Spring sales!

Hey there friends! It is a beautiful day out today!! I have not left my Pj’s, at all. I mean really at all. And I am shopping around online for some spring and summer outfit inspo. I have a great spring sale to share! SHEIN is having another sale for spring so you can get the jump on summer and get those summer trends for 2017!!

Sweet Breeze

Get $5 off over $55          CODE: MAT5
Get $15 off over $105      CODE: MAT15
Get $40 off over $200      CODE: MAT40

Beautiful Spring, sweet you

It’s time to go out for fun

Find your best outfit from SheIn

Here are some things I am wishing for!
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe







Army Green Pleated Maxi Skirt

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#ootd Styling a scarf for fall!


Hi there friends! Happy Monday to you all! Today was a nice cool moring! It was fall a fall morning!!! I got so excited that after we went grocery shopping to refill the fridge after we lost all our food, that I had to come home and take pictures of today’s OOTD. I really am excited. It is a day that you can sit outside with a good book, a cup of coffee and enjoy the cool breezes coming in. Ahh fall. Even though the cool weather is only like a day or two. Still I am going to enjoy it!hm dress and green scarf
Hmm coffee!


I love this dress from H&M it is really comfy, but it took on a bluish tint because my son’s play house has a blue base and it was reflecting. Yay. But it is more of an olive green, there is a bit of a bluish tinge but not that much. Anyways. I grabbed my green scarf because the white one would have been TOO much contrast. I love pairing a great scarf with a dress, here in FL you can get away with it because when it gets hot you can just take off the scarf and go about your business. You can do so much with scarves. There are tons of ways to tie them, I like this way which makes it more accessory like, I mean that is what a scarf pretty much is in Fall. In winter it becomes a “keep ya warm” thing. I like the thinner scarves when dealing with chaotic weather. Not too hot.

20161010_0942531And who doesn’t love a good OTK boot? I never get tired of them.



I really am embracing greens this fall. I really like the color, in the more olive shades it can be a great Neutral.


I love my Halloween mug!


I got this mug from my mom, I have no clue where she got it from. But, this watch is one of my faves for fall. The rich dark wood make it a great accessory.



When you are makin faces at your 3 yr old.

20161010_0946341I love this outfit, so simple and so very very fall!  It is such an easy outfit to recreat. get a cute solid summer dress, add some otk boots or some booties, and grab a scarf. DONE.

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Dress: H&M similar here

BOOTS: C/o Yoins similar here

Scarf: Target similar here

Watch: c/o JORD

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OOTD: Going green.

Hi there friends! I just wanted to say HI~! And explain that if you do not see a blog post for a few days it is because I may not have power. As you know hurricane Matt is coming for a FL visit. And not a pleasant visit a painful visit where flooding and lawn furniture being airborn is common place. We are getting geared up for some horrendous weather. So, I wanted to say I hope everyone on the South east is safe. I am sure I will update on Twitter, IG, and FAcebook. But blog posts may be null.//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js

Today, I wanted to at least get my outfit on the blog. And You know what I need to get more organized. I am going to start planning out my outfits more in advance and get the images for the blog done ahead of time, but the problem I have with that is the HEAT. Holy CRAP the heat. It was so hot wearing the outfit I wore today for my fall outfits and I didn’t even WANT to think of changing and going out and about for another shoot. Tomorrow if there is a slight chance I can I will put on a great maxi and let the wind create great movement(more than likely I will be huddled up with my son watching Lord of the Rings in a cozy sweater and big blanket. )

OOTD plaid and leatherI was having issues with the light today. It was aggravating. I think I rushed around too much.


I love this green plaid shirt dress I got from Target. IT is great for fall and spring. As well as summer. Heck here in FL it is great year round. I decided to wear this dress with my green shirtdress from Target and paired it with faux leather leggings. And with the booties they look very Balmainesque. Don’t you think? And the black COACH bag because it is a great bag and not because I was too lazy to switch it out…..

Not me….ha.



This weather for pictures can have the awesomeness of great hair! Not in the frizz dept but in the Dramatic flowiness.



Stay safe and have a MARVELOUS week!

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Shirtdress: TArget

Leggings: HM similar here

SHoes: OLD Justfab


HAt: HM similar


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Thursday Moda with Elegance and Mommyhood

A girl who wore boots in 90 degree weather!


OK, lets be honest for a second here, here in Florida we do not get the seasons. No real fall cool weather, or at least not consistent. Not consistent enough for boot wearing enough. This year, my thoughts are, I’m going to wear these boots and screw that hot weather. And wow, was I suffering for it. Suffering for fashion. Not the best move but still a humorous one in the end when I went from being hot to sounding like SpongeBob walking around. You know when his shoes squeak as he walks. UGH.

2016-09-10_13.18.55.jpgI just got this dress from Target the other day, I was not normally the major plaid wearer until recently. I really like it and my hubby even stated that he likes the prints. Hmm. For this dress, I knew I wanted to wear my ALDO otk boots! However, it was hotter than Mt DOOM.(LOTR reference. #sorrynotsorry #nerdlife) The only thing about this dress that I have to say is any kind of bad, is that the shoulders are a bit small. The rest of the dress fit perfectly. But that part. That’s OK, I still love the dress. I need it in red now.

2016-09-10_13.16.34.jpgIt was so incredibly hot yesterday, but still wore the freaking boots. My philosophy was I spent a lot of money on them I am going to wear them Damnit! #lifeisshortwearthedamnboots


I also forgot my sunnies. Which was not the best thing to happen to someone who is walking around a board walk.

20160911_094700.jpgmirina collections


So when wandering about my friend  OnceUponAdimeandMakeup went for brunch at a cute restaurant.

2016-09-10_15.54.12.jpgThey have little clipboards of the menu

gritsThis was their take on grits. It was also my first time eating said grits. It is an interesting texture. They put brown sugar and pecans in theirs,as well as a raddish? I don’t know what that was doing in there for a sweet dish.

2016-09-10_14.00.27.jpgThis was my salmon. It was smoked salmon on a fresh baked bisquit with home made horseradish sauce and spring salad with oranges. The combination of salty and sweet was perfect and it was not a hot meal so it was perfect for the dork who wore boots in 900 degree weather.

Over all we had a great time!

2016-09-10_13.59.18.jpgSteal my style

Shirtdress: TARGET

Boots: ALDO similar here

Bag: EXPRESS similar here

Watch: JORD here

Necklace: Mirina Collections similar version here(more budget friendly)

photos of me taken by my  Friend Elizabeth ONCEUPONADIMEANDMAKEUP


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The green dress again.

Hi friends! Wow, I forgot how hard it is sometimes to manage a blog with a noodley toddler. I tried to blog for two days and welp, that just didn’t happen. It was a few days of nothing makes me happy and I’m gonna fit about it. Yeah, today we went out to lunch and had a great time . But, I want to share my outfit from the other day! So what is a blogger to do? I’ll do the other later, so green dress!


It was a day where I couldn’t even do my makeup all the way and P.S. As much as I love the Makeup forever matte makeup, you know the one that is “waterproof” and humidity proof, um it melted off today. I touched my face and hello makeup. I may need to pick up the Urban Decay setting spray this summer. Don’t get me wrong it is a great foundation but does NOT survive Florida and the gross sticky weather here.


I have been living in comfy dresses lately. Outfits that are simple and that I can throw on easily and go.  Like this dress I have here from SHEIN. It is comfy and lightweight. Perfect for summer. It is also super affordable.


I wasn’t even wearing blush. Holy carp.


This dress is one that I can really see getting me throughout the fall too.



Shoes! I love these lace up shoes by Justfab!

What do you think?

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shoes: Justfab

necklace : hm I like this one here


Things to love American Summer sale.

Hi guys!!! Well its another pinspirational post. Today I am sharing a wishlist I made of things I would love to have from SHEIN! They are having another great promotion of 40% off of orders $55 or more. SO, I decided to make a list of things I think are just the cutest! Check it out!//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js
SheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe








American Summer

To be Cool in Summer

Take 40% OFF Over US$55 Code:WJ40

Take 45% OFF Over US$105 CODE:WJ45

Get your coolest fashion from SheIn.

You will find your favorite outfit from SheIn.

Don’t hesitate, just buy it.


MANGO shirt dress.

Hi there  friends!  I finally got the shirt dress from MANGO that I ordered. It was sold out. But finally I got one! I love shirt dresses as you all know. And this shirt dress for the price is something you can’t beat. Shirt dresses are really timeless. And the great thing is this dress can be worn with shorts and a tee and open like a trench. But today, I am wearing it like a dress. Because  it IS a dress. Hur hur hur.


It is a comfy dress.








This is going to be a staple in this mama’s closet. Now I need it in red. The fabric is nice and and it has Pockets! Yes!!

Steal the style.
Dress: MANGO
Bag: COACH old similar style.
Sandals: old similar style here
Sunglasses:COACH old. Similar style here

You know when I write the “steal the style”  I  feel like the Mastercard commercials. Like dress $29 , bag $300 ,shoes $30 insert funny quote here. Kind of thing. Lol.