Skreened tee and Miista Sandals

Skreeened mordor shirt and Miista shoes
Wearing : Skreened tee // Express jeans similar // MIISTA sandals // Mohzy tech bag// Urban decay VIce city trap queen lipstick

So yeah this shirt is on repeat.I can’t help it. I love a good basic graphic tee. And this one makes me so happy to wear, even if it has to do with a place not so happy in Middle Earth. The Mordor shirt from Skreened is one that is comfy and I never get tired of. Paired with a great pair of flares like these from EXPRESS and some gilded MIISTA sandals you can not go wrong. For a pop of color I added a micro bag(something that is weird for a big bag lady like me) . And I love the fact my hair is starting to get angry a sure fire way to say hey summer is coming! My hair, is getting poofy and trying to go back to curly.

ootd styling a graphic tee
one does not simply walk in

Everyone needs a sam.

Have you noticed that in everyone needs their own Sam? In LOTR Frodo has a Sam, in GOT John Snow has a Sam, Dean has a Sam, and I think in Mass Effect(my own opinion) your tech implant has a name SAM.SO, since I take my own pictures I have decided to name my silly ass tripod SAM. What made me think of this was actually a bit on Instagram, a blogger was talking about how her little sometimes takes her pictures and the weird looks she gets. And I thought, that is why I take my own. But, the weird looks I get are as I have said before Daunting. It feels a tad narcissistic sure. OK, a lot.

Being a blogger especially a blogger that write primarily about outfits and fashion etc, I take pictures of my outfits. And I like getting out of the house sometimes to do so. So, weird looks are part of the territory for me and SAM. (pfftheh) Like today, weird looks from passer byes. Lots of them, and I just went on my business. If they want to know what I am up to they could stop the cars and ask or walk up and ask. I probably (you all know my problems with this kind of stuff) would nervously say what I am doing and or awkwardly state it in a way that would make no sense to anyone.

And let me say SAM is the best photo partner, never complains, never gets tired. Perfect for me and my shoots. Right? SAM. Good ol SAM.

ootd blogger styleblogger style
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Shirt: Skreened c/o
Bag: Mohzy
lips URBAN Decay trap queen


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Purple Pastels outfit

pastel outfit of the day

Hello there and happy Monday! Bleh Monday’s is more like it, am I right? Yeah. Anways, today I was feelin the spring vibes and so I got out the flowy purple skirt and purple heels. Then thought, crap what to wear with this? Ummmm….crap. SO, I did the logical ME thing and grabbed the nearest graphic tee which is this one from H&M which I love so much! And put the two together because why not?! It is my go to. Since it was 45 degrees outside I wore a denim jacket also H&M, and what is great is as it warms up a bit I can still keep the jacket on without dying.

That is a plus right? Sure.

gofashiondealsWhat even is this face? OK, so this outfit, I love it. It is totally spring, it is so much fun to wear because when you wear a skirt like this it is just begging to be twirled in and tossed about.

SPring ootd

Like that BAM. The great thing about this kind of Chiffon Midi skirt is they are super affordable. The trick is finding this kind of chiffon skirt. Most people are doing tulle right now, so chiffon has gone more to a maxi skirt and they sometimes are NOT as flowing as this one. OR rather twirl worthy. (although I do have some that are) REst assured I will have found some and will link to something similar below. Promise.

#ootd Gofashiondeals


SO, i am hoping pain is not showing on my face. I twisted my ankle on a cat last night. OUCH. MY big furball cat decided laying down in front of me while I was walking was a great and marvelous cat thing to do. And Well, I tripped over him. And I twisted the heck out of my ankle there. The left one. This was also the same foot healing from a couch related injury. My furniture attacks me. Anyways, It is hurting(still is) And for this shoot I took my ankle wrap off. Because it just looks awful(there is a coffee stain on it. from when I dropped some iced coffee on the foot.)  I(after this ) took the shoe off, put the brace back on and am wearing the SpongeBob Squeeky shoes. Then because I was having a rough morning I treated myself to a new skirt and shirt(yes another tee) and a cup of Starbucks. The Spring cups are blank and meant for you to draw on them. So I DID. I drew how I was feeling. You may have seen it on my insta stories.

And Instagram @gofashiondeals


My cup is secretly judging my TOO FACED lippie there… if you want to see why read this here. I love that makeup brand just this time around things are not fairing well. Read up and you will know why.

pastel skirt and H&M denim jacketmidi skirt and HM denim jacket and miista shoesspring outfit ideas
How is your Monday fairing? Hope it is better than mine. At least I got snuggly time to look forward to with the little.
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Not as planned day and giving in to trends.

So, today was one of those days where things did not go as planned. The train wasn’t running today, so no family outing on the train. The wings I needed for the weeping angel we waaaay too tiny at the store and the ones I wanted on Amazon wouldn’t be in until Nov 12th. Um no that is too late. Waaay too late.  So, I went and took blog pictures of today’s #ootd and then replanned my day.  We went to Target and then to where I thought the Spirit Halloween store was. And not there. Was not there. SO back home (again) and let the tiny child run around a bit while I regrouped. Then it was time to get back in the car and go again. I need these things for the costumes. I need to get things for DR Who, right?

Even if my costume now is not going to happen. And maybe it is for the best as I think the makeup would have scared someone little. Being my son that is. Again not as planned.

Tobi lace up shirtSo I replanned my costume to something else, inspired by Sarah Maas Faeries. Nope I wont be walking around in tiny outfits and popping around. I have a long tulle skirt and I aim to use it!

So, today was all about replanning the not as planned things and go with the flow. And after all of that I had PLANNED to buy milk before I left the store and I forgot it. Today has kicked me in the royal behind!

2016-10-22_10.45.26.jpgToday’s outfit lets talk about the thing that was planned and went as planned.

I am wearing a wonderful body suit from TOBI. It is following that lace up trend. Which at first I wasn’t sure if I would like but I arranged the shirt to hide the bra. Because of that factor for me I was always reluctant to try it. This one from Tobi is so comfortable and easy to get laced the way you want. And let me say this is the first body suit I have worn since 1994. Yeah, Full House was still on TV. But I gave in to the trend. Dove in feet first and I kind of like it!. OK I love it!

Tobi lace up body suit and express jeans

2016-10-22_10.43.14.jpgTobi body suitI got to wear the floppy hat because it was soooo nice out!And let me say, something about FL weather. OK, 72 is NOT COLD. NOT COLD.You do not need to get a parka out! You do not need to follow the weatherman’s suggestion of one. It is going to go right back up to the 80’s. hahah. So, enjoy the cool break. ANd that is why this body suit is so nice, it isn’t heavy! It is light. Perfect for bipolar weather.


2016-10-22_11.09.00.jpgI love flared jeans with this body suit!



miista shoes and MANGO bag


How was your Saturday?

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Body suit: c/o Tobi

Jeans: Express

SHoes: Miista similar

BAg: MANGO similar

Hat: HM similar

I am going to do a blog post of my Halloween makeup this week! Stay tuned for that.

Finewhateverblog Body suit provided by TObi for review! All opinions are 100% my ownt thank you for reading and supporting me and the sponsors that make this blog possible. Affiliatee links were also used.


Hi friends! It is time for another OOTD! I have this cut out shirt from Express and love it, but I feel like I don’t wear it enough. It is one of those things that sits in my closet wishing it was worn more, and while I have a few things like that already this one makes me feel like I OWE it to wear it more. So, I threw on some flared jeans, and my bronze Miista shoes. I had a great outfit, with little effort. The only effort was getting the shoes on or off. I had my hat to hide my horrible monster mom hair and went on my day.

cut out shirt flared jeans

Sometimes and more times often than not, less is more. And in this case it holds true. I don’t think I am the only one who forgets she has a case full of jewelry, but tends to not put any on. Because it gets yanked on. But this didn’t need it.  The hat became the accessory of the day.  A good hat is sometimes all you need. I got this one from EXPRESS and love it!

20160531_095144[1]For outfits like this you just need to not think and just grab a simple solid shirt and some good jeans. Put that effort in outfit planning in to something like makeup, if you wear it, and pamper yourself by taking your time with it. An under thought outfit can leave you time for trying that contour that you never had time for before.




20160531_095132[1]I tucked my shirt in even though sometimes I prefer not to.


What do you think?

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Shirt: EXPRESS(old) similar here


SHoes: MIISTA similar here

Bag: Justfab I like this one  here

Hat: Express

Oh that green and gold. And the birthday blunder.

Hi there friends and I am so sorry I am falling behind. Who in the world would have thought a birthday party for a soon to be 3yr old would be so hard. I mean HARD. A Skryim Party no less has been the hardest things ever. And yeah there is Pinterest, but still. I have to pull out all the stops and do this right. Don’t I? I am making a cake from scratch(done) and making ALL the décor!


I drew a dragon with chalk. I think I am crazy. HAHAHA. It doesn’t look too bad right?


This was before my cat tried stepping on it.

Skyrim bag

This has been the most tedious thing ever and I am OCD so it must be perfect. I even stained by hand treasure boxes. I think I have lost my mind. I did manage yesterday to get an outfit shoot really quick, I am talking lighting fast. Because we had so much to do yesterday there was hardly time to go out and do it! Hopefully Monday things will be back to normal and I can focus more on the blog as well as me. My wee lad starts school friends this weekend is bitter sweet.




NEW SHOES!!! I am in love with these Miista shoes! So much!!! 🙂

2016-03-04_12.13.17So now I am off to go make DArk Brotherhood balloons. Wish me luck!!!

Sorry for the quick post! I love you all!!!!

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Miista, it’s Tuesday shoesday!

Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday Shoesday! So far 2016 has been busy! And it has only been five days!  I posted a great outfit post on Saturday, you can check that out here . Still hard to believe 2015 is gone!  //

Today we are more shoe focused!

Miista shoes

I love these shoes and the minute I saw them on Ifchic I had to have them! Purple and so chic. This will take me through winter here with its frosty hues to summer time when the purples scream SUMMER. These shoes are so easy to walk in too, very comfy!

2016-01-04_12.51.46.jpgI like how the shoes have clear acrylic piece to them. Something so retro on a very modern shoe!


I wore them with my new C/meo collective skirt and a cute dolman top. This skirt is so well made and nice and heavy, but not too heavy to where you can not twirl around in or chase your kid.

C/meo collective skirt// shein shirt// miista shoes

And A denim jacket because it was wet and a bit chilly. The wee lad wore a cute Children’s place long sleeve tee and jeans. And a Lucky Brand Jacket.


I love how we are both just looking at the ground. HAHAH. He didn’t want stand with mama, he wanted to do his own thing. I got hubby to take the pictures.  I love this skirt, the pictures on Ifchic didn’t do this C/meo collective skirt justice!

What do you think of the new shoes?

I’m also participating in this great link up hosted by IdoDeClaire! Check out her blog!

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Skirt : CMEO collective

Shoes: Miista


Shirt: SHEIN

JAcket: HM similar here

On him you can get the similar look for your wee lad with this LUCKY BRAND KIDS 3pc outfit, which is on sale! $22!!!!