lace crop and white crop skinny jeans
top: EXPRESS similar// Pants: TARGET // shoes ALDO similar // Bag DOONEY and Bourke similar

Well, everyone’s been talking about their white pants.Their white pants, got their white pants on.

OK, so this is actually the only pair of white pants I own, weird I know. I love the way white pants look. However, with a 4yr old, they are a dirt and dirty hands magnet. For instance he wiped his Doritos laden hands on my pants later in the day. Yup. Nice. And since I too am also a klutz it is a reason why I never wear white pants. I have white skirts, and i fear for them every time I wear them. #momlife That is just how it is I guess. Right?

OOTD gofashiondeals

So what made me bring them back out? Well, since my little is in school now I figured why not?! SO I wore these cute Target white cropped skinnies with my Express shirt that I have had for ages just always wear it tucked in with a maxi or or midi skirt. Like in this post here . So yup. And pulled out my old DOONEY  . But alas, his school day was cut short as he was not himself. Sometimes meltdowns happen and so it really takes it out of the kid. But, this turned out to be later he is sick AGAIN. There were several littles not in class for being sick. Got to love that they share Everything. Right? NO….somethings they SHOULD not share. Germs..ugh. Oh well. And so he got home and I made him some food for a snack and my pants became victim of little.

That is OK, I am used to it and that my friends is why there is Spray n’ wash.

OOTD bloggerSO this was another outfit I was going to shoot elsewhere and ended up doing it at home because of reasons above. We have to make do. But it still worked out.

OOTD gofashiondeals

Sam and I made it work. If you don’t know who SAM is read this post here . We got it done.

white jeans and blue tank

I also didn’t realize it was April Fools day….hm.

spring outfit idea

Things were alright. Except the lack of sleep last night do to new big boy bed and coughing, sneezing, snotty nose, and grumpy child.

Poor kid and poor mama.

What can you do, I just let him sleep in the bed after the 4th time of getting into bed with us after hearing how he was breathing.

Is that bad?

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Cat Eyes so Too faced

Too faced cat eyes

SO the other day I posted my Too Faced HAUL . And so I wanted to share the look I created with the palette.

I normally do not do things like this as I do not have the ring lights and blah.

So, start with a great primer for shadow. I like the Milani eye shadow primer in Nude.

Makeup tutorialI apply this all over the lid. It is amazing!

We are doing the second row shadows. The first color is Meow. I applied that all over my eye, brow and lid.

I make the most hilarious faces( i am sorry) Not so glamorous.

Then I used Pussy Cat which is a pretty pale lavender color with lots of shimmer.

SO much purple

Then lastly the Jungle love which I put in the crease and corner in the eye. I make a c shape in the corner to bring the focus in.

You can really see the difference in how it tops off the eye look.

I normally do eyeliner and stuff last because I do use a setting powder.

The blush is pacifica

And highlight the tops of the cheekies.

My fave eye liner pen. RODIAL! UGH this thing is amazing!

I use a purple eye liner ALL the time under my eye, it makes the blue in my eyes pop more. And sometimes the green.

I don’t do a heavy eyebrow because I will end up with brows like Thranduil with the blonde hair and all.

THen after a lash primer I use this mascara! I love Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

And that is it friends

Too Faced Cat eyesWhat do you think?

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All that glitters

how to style sequins

Is GOLD. Today on the blog I want to share some of my gilded faves. Things I am drooling over, besides food. I love sparkle and glitz. I love sequins and I am loving that sequins is not just for prom or some other formal event. It is for the day too! It is all about how you style it! Right?
My be a graphic tee with a sequin skirt? Maybe?

mother of dragons
mother of dragons
gold sequin skirt
gold sequin skirt



Silver pleated skirt
Silver pleated skirt

I love the metallic and sequins and satins

and can we talk about these shoes!

or these

Black Metal Decorated Buckle Strap Chunky Sandals
Black Metal Decorated Buckle Strap Chunky Sandals

And I have an EXCLUSIVE coupon for if you spend $45 you can save $3 with code PP3 .

more gilded goodies and things I would wear with this!

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ton tahw dna sknil etailiffa sniatnoc tsop siht 😉


Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

What do I wear? Monochromatic Monday.

OOTD Monochrome
Skirt: SHEIN similar// Shirt: Dresslink similar// Bag: JUSTFAB// bracelets H&M//shoes JUSTFAB// lipstick MAC

Ever have those mornings where you just stand in the closet and think ” What am I going to wear today?” That was me for sure this morning! I was standing there touching each shirt, flipping each hanger, looking and scrutinizing everything. I went for the fall back graphic tee, and a bold skirt. And yeah, We all know I have worn this before. But you know what? I love this outfit. What I did differently was switch up the accessories. The shoes are different, the jewelry was added, and I wore a bright red bag. Outfits can be given more life if you just add or subtract accessories. And monochrome is always a great fall back on when you do not know what to wear.

monochrome outfitThis skirt is so comfortable. And I love the chiffon flowy goodness. The print is very YSL, which I adore and of course since it is black an white it is a ever popular piece in my closet. And you would never know that I am wearing Iron Man shorts under it. Yes,this skirt is amazing and OK, I will get back to the hilarious Iron Man shorts. There is a slit and when the wind blows, if you are not careful…..I will assume you get the idea. And the shorts are my “bloomers” HA.

Fashion, people. Fashion. Nerd ingenuity.

Laugh about it, I am.

OOTD bloggerI am very excited too, because this year for my little’s spring break we are doing a FL vacation, just not in the FL area we are in don’t know if we will go South FL, or more towards Tampa. I want to go further South. So, expect a lot of how to dress like a Floridian posts.

OOTD blog

And that is about it for what to say in this post. So, here are the rest of the outfit.


monochrome outfit

Steal my style

shirt: Dresslink similar // skirt: shein similar here hereand here// Bag:c/o JUSTFAB// Shoes :c/o Justfab // bracelets H&M // lips MAC

More inspo!!

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Styling Stripes for Spring


stylewe shirt and pants
Shirt: StyleWe similar here and here) // Pants: StyleWe(similar here and here)// Shoes Justfab

Hi there friends! There is a zebra on the blog today! No, not really. It is just me. So, this season coming up there is going to be a influx of stripey goodness. All types, from small striped to bigger. The trend is making full circle again and you may be left wondering what is so different about it this time? Well, not much. Not really. Other than how you wear them. Yes there is the pattern mixing that a lot of bloggers are good at(i am not one of them) and there is the classic way of wear, the striped shirt, the tulle skirt the bright red heels. Ah such a dream. But this time I think mixing it up a bit is good. Get the stripes Vertical like my StyleWe shirt here(hubby calls it my butler shirt) or how exciting would it be to wear them as a pant? Like these below from MANGO.


Printed baggy pants | MANGO
Printed baggy pants| mango

These Style of pants are super comfy by the way. I own a similar pair in black.But what a great way to wear stripes!

styling stripes So, how to style Stripes? Well that my friends, is up to you! Play around with them! How I styled my stripes is I stuck with monochrome(as usual) but I added cropped pants. And for the season and trend loafers, not just boring old loafers, BRIGHT GOLD loafers. These beauties from Justfab are so shiny you can see your face in them! No kidding!

Justfab shoes




styling stripes for spring
OK, so the chair was falling and if I was going to fall I was going to fall fashionbly

The crop pants give this look a more springy vibe. As you know, they are cropped. Or something. Plus they show the shoes so well! These pants are also by StyleWe.

stylewe and justfab outfitI love stripes, love them. And this embracing of the pattern this spring and summer is only going to get better!

GOld shoesI also am loving the fact that gold shoes are becoming the “in” thing. Not just gold but silver. As long as the shoe is metallic and really shiny it is good!!!

These are very comfy too!


steal my outfit!!!!

shirt: stylewe

pants:stylewe  similar



check out my other stripey picks!

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SALE TIME! Spring faves!

Spring a ding is just around the corner, or for some already here! And it is time for that good old closet clean out! And what to do when you don’t have a stitch left in the closet? Fill it back up with some great pieces for the next two seasons! Spring and summer! Shein is having another sale! YAY! And who doesn’t love a good sale?! I love sales and they get me in trouble. So, here are some of the things I am wishing for and must haves!//

White Embroidered Tassel Trim Shift Dress

Spring and summer is great for that bright color vibe, sandy beaches, and vacation. Or staycations.

Tribal Print Cutout Lace-Up One-Piece Swimwear


That swimsuit is freaking cute.

Anyways, spring and summer is going to be a lot of bold prints sequins and satins. As well as embroidery and the staying of the glorious dramatic sleeves. GOT, yeah.

White Contrast Binding Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top


So, here are the rest of my picks!

Black Flower Embroidery Mini Skirt
Pink Rose Print Asymmetric Wrap Maxi Skirt


Blue Vertical Striped Flower Embroidered Ruffle Shirt
White V Neck Ruffle Trim Buttoned Cuff Blouse
Multicolor Bell Sleeve Flower Embroidered Mesh Top


And shoes too!

Round Toe Bow Lace-up Flats
Ombre Sequin Lace Up Heels ROYAL BLUE
Black Open Toe Pom Pom Strappy Flat Sandals

Spring Fever

Get $5 off over $55          CODE: RFH5
Get $15 off over $105      CODE: RFH15
Get $40 off over $200      CODE: RFH40

Say Goodbye to Cold Winter and Welcome to Spring

You need a new dress for outing

Visit SheIn, you will be surprised


Getting over self criticism.

Whoa there dude! Today on the old bloggerooo I am talking about the kind of criticism where you are constantly questioning everything you do to the point of mental anquish. It can be as simple as “ugh these pictures are horrible that I just took, shot, or styled.” To am I good mother?  I shouldn’t have let him eat Doritos. I am a horrible friend as I haven’t answered so and so’s call all day. You sit and go back and forth with yourself over everything and it sucks. Self Criticism while good in small doses can be pretty bad when in excess. Which I am completely guilty of. Hands up friends if you are guilty of it! I am raising both hands here.

This is about anything really when it comes to that, but today I really want to touch on blogging self criticism. We are after all our worst critics.

Being in the blogger world or the blogosphere can be so stressful.Deadlines, followers or lack there of, blog traffic, comparing to other “successful” bloggers, dreaming, wishing, and planning. When you don’t get answers to emails for PR, when you don’t get posts that pay or they want you to review their whole site and not pay a thing or give product. Ouch. For me it is stressful, you bet. It is even worse when you are a massive introvert. I will tell you it takes a lot of moxie to get me out of my bubble and once I do start talking I go home and freak out because I am thinking how dumb I sounded or maybe pretentious. Or nerdy. “Did they really want to hear about how I beat Dragon Age Iquisition ?”  Was the eye roll directed at me? Oh my gosh panic at the disco here!

And then we get to the blogging pictures and I go through freaking out about them all. Thinking they are no good and since I want to make this more of a career and not just a hobby or something that keeps me sane I am even more critical. Add sponsor content and I want to be the best for my blog. And I know I am not alone in this. Hands up if you are in the same boat. #introvertsunited

Take in point this picture here

OK, first I got this belt from ZAFUL and have no idea how to style it outside of a YSL advert. I say that because that is where I got the inspo for it.  And since then I am like “how?” SO while trying to shoot my outfit for SKREENED, I was playing around because that is what fashion is isn’t it? It is taking risks and thinking a little outside the box. I took quite a bit, thoughts?

Anyways, I wasn’t happy with how my pictures turned out for the Skreened post that I am working on. Why? IT goes back to that self criticism doesn’t it? Taking self criticism to new heights. And there ya go even after sending examples to people you know will be critical(constructively) you still want to throw all the pictures into MT DOOM. Why? You don’t think they are good enough that you are good enough. You go back to reading those bigger bloggers and think ugh…it never looks like that. Even though when you go back to some posts it does. Who cares if you do not have a photographer following you around, or the fact you may have to use your camera on the phone, which by the way are getting just as good as a DSLR. Wow. Some of the Galaxy phones take amazing pictures. And there are lens kits available now for the phones. FYI.  You do you, you can take them to the next level with photo editing software and filters. As well as natural light. Yup. The pic below, phone photo.

The first photo, I was not happy with either. OH GOSH. Insta loved it. I was like meh. My hair was like Magenta from Rocky Horror and nothing lined up how I wanted. So I resnapped the picture above, and It’s better. The thing about my hair is that I was always told it was too messy by people for ever, and always hearing the saying that people with curly hair are not taken as seriously as those with straight hair, kind of sticks with you when it is sometimes true.

So, how do you get over it. Truth is I HAVE NOT A CLUE. If I did life would be all sunshine, butterflies and Unicorn farts. But, life is not picture perfect, blogging life is not picture perfect. Social media can make it worse especially when dealing with followers going up and down and you can not get past 900 followers, but blogger xyz did and hasn’t been in the blogosphere as long. OUCH. It can definitely take the wind out of the sails and such. So, what do I do? OK, lets be honest. I say I don’t get competitive but I do. I am. I can say I will try not to look at follower count(easier said than done when a lot of brands want you to have lots of social media followers on certain platforms) eesh.  I will say I am getting better at not scrutinizing loss and gain. That is true. I am going to keep plugging away at what I am doing  and reality is that that is all you can do. Blogger friends who are feeling the down in the dumps, know you are not alone. We all go through that, and yes while you didn’t get that paid sponsorship or those products or whatever. Just think maybe it just wasn’t for you, right now. Doesn’t mean that in future you wont get that designer spotlight. You may. Just keep plugging away at it. Just keep going.


can’t stop, wont stop.

DO or DO NOT, there is no TRY. (Yoda)

Do not give up.

Just keep swimming.

And Break the Wheel.

Stephanie ❤


And I am loving that first image more and so I may just have to do an outfit post with it. …..