I want it fall.

Hi there friends! I want it to be fall right now, I want to drink my pumpkin spice latte and not feel like a total weirdo loser. (I am on my third cup of Dunkin pumpkin spice.) Don’t worry when Christmas gets closer I will be complaining that I want it to be colder and be able to drink my Santa’s White Christmas without being a weirdo freak monster. I want it to be fall or as fall as we get down here so I can do a couple of things.

  1. Wear OTK boots without looking weird.
  2. Wear boots
  3. be boots
  4. wear scarves without dying and with a cute pin
  5. drink fall beverages
  6. Halloween
  7. Halloween
  8. THanksgiving for gluttonous reasons
  9. pumpkin SPICE ALL THE THINGS!

SO there are a few reasons. Another is being able to pokemongo without sweating to death. Yea I like pumpkin spice in small doses. But also I get to vary up my clothing options a bit and not look as weird.

Gofashiondeals.com maxi skirt for fall transition

Which brings me to today’s outfit! I love maxi skirts that is not a lie and you all know it! there are numerous reasons for them being a staple. One being if I am lazy

Copyright Disney
Copyright Disney

And I don’t feel like shaving or have not epilated in a while. And also apparently you can hide a dagger really well. (not that I suggest that at all.pls don’t)

But also maxi skirts as I have said a bazillion time are truly unseasonal. Meaning they can go from Spring to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter, winter giving spring and summer a miss and going straight on into Autumn. You can wear them year round people. So that makes them worth getting.

wp-1471308692448.jpgANd you can twirly whirl in them.

wp-1471305909145.jpgwp-1471312457778.jpgThis skirt I got from Shabby Apple a few years ago and it has not let me down! I got it on sale and love it! They have such great pieces. Some on the pricey side but you get decent quality.

wp-1471308976745.jpgwp-1471308705458.jpgI also wore a basic tank top from Target and really it is so comfortable.


Now the shoes are anothing thing. If you feel you are too petite to wear a maxi skirt, you CAN! Put on some great heels and go! This skirt while I have worn with flats does better with heels on. Give it a try!


wp-1471308968031.jpgwp-1471305996993.jpgNOw I am going to go sip on some Pumpkin spice while playing some Dragon Age on my Xbox, toodles!

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Shirt: TARGET I like this one here

Skirt: Shabby Apple similar here

Shoes: ALDO similar here

BAG: EXPRESS not available in gray but other colors here

Hat: ALDO similar here

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