Skreened tee and Miista Sandals

Skreeened mordor shirt and Miista shoes
Wearing : Skreened tee // Express jeans similar // MIISTA sandals // Mohzy tech bag// Urban decay VIce city trap queen lipstick

So yeah this shirt is on repeat.I can’t help it. I love a good basic graphic tee. And this one makes me so happy to wear, even if it has to do with a place not so happy in Middle Earth. The Mordor shirt from Skreened is one that is comfy and I never get tired of. Paired with a great pair of flares like these from EXPRESS and some gilded MIISTA sandals you can not go wrong. For a pop of color I added a micro bag(something that is weird for a big bag lady like me) . And I love the fact my hair is starting to get angry a sure fire way to say hey summer is coming! My hair, is getting poofy and trying to go back to curly.

ootd styling a graphic tee
one does not simply walk in

Everyone needs a sam.

Have you noticed that in everyone needs their own Sam? In LOTR Frodo has a Sam, in GOT John Snow has a Sam, Dean has a Sam, and I think in Mass Effect(my own opinion) your tech implant has a name SAM.SO, since I take my own pictures I have decided to name my silly ass tripod SAM. What made me think of this was actually a bit on Instagram, a blogger was talking about how her little sometimes takes her pictures and the weird looks she gets. And I thought, that is why I take my own. But, the weird looks I get are as I have said before Daunting. It feels a tad narcissistic sure. OK, a lot.

Being a blogger especially a blogger that write primarily about outfits and fashion etc, I take pictures of my outfits. And I like getting out of the house sometimes to do so. So, weird looks are part of the territory for me and SAM. (pfftheh) Like today, weird looks from passer byes. Lots of them, and I just went on my business. If they want to know what I am up to they could stop the cars and ask or walk up and ask. I probably (you all know my problems with this kind of stuff) would nervously say what I am doing and or awkwardly state it in a way that would make no sense to anyone.

And let me say SAM is the best photo partner, never complains, never gets tired. Perfect for me and my shoots. Right? SAM. Good ol SAM.

ootd blogger styleblogger style
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Shirt: Skreened c/o
Bag: Mohzy
lips URBAN Decay trap queen


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OOTD: Mother of Dragons

OOTD mother of dragons

I fell like I have been the worst blogger lately. No posts really to speak of, of course with my tiny one home and hubby home for holidays/everyone has the plague, it makes it hard to write. Had to write or type or focus on the blog when you are constantly blowing your nose or aspirating your tiny child’s nose with that awful torture device nose thing. And of course reading blogs, writing on my comes last when you need to take care of them first. I swear I’ll get back on track. New Year’s Eve was spent on the bed playing Dragon Age 2 on my Xbox 360, while hubby played on the XboxOne. We tried to fire some fireworks,  but my son’s sensory problems made that not work out. SO, yeah…lets focus on the subject at hand. This amazing ZAFUL sweater! You can see my latest haul from Zaful here.

Zaful mother of dragons sweater
Zaful mother of dragons sweater $19.49

It was as hot as summer, but since I was still sick when I took these photos, I was actually a bit cold. Felt good enough for this, but crashed later. Anyways, I wanted to show how you can layer this sweater, and how versatile it is for a graphic tee. I wore my ACNE STUDIOS pants with it, these pants are baggy, and comfy and so awesome when you want to pretend to be chic but are really wanting to wear pj’s. I layered the sweater shirt with a H&M basic button down and blinged it up with a good necklace.

Mopther of dragons sweater

OOTDoutfits like these are so simple but make a def statement! And I love how comfy it is!! OK, now the shoes, they are by JUSTFAB and I love how comfy they are~! But, and there is a but, they make me sound like Spongbob when I walk around. Squeak, squeak, squeak.

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Shirt:ZAFUL c/0 here

Pants: Acne Studio

button down: H&M

Shoes: Justfab i like these here

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Revisiting the back of the closet and found Narnia!

HM conscious collection

OK, I didn’t find Narnia. I did not see Aslan. What I saw was this gorgeous H&M tunic from their Conscious collection from a few years ago.I had to wear it right then and there! This shirt was amazing the day I saw it on the H&M app during that time when they just came out. I think it was from one of the first conscious collections they did. This shirt was what I got. There was also a white dress that reminded me of Gone With The Wind, Scarlette’s white dress from the beginning of the movie. Classic movie and great book. But the dress is gone like the wind and I regret not being able to have it.

Anyways, I was rummaging through my closet, because we all know I love to shop my closet. But as well as the thing I ALWAYS say on this here bloggeroo Gofashiondeals, it is like having a box full of legos. There are endless outfit possibilities of outfits to make and try.Just got to be creative.And you know, just because you have worn something before so doesn’t mean you can not wear it again, and again, and AGAIN. As a blogger I know, people probably think we shop a lot to keep the outfits new and fresh. But, that certainly isn’t the case, at least for many of us. For some people the outfits are new to them. And for others old to them. But we freshen it up with updated shoes and jewelry or bags. And the outfit is reborn, like a phoenix out of the flames. A phoenix born again out of the wardrobe.

HM Tunic Skinny jeans

I love this Tunic shirt, and i did the whole “half tuck” thing. Which Honestly I suck at, but here ya go, I tried. I wore this shirt with skinny jeans and some great ALDO sandals. And I was lazy and had a black bag. I didn’t feel like switching bags. #momlife

OOTDI love the bright colors and the tassels which everyone is still going mad about tassel shirts. GOOD because the boho vibes here are too hard to resist, and I am all about that boho chic.

OOTDOOTD hm tunictunicandjeansME and my coffee cup will travel. HA.

soprettyOK, So as I have said in this post here, I am going to do a blog post about taking your own photos. It will be basics. The post after that will be basics and posing to show your best. So, stay tuned for that. I think it is a great thing when bloggers share info on how to do things.

poutFor this outfit of the day, I wanted(get ready) for my hair to be kind of wild. So I let it do its thing.

ootdfashionshadowsI also wanted to play around with the shadows, which look so cool.

Shirt: HM old similar here// Pants Hollister similar here// Shoes ALDO similar here// Necklace HM similar here Hair genetic…lolz.

What do you think? And P.S sorry it took so long to post, I was on Gamer snack duty for my hubby’s charity tomorrow. 🙂

And I made another Youtub vid, I got into some trouble at ULTA. I impulse shopped(bad girl!)

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Fun and floral midi

Hi there friends! Happy Monday! Or as happy as it is going to get, right? I am not much of a Monday person either. Today is a hot day and summer although not officially started has started here. Hot,humid, and not friendly to curly crazy hair. Good ol summer time.  Can you believe that I don’t own any shorts aside from the 2 rompers I have? Yeah, it is true. I used to then lost the baby weight and never bothered to buy any more. I do, however, own a lot of skirts! Like the one I am wearing today!

Shein skirt with Express Crop top and Justfab heelsMidi skirts are some of my faves. They have this understated elegance of a by gone era, and yet can be so casual or fancy. It depends on how you dress them up or down. I love pairing a good midi skirt like this one from SHEIN with a crop top. I got this one from EXPRESS a while back and love it.

midi skirt

I am living practically in these lace up sandals from JUSTFAB . They are so comfortable and chic. Perfect for summer!


floral midi skirt and crop top

I love outfits like this because they are just effortless. All you need is a crop, a midi, and some great fab shoes. Of course a perfect handbag would help too!


2016-05-22_10.32.00I was squinting a bit, itw as so bright out and I forgot my sunnies at home!

2016-05-22_10.36.33Justfab sandals


Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

So how was your weekend?

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Shirt:EXPRESS similar

Skirt: SHEIN

Shooes: Jusftab

BAg: IFchic I love this one by Justfab I think it would look great!

Lips: MAc Retroliquid matte

NEcklace : Francescas I like this one too


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On repeat; grey shirt dress

Today’s outfit post is featuring this dress I have worn previously here. I love a dress that can be a staple in my wardrobe. This midi shirt dress is one of those dresses. I like that you can dress it up and dress it down. A cute pair of heels or some sandals! I decided to wear a long vest from Forever 21 to give a more boho vibe which is good for summer 2016! A easy outfit that you can just throw together and go. Good for a luncheon out with the gal pals or even running around the park with a little one.//


Outfits like this are simple to throw together and go. I love the monochrome look! Which you know is something I do a lot on the blog here. It just so easy to put together. And monochrome never gets old, never goes out of style. I never get tired of it.







It is definitely getting hotter outside and that means more dresses and lots of strappy sandals!  I also definitely need to get this dress in another color too! I found a cute dress similar to this h&m one from SHEIN and I really like the print on the front!


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Dress: HM similar here

Shoes: ALDO similar here

Vest: F21 similar here

necklace: C/o Happiness boutique

Grey Sleeveless Cat Print Slim DressBlack Lace Short Sleeve Beach Cardigan

Why you need A simple white button down

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! I have a little one home again. He wasn’t feeling too good. Poor thing. So for today I chose to keep my outfit simple by way of the simple white button down shirt. Never before have I realized how important this shirt is. It is an everyday shirt. Truly. This blouse can be worn for with skirts, shorts, jeans, etc. And it looks amazing with a big statement necklace! Seriously, if you haven’t gotten a white button down shirt go out and buy one or two. or three if you are like me and spill everything on them.  I am super clumsy.
h&M white button down shirt and hm jeans

A basic shirt like this looks so good with some nice denim. You can really have a lot of fun with these shirts. Not just for the work environment, but white button down blouses are great for days off. As well as a great thing to have in the momiform. I paired my basic shirt with a great pair of jeans and chunky heels for spring and summer. I added the pink Jay M bag as well as a blinged out necklace. Great outfit. Just add red lipstick and you are good to go anywhere! And it always looks polished.


JAy M Mod bag and Justfab heelsLove these!!!!

2016-04-21_12.59.09hm blouse and jeans

2016-04-21_13.00.032016-04-21_11.11.462016-04-21_13.05.352016-04-21_13.04.252016-04-21_12.45.592016-04-21_13.01.552016-04-21_11.25.29So what do you think of the basic white top? Do you have one? You should!

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Blouse: H&M similar

Jeans: Hm similar

Bag: Jay M similar and this one

shoes: JustFAB similar here

necklace: Hm

lipstick: Chanel ultra wear I love the MAC retro liquid matte as well and it is about 10.00 cheaper.

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Blue and black Express Romper

Hey there friends, I couldn’t think of a catchier title for today’s post. So, I figured I would put what I am wearing. Which is a cute romper from Express !  I swear I have been living in that store lately, that and ALDO. It’s just I seem to hit each at the right time, when there are sales. Which are always good deals!
blue and black Express runway romper

Today’s outfit is much of a summer time wear, but it was almost 80! Yeah, the weather here can be such a mess. One moment you need a jacket the next you need shorts and a margharita.

express and aldo

It was so bright out and I forgot my sunglasses. SO be prepared for squints. I also tried a sample of hair stuff that I got from Sephora and yeah I can totally tell what is wrong. Instead of making my hair still controllable it went back to pre Living Proof. NO GOOD. Life lesson folks, get what works and if it is what works you will get it.

Right? GOOD.

express runway romperI am wearing my new ALDO sandals and carrying my COACH bag that carries everything. Along with a cute bow belt from SHEIN. BOWS ON EVERYTHING.

express runway romper and sandals

This outfit is cool and cool to wear. It is comfortable as well for running after a little one. I just love these sandals from ALDO, super comfortable.


express romper and aldo sandals

coach aldo express mac

aldo express coachHope you have an awesome day!

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Romper: Express

Shoes: Aldo (similar from on sale!!)

Bag: COACH -old- I like this cjhic one here




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