Etro edit spring summer satins.

ETRO spring/summer 2017

OK, So I am a bonifide Pinterest obsessed weirdo. And last night I was browsing around and saw the ETRO spring/summer 2017 runway show.There was a live stream of the fashion show and wow the colors! Wow the joyful use of prints! HOLY mother of satin and sparkle! The mix of patterns and the use of sequins and satins just call out to that ultra femme and boho girl. There were prints galore, chuncky and strappy block sandals and very simple handbags that look like your regular canvas bags. I fell in love with the pattern mixing and the lush colors. What else can you expect from ETRO?

SO I thought I would share some of that goodness with you all. Cause holy crap now I want to recreate the looks. Lets just say I am feeling inspired for 2017 spring/summer. Bring it on, as I am ready for this shit show of a year to be over. Who else is with me?

Now I wrote this in the event that my illness got the better of me, again. This cold, this freaking cold! AHHH!



These looks are just stunning and it makes me so freaking happy, you have no idea that I did NOT give away my silk satiny boho tunic top from H&M.

ETRO spring summer 2017
ETRO spring/summer 2017

ANd we can keep out our tall boots for spring and summer. And lets get crazy with bold patterns and big chunky Jewelry! I am so in to this collection. I love that even some of the hats here were satin and silk. So chic and elegant all these looks it is hard to pin point my faves, because I can see me wearing any of them! But the first picture is definitely  a fave of mine.

See something Inspiring? I know I did! Create your own “off the runway” look!

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The maxi dress

Lulus maxi dress

We all know how much I love a good maxi dress. And we all know how much I loved this one from Lulus. Well, unfortunately all things must come to an end. The dress was ruined some how through the day. From me stepping on the back or someone else doing it. The back was torn up bad. And I discovered it late in the day, OUCH. This dress was a summer purchase during one of Lulus fantastic sales. And I loved it so much only for it to get ruined. Sucks so much!!!!!

Via Barney’s ny. Saint Laurent

This dress as well as one other makes me think of Saint Larent and when I put the hat on I remembered their add where the maxi dresses are worn with the hats over the eyes.  Like in the top photo. Of Course I want to try it with a black dress I own, but I want a black belt like the above. I will do a full post on that inspo once I get the darn belt. 🙂

lulus dress and hm dress

And the print and style of the dress was also what drew me to it. The fact the floral print works year round and that it is a blue dress. But, now what do I do? GO find out if there are any left!!!! And get a new one! I am that commited to this freaking dress and can you blame me?

Look at it!


2016-11-18_21.37.35.jpgGoofing off is always a good idea! ANd really quick before my #mombrain kicks in I had the cutest thanksgiving outfit on my wee lad, and when I tried taking pics of it for you all it didn’t work. When you have a child like mine, you can sometimes get pics and sometimes not. SO, we will try again. Cause I got so many compliments on it and I want to share! #boymomsunite  But to see some of my picks for the wee ones check here and here. ANd my recent best of beauty gift guide.


2016-11-18_21.07.28.jpgLulus dress


boots from Justfab
Justfab boots

Love it when my boots blend in.


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Dress: Lulus I like this one  here and this one from TArget

Shoes: Justfab here

Hat: H&M similar On sale!

Belt: SHEIN similar

Lipstick NYX

I want this belt here for wearing with one of my maxi dresses.

Black Lace Up Faux Leather Wide Waist Belt



Ringing of the bells….sleeves.


I got these pictures done before the sky turned dark and all hell broke loose in this state. Florida is about to get slapped around, again. But right now, it was OK and it was great time for blog pictures of today’s outfit. Or what I would wear, had I not been snuggled under a blanket obsessively watching the weather channel. I am more than likely in an oversized sweater with some city on it(love those for some weird reason.) and some pj pants. Watching the weather as I haad said and playing XBOX while my little one plays in the toybox. Friday is the day that hubby will be home with us and so it will be a very tense day of “is the roof on?” “is their a tree down?” Everyone please be safe!


The outfit I want to wear, is the dress you may have seen on here before. And if you are by chance new to the GFD fam, welcome and here it is. I got this dress from Express because it was flowy, the sleeves were romantic, and it was a cool print. It was also on SALE at Express. One of those things that look better on someone than the maniquinn, I love the coolness, it can be worn all year, just like any maxi. But this one is trendy now because of the sleeves. Ohhh those bells.

MAxi dress express I wore a big sparkly statement necklace from HAppiness btq. My son love this one too because I think it reminds him of the necklace on the movie The Hobbit. Of course he would.

maxidressit has a slit which honestly helps with walking.









bellsleveevesAnd yeah I went sans shoes. Why not? The ground was someone soggy so I would have sunk. And weird timing or not I do better in overcast. I have less chance of glowing .  (I’m so plae)



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Dress: EXPRESS old similar here

Necklace: Happiness Btq


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Wishlist: NEWCHIC

There have been a few items that when I see them i want them so badly. But, since I put myself on a spending freeze, since SundayExcept for the Urban Decay All nighter spray, that is a necessity not a want. Trust me. So then comes places like NEWCHIC who have just about everything for the whole family. Including those Mermaid blankets you see everywhere and on FB all the freaking time. But, just because I can not buy per my personal shopping ban doesn’t mean I can not shop and virtually window shop on many windows, while using Windows. Right? No, but I can to the good ol GFD wishlist!!!!

This wishlist has a bit more selectiveness to it.

NEWCHIC wishlist

I love a good maxi dress, and even though winter is coming….(yeah you saw what I did there)

maxidresses are all year! And the belt is really unique and I think would add an edgy look to the floral print maxi. Kind of like Saint Laurent. And I have seen so many bloggers and people with the red dress or blue versions. And even though cooler weather may be coming(doubtful anytime soon) you can wear it with a great moto jacket and go. Love it! These are items that I really love and can see myself wearing . A LOT. What do you think?

Your readers can get 20%off with the following coupon code,

Coupon code: Arriana

The coupon code valid from July 21st to 2017 Jan. 22th.


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New in Lulus maxi.

Hi there guys!!! Well, it is back to school for the tiny child and I am enjoying my quiet morning of cleaning the house of toys. And the carpets cleaned! I love my little man but messes holy messes. Anyways, with it being back to school already it is also time to start talking fall. And transitioning doesn’t have to be a pain! I love maxi skirts and dresses for that reason. Growing up north in MO, sometimes fall didn’t kick in until end of Sept. So light denim jackets and jeans were big. Here in the sunny state of Florida people are still dressing like it is summer. Or trying to dress fall like and it not lasting past noon, as the heat index rises. Still we love fall here too.

So here is a transitional piece from LULUS!


I love this dress so much! And I got it on sale~!  This dress will look great with a leather moto jacket in cooler weather and with a nice wide leather belt like YSL in their ads. (love that!) Pair with some great cage heels or even velvet shoes. I am wearing flats because I hurt my foot so bad tripping on a toy car and then slamming into my couch.

ootdnxylipI love the texture of the dress and the floral pattern, it is so chic. And the neckline gives a faux choker look.





My son decided he didn't want to hold his dragon anymore. call me Khalisi.
My son decided he didn’t want to hold his dragon anymore. call me Khalisi.


This is what happens when you have your kid with you and your dog when you are trying to work. I wouldn’t change it for the world. HAHAHbluedressWhat do you think?

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DRESS: Lulus similar

BAG: justfab

belt: SHEIN



Where to find cheap dresses.

hi there friends! Hope you are having a marvelous day! Me I am having an alright of a time! Today on gofashiondeals I will be talking about how to find some really cute dresses!  I love dresses especially when they are super affordable. That means you can buy more of them right? Yep! And if you can buy them online and don’t have to get in the car and use up gas even better. And that is when Fashionmia comes in!
Fashionmia is your one stop shop for some really cute cheap dresses! The offer many different kinds of dresses that are trendy and super affordable. They believe that every woman has the right to dress their best but do so that is within their budget. I couldn’t agree more!

Gradient Chic Round Neck Maxi-dress

I like buying clothes that are affordable and chic, I also like buying things that can go multi seasons as I said above. By shopping at sites like Fashionmia, for example I can buy more dresses and not break the bank.  You can also get more trend forward dresses because let’s face it sometimes trends come and go so quickly. SO, buying cheap dresses will help keep your wallet happy and you personally happy.

Lace Patchwork Plain Captivating Round Neck Shift-dress

Now I know sometimes buying things online can be tricky. But go invest in a measuring tape from the dollar store or a craft store and take your measurements. That way you will know exactly what size to buy.  Now if you are having trouble figuring out size they do have size charts available to help. So take you measurments and go there so you can get the right fit.

So what are you waiting for?! Click here for more Fashionmia dresses!




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Making something old something NEW.

SO, I got a gorgeous dress from SHEIN a few years ago. And it is one I do wear kind of often. Except when it is hot, which is ALL THE TIME here. This dress is a gorgeous shear dress that has a flowy element that oh so me and oh so pretty. But here is the thing, the sleeves drive me crazy. So much in fact that I started to not wear it since I was hot in it. And the sleeves were puffy and great for going out, but I wanted this dress more versatile. SO, I grabbed a pair of scissors and went to town. I am a massive sewing enthusiast. Have you seen my Elsa costume? Yup made that with mom’s help but I did the intricate bead and sequins work. Anyways, The dress.
maxi and tropic printThis is the dress, and yes, I love the dress. But I needed to have it more “Florida” friendly. More for me and my taste and style. Even though the dress before is MY style too. I got hot.


It is like having an all new dress! And All I did was take the damn sleeves off. Cool right? P.S. I fixed my foundation problem. Urban Decay setting spray people. The 24hr one. That is what you want.

2016-06-28_12.07.17The thing it wont fix is the camera acting wonky due to the temps and funky weather. But it keeps your makeup awesome!

2016-06-28_12.13.16I am going to apologize now for the OVER abundance of pictures with this dress. I am A. proud of the way it turned out and B it is too much fun to not take a million pictures of. Even if I am the one taking them.



2016-06-28_12.21.502016-06-28_12.20.352016-06-28_12.09.302016-06-28_12.28.482016-06-28_12.14.47And here is the photobomber


SO, what do you think?

ARe there any dresses you are going to try and redesign?

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Dress: SHEIN not available found similar here go up a size

Shoes: JUSTFAB not available similar from shein here

Lips: MAC color to matte with love

Necklace: Mirina Collections similar here or this one here

                                                                                                                          Setting spray goodness here! And there is a gift with purchase~~

I messed around with photoshop again, This is what I use it for!

imageYeah. This is what I do with photoshop.
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Love you all!