Skreened tee and Miista Sandals

Skreeened mordor shirt and Miista shoes
Wearing : Skreened tee // Express jeans similar // MIISTA sandals // Mohzy tech bag// Urban decay VIce city trap queen lipstick

So yeah this shirt is on repeat.I can’t help it. I love a good basic graphic tee. And this one makes me so happy to wear, even if it has to do with a place not so happy in Middle Earth. The Mordor shirt from Skreened is one that is comfy and I never get tired of. Paired with a great pair of flares like these from EXPRESS and some gilded MIISTA sandals you can not go wrong. For a pop of color I added a micro bag(something that is weird for a big bag lady like me) . And I love the fact my hair is starting to get angry a sure fire way to say hey summer is coming! My hair, is getting poofy and trying to go back to curly.

ootd styling a graphic tee
one does not simply walk in

Everyone needs a sam.

Have you noticed that in everyone needs their own Sam? In LOTR Frodo has a Sam, in GOT John Snow has a Sam, Dean has a Sam, and I think in Mass Effect(my own opinion) your tech implant has a name SAM.SO, since I take my own pictures I have decided to name my silly ass tripod SAM. What made me think of this was actually a bit on Instagram, a blogger was talking about how her little sometimes takes her pictures and the weird looks she gets. And I thought, that is why I take my own. But, the weird looks I get are as I have said before Daunting. It feels a tad narcissistic sure. OK, a lot.

Being a blogger especially a blogger that write primarily about outfits and fashion etc, I take pictures of my outfits. And I like getting out of the house sometimes to do so. So, weird looks are part of the territory for me and SAM. (pfftheh) Like today, weird looks from passer byes. Lots of them, and I just went on my business. If they want to know what I am up to they could stop the cars and ask or walk up and ask. I probably (you all know my problems with this kind of stuff) would nervously say what I am doing and or awkwardly state it in a way that would make no sense to anyone.

And let me say SAM is the best photo partner, never complains, never gets tired. Perfect for me and my shoots. Right? SAM. Good ol SAM.

ootd blogger styleblogger style
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Shirt: Skreened c/o
Bag: Mohzy
lips URBAN Decay trap queen


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Off Shoulder ruffles

Hi there friends!How are you? It has been a glorious fall day or as fall like as we get in Florida. This weekend it’s supposed to be in the 70’s and I am completely thrilled! And next weekend is jam packed with Halloween  goodness! Pumpkin carving, and Halloween parties! This weekend it is train rides and zoo fun. Any ways!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a glimmer of of my outfit.

New chic

Today’s outfit post is featuring a cute off shoulder top from Newchic. It is so cute, I saw the blue color and had to have it. Want to know a secret? It isn’t a shirt. Nope. It is actually a dress.


Yeah, it is a dress. I folded it up and tucked it in. I love showing you all how to get the most out of your wardrobe. I like to prove that there is more than one way to wear a dress. So that way you get your money’s worth out of a garment. Rather than letting it sit in your closet all season. Get that dress out and wear it!!  ANd I love this Justfab bag, It carries EVERYTHING! I mean everything! My stuff, my husband’s stuff, and the tiny child’s stuff.



I paired it with flared jeans from express and some great Justfab accessories. And of course my dog, his fur is growing back weird. We had to cut it because it got really tangled.

New chic express justfab






I ordered this dress a size up as it is made small. When ordering off sites like Newchic, etc going up a size is usually the thing to do. As their clothes run small. The shipping time does take a while since where it comes from and the tracking system I wish was better. But over all I am happy with what I received. This shirt/dress(it is actually a dress) is perfect for FL.

So what do you think? Also since you all know I LOVE saving money, I have a special offer from Newchic for you! For 20% off! Use this code

Coupon code: Arriana

The coupon code valid from July 21st to 2017 Jan. 22th.

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Dress: c/o Newchic


BAG: Justfab

Shoes: Justfab


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Dress provided for by NEwchic for review. All oinions are 100% my own. Thank you for reading and showing your support of gofashiondeals!!!!