Skreened tee and Miista Sandals

Skreeened mordor shirt and Miista shoes
Wearing : Skreened tee // Express jeans similar // MIISTA sandals // Mohzy tech bag// Urban decay VIce city trap queen lipstick

So yeah this shirt is on repeat.I can’t help it. I love a good basic graphic tee. And this one makes me so happy to wear, even if it has to do with a place not so happy in Middle Earth. The Mordor shirt from Skreened is one that is comfy and I never get tired of. Paired with a great pair of flares like these from EXPRESS and some gilded MIISTA sandals you can not go wrong. For a pop of color I added a micro bag(something that is weird for a big bag lady like me) . And I love the fact my hair is starting to get angry a sure fire way to say hey summer is coming! My hair, is getting poofy and trying to go back to curly.

ootd styling a graphic tee
one does not simply walk in

Everyone needs a sam.

Have you noticed that in everyone needs their own Sam? In LOTR Frodo has a Sam, in GOT John Snow has a Sam, Dean has a Sam, and I think in Mass Effect(my own opinion) your tech implant has a name SAM.SO, since I take my own pictures I have decided to name my silly ass tripod SAM. What made me think of this was actually a bit on Instagram, a blogger was talking about how her little sometimes takes her pictures and the weird looks she gets. And I thought, that is why I take my own. But, the weird looks I get are as I have said before Daunting. It feels a tad narcissistic sure. OK, a lot.

Being a blogger especially a blogger that write primarily about outfits and fashion etc, I take pictures of my outfits. And I like getting out of the house sometimes to do so. So, weird looks are part of the territory for me and SAM. (pfftheh) Like today, weird looks from passer byes. Lots of them, and I just went on my business. If they want to know what I am up to they could stop the cars and ask or walk up and ask. I probably (you all know my problems with this kind of stuff) would nervously say what I am doing and or awkwardly state it in a way that would make no sense to anyone.

And let me say SAM is the best photo partner, never complains, never gets tired. Perfect for me and my shoots. Right? SAM. Good ol SAM.

ootd blogger styleblogger style
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Shirt: Skreened c/o
Bag: Mohzy
lips URBAN Decay trap queen


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Purple Pastels outfit

pastel outfit of the day

Hello there and happy Monday! Bleh Monday’s is more like it, am I right? Yeah. Anways, today I was feelin the spring vibes and so I got out the flowy purple skirt and purple heels. Then thought, crap what to wear with this? Ummmm….crap. SO, I did the logical ME thing and grabbed the nearest graphic tee which is this one from H&M which I love so much! And put the two together because why not?! It is my go to. Since it was 45 degrees outside I wore a denim jacket also H&M, and what is great is as it warms up a bit I can still keep the jacket on without dying.

That is a plus right? Sure.

gofashiondealsWhat even is this face? OK, so this outfit, I love it. It is totally spring, it is so much fun to wear because when you wear a skirt like this it is just begging to be twirled in and tossed about.

SPring ootd

Like that BAM. The great thing about this kind of Chiffon Midi skirt is they are super affordable. The trick is finding this kind of chiffon skirt. Most people are doing tulle right now, so chiffon has gone more to a maxi skirt and they sometimes are NOT as flowing as this one. OR rather twirl worthy. (although I do have some that are) REst assured I will have found some and will link to something similar below. Promise.

#ootd Gofashiondeals


SO, i am hoping pain is not showing on my face. I twisted my ankle on a cat last night. OUCH. MY big furball cat decided laying down in front of me while I was walking was a great and marvelous cat thing to do. And Well, I tripped over him. And I twisted the heck out of my ankle there. The left one. This was also the same foot healing from a couch related injury. My furniture attacks me. Anyways, It is hurting(still is) And for this shoot I took my ankle wrap off. Because it just looks awful(there is a coffee stain on it. from when I dropped some iced coffee on the foot.)  I(after this ) took the shoe off, put the brace back on and am wearing the SpongeBob Squeeky shoes. Then because I was having a rough morning I treated myself to a new skirt and shirt(yes another tee) and a cup of Starbucks. The Spring cups are blank and meant for you to draw on them. So I DID. I drew how I was feeling. You may have seen it on my insta stories.

And Instagram @gofashiondeals


My cup is secretly judging my TOO FACED lippie there… if you want to see why read this here. I love that makeup brand just this time around things are not fairing well. Read up and you will know why.

pastel skirt and H&M denim jacketmidi skirt and HM denim jacket and miista shoesspring outfit ideas
How is your Monday fairing? Hope it is better than mine. At least I got snuggly time to look forward to with the little.
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What I Wore Wednesday: The Skreened graphic tee.


Skreened tee h&M jeans ALDO boots

It is no secret around here on GFD, that I love me some graphic tees. Nerdy graphic tee with references to my fave books, games, movies, shows, or just funny in general. This Graphic tee by Skreened is one of my all time faves and I spilt foundation on it, but thank GOD for Shout, because I saved the shirt. Woot! Anyways, I defitintly feel like graphic tees and sweaters are part of my signature style. Something that I have a lot of. Something I wear often. And I lean on my faves. That is just part of that signature style I guess. That part of your fashion sense that keeps going back for more and more and more. And really looking back(thinking) I have always loved tees like this. Only back in the 90’s I wore them with over sized joggers, you know when they were baggy as hell and swishy. The years of the Sports pullovers.

Anyways, I decided to show how I typically wear them when I just do not feel like wearing a skirt(I didn’t shave…ew) And um it was chilly….it was…for Fl.

OOTd gofashiondeals And really windy.


gofashiondeals I decided to wear my tee with my new H&M bomber jacket. I love the satin(satin is going to be big this spring summer! Check out my ETRO spring/summer 2017 post here) I love the monochrome look, I mean who doesn’t love a good monochrome outfit, again another part of my signature really. Black and white outfits. I wear color…..sometimes…you see it…sometimes….

Gofashiondeals outfit of the day

Ilove these ALDO boots so much I am wearing them out!!! NOOOOO…..I didn’t get them in time when they were on sale at Macy’s. Should have, would have, could have….damn. Oh well….Oh…well.

OOTD skreenedProperty of Mirkwood…not the best guard…I think some dwarves got by I was distracted by a great hair moment.

Unlike earlier when I was test shooting myself with a little in tow who did NOT want to test shoot with mommy or let mommy test shoot while he bounced around in the background.


This was also before I straightened my hair, it was a bit crazy, everyone kept TOUCHING it. And so it got mad.

We are actually fighting over my hat….

He started to play with the tripod…

I am excited to get more pictures here it combines the best of both worlds for me nature which I do actually love(just not the pollen and the mosquitos) and a stable WALKWAY.

You know us bloggers always walking no where.

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Shirt: SKreened On sale

Pants: H&M

JAcket H&M

Boots: ALDO similar by ALDO

BAg: Justfab c/o

Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice city



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E.SSUE by Love & love

E.SSUE by love and love pants and Skreened tee justfab bag aldo shoes
Pants: E.SSUE similar //top SKREENED //shoes: ALDO similar //bag: JUSTFAB// necklace H&M// bracelet nakamol //Lips toofaced melted

I have been looking for some high waisted pants. And Satin pants thanks to ETRO spring/summer 2017 show. You can see my faves from that show here. Anways, I was shopping around my new fave online shop TOBI when I saw these E.SSUE pants on sale. And they were Satin, they were high waisted, and they are now mine! And for under $20! They are also wide leg pants. So comfy and so lightweight perfect for this spring and summer. Satins will still be very big and so will the sequins! Anyways, I snatched up the pants and when I got them I knew exactly what top to wear with. My Hobbit tank from Skreened. I put on some strappy ALDO sandals and grabbed my blush Devin tote from Justfab. Instant geek glam. This outfit was a match made in heaven. YEs, just so much yes!

tobi and skreened

The wind was making today’s shoot almost a nightmare. My husband took out my weight for the tripod of the car. EEK! It was so windy. But luckily my little helper was with me.

He was SUPPOSED to be in school, but his allergies have been bad lately. SO, he was up and down all night coughing and sneezing from it. And I forgot his cough meds. SO he was up and therefore so was I.

I think collectively I have gotten, maybe 15 hours of sleep this past week. It has been this way since he came down with that horrible cold. MAMA is over tired. Anyways. MY little was here with me, I was trying to wear him out and he as an over abundance of energy.

MANGO kids

Told him to “blogger” and this was his reaction. He wanted me to shoot him this way. HA, I just go with it.

How cute is his MANGO kids outfit? I am in love with their kids line BTW.


OK, so I got some other things from TOBI, new fleece yoga pants that I have lived in since I got in the mail. And a shirt with some bling details, but, oh that but. It is BACKLESS!!!! And the way this blouse is, which is also a crop, it needs to have more substance in the back. Why? Well the back being open makes it fit wrong in the front. The blouse moves too much and horrible. I will have to add either a zipper half way up OR buttons. Because there is no way in MORDOR I am wearing it the way it is. Not because it is backless, no but because how it warps the whole shirt. They needed to think it through a bit more.


And that is the thing friends I want to be honest as pie with you lot, and that is why I am telling you my fails and triumphs in this. Like in my H&M shirt hilarity post from the other day. But, since these are final sale I have to make it work as Tim Gunn would say.

“Make it work”

I will sir, I will.

hobbit tank

OOTD graphic tee and satin pantsOOTD blog

OOTD tank top and satin pants

my helper got in the way, he wanted to take the “piture”

Satin pants by E.ssue

I hope you all love this outfit as much as me!

Bloggers walkin nowhere fast, WHERE ARE you GANDALF?

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Shirt: Skreened

Pants: E.SSUE by love &love similar

Shoes: ALDO similar

Bag: c/o Justfab

Lips: Toofaced

on tiny child

MANGO kids shirt  Gymboree pants Payless shoes similar

PS his shirt is only $3.99!!!!!!!!!!!

More goodness

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Tulle skirt and metallic shoes.

OOTD tulle skirt and graphic tee
skirt: tulle skirt// graphic tee // metallic shoes// handbag// lipstick // braceletsimilar

Today, it would seem that the weather got confused somewhat and decided to skip spring and go right into summer. It was almost 90 today! WOW! So, yeah. I was hoping to take my little to the beach this weekend but, um it will be too cold for us to really enjoy the fun. Wind will make it a bit chillier than the temp says. Anyways, today I wore my tulle skirt and graphic tee, with my metallic shoes and red bag that matched the tee. I love this combo, it is simple it is comfortable. And the shoes add that extra amount of flash! P.s the shoes also come in a shiny SILVER!!!!

I love how the tulle trend is still going strong and how marvelous it is.

ootdThis outfit just makes me want to twirl and spin. But since I am not surviving on much sleep, I figured it would be an awkward bad Idea to do that.  The reason I am not surviving on sleep(again) is my little was up at 1 am. Again and then he finally fell asleep an hour later. So, I fell asleep on his floor. And then was woken up by hubby who in an hour had to be up and getting ready to catch a red eye flight. I went to bed at 11pm. So that is how much sleep I got. He left, I went back to bed only to get back up 2 hours later to get the little ready for school. Was going to shoot blog pictures not at the zoo, because sometimes when it is busy the looks are weird. Even though I take pictures of family adventures with the tripod so we are ALL in the pictures. #fashionbloggerproblems

ootd tulle skirt

My son pushed his stroller into the picture. HA. Silly.

We went to see the otters, my son’s fave thing ever. He loves them so much!

If you follow me on Instagram @gofashiondeals you may have seen some of our shenanigans. I love these moments with my little. It is always a good time. Always.

We then saw the Bald Eagles which are my fave bird of prey!

bald eagle

My little was tugging on me when taking this picture.

So freaking cute!!!!

Today the humidity was horrible so I didn’t even try to fix my hair. BUT, expect a post on my hair faves soon.

“Mom, you are a freak” is what he must have been thinking

Yes, yes I am.

We also went to the reptile house! but i didn’t take pics this time.

Over all it was a fun day and we did manage to get some good pictures, strange looks and all. HAHAH.

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Shirt: TArget

Skirt: Newchic similar

SHoes: Justfab

Bag: jsutfabc/o

Bracelet: rocksbox similar


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What do I wear? Monochromatic Monday.

OOTD Monochrome
Skirt: SHEIN similar// Shirt: Dresslink similar// Bag: JUSTFAB// bracelets H&M//shoes JUSTFAB// lipstick MAC

Ever have those mornings where you just stand in the closet and think ” What am I going to wear today?” That was me for sure this morning! I was standing there touching each shirt, flipping each hanger, looking and scrutinizing everything. I went for the fall back graphic tee, and a bold skirt. And yeah, We all know I have worn this before. But you know what? I love this outfit. What I did differently was switch up the accessories. The shoes are different, the jewelry was added, and I wore a bright red bag. Outfits can be given more life if you just add or subtract accessories. And monochrome is always a great fall back on when you do not know what to wear.

monochrome outfitThis skirt is so comfortable. And I love the chiffon flowy goodness. The print is very YSL, which I adore and of course since it is black an white it is a ever popular piece in my closet. And you would never know that I am wearing Iron Man shorts under it. Yes,this skirt is amazing and OK, I will get back to the hilarious Iron Man shorts. There is a slit and when the wind blows, if you are not careful…..I will assume you get the idea. And the shorts are my “bloomers” HA.

Fashion, people. Fashion. Nerd ingenuity.

Laugh about it, I am.

OOTD bloggerI am very excited too, because this year for my little’s spring break we are doing a FL vacation, just not in the FL area we are in don’t know if we will go South FL, or more towards Tampa. I want to go further South. So, expect a lot of how to dress like a Floridian posts.

OOTD blog

And that is about it for what to say in this post. So, here are the rest of the outfit.


monochrome outfit

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shirt: Dresslink similar // skirt: shein similar here hereand here// Bag:c/o JUSTFAB// Shoes :c/o Justfab // bracelets H&M // lips MAC

More inspo!!

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A different way to style a shirt dress.

Graphic tee, target plaid shirt

Well hallo there Monday! I hope you are all Marvelous this fine crazy Monday. I am having a normal day, I bonked my head on the top of my car when trying to get my tripod out for blog pictures and thus spilt coffee everywhere. And so, I didn’t get to take pictures where I really wanted to, because I wanted to go home and fix the makeup that got slapped with Crème Brulee coffee. And weather that wants to rain.

At least my coffee  did not damage my outfit and thank God for all leather interior. So, today’s outfit was unbeknownst to be as being a bit on the grunge side. It did not dawn on me and my awesome brain until after I took pictures. It just has that grunge borderline punk going on. Which incidentally I used to dress like back waaay back in the day, in the 90’s. There a glimpse at my age a bit, just a bit. Anyways, back when Nirvana was a bigger deal and everyone wore plaid. I guess this a 90’s throw back, and unintentional throw back. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I love it!2016-11-14_10.02.44.jpg


OH WELL, I wanted to be a bit festive and get my Starbucks, get my coffee and Instagram the shit out of it like everyone else!

Starbucks Cup


I got this button down shirt dress from Target a while ago and have not regretted it! I decided to wear it with my all black ensemble and it works. You can wear dresses like these as a light jackets. Which is what my thinking is for this dress today. I love it! It is the right amount of snuggly warm, for Florida. Our fall here is different, much different. I hope it keeps cooling off. It is perfect!


styling a graphic tee and plaid

plaid shirt dress


fashion blogger outfit Gofashiondeals

Goofy me.

blogger outfits plaid shirt






Got to love a graphic tee that says what we are all thinking today.



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Dress: Target

Pants : HM similar

Shirt: Dresslink c/o

EArrings : My own design check out Etsy!


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