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Hi there friends! It has been a while, and I am trying to get things done on the blog which will be up soon over at I have been wanting to get things changed for a while there, the blog name and such. It was time friends. Time. I made the new years resolution to A. get some shorts(still have not done) and B. To get the blog changed to the new name etc. And I am so excited. SO excited! And while waiting on the new blog to be finished being ported over to the new URL. I am going to write here and just transfer things myself. Because I am an Elvish Wizard like that.



Anyways, going back through my pictures and blog posts of old posts( we are talking since 2009) I have learned something. My mad photo skillz have gotten WAAAAYY better and my writing too. Isn’t awesome, and I saw in my old as hell horrible posts that I found my direction and grew once I found it. Went from a collage site mostly posting things like Gucci and such things I probably wouldn’t own for a long time(I own some Gucci clothes now and DVF and Tibi,by shopping really smart and thanks to sites like The Real Real)


But, yeah. My site started to grow and I started to get comments. When I first started blogging I honest to gawd had no idea what to write about, what to do, how to do it. And no one being supportive AT ALL. It was me, myself, and I. And since my blog has started to gain some momentum, I am starting to get some family behind it and such. This was more to me than just a hobby,

It was a life saver.

bluepants ESSUE

I started to take my blog more seriously after I had my little. I was really, really depressed. I have that tendency anyways. We wont go into that right now. But, I had bad post partum. I even blogged about it on Blogher and was told in the comments that it was in my head. ACTUALLY, no. It isn’t, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by hormones and influxes.

I also read PROblogger on my Kindle and learned a lot. And then started to research how to blog better. And so here we are today.  A long cry almost from the start. I then was using my crappy phone and Ipad for blog photos. I had no SAM(my tripod) and no remote, and candy camera app. It was something I am happy I improved upon.Once I got better pictures and really asserted myself I got more sponsors. (i still use a camera phone. But let me be honest, some of the phones are so high tech they can beat out the cheapest DSLR in quality.I still want a Nikon or Cannon DSLR) I named my blog Gofashiondeals for the worst reasons and that is there was no reason. No thought to it. I just did it because I felt pressure to make a name. And I kicked my own butt for it since. Until now.


I made the decision that 2017 I would revamp the blog to be more reflective of me and my weirdness. AKA my personality. I am a GAMER, I am a HUGE Fashionista, I am a MOM, I am a WIFE, I am obsessed with MAKEUP, and I am a big BOOK WORM. I am all of those things and I do it all glamorously. And that is why the new blog is Glamorous and Geeky. Because I am. I am glamorous and geeky. And I am hoping that the site is up soon, because this sucks. MY hubby suggested I blog on this Temp thing here until then because I wont stop complaining about the time. My blog had a lot of content….and uh…yeah. HAHAHA

SO yeah…I am looking forward to this. And I hope you all are too!



Shirt: Target(old) similar here

PANTS: Essue by love4love similar

SHOES: Sophie and Trey similar

Bag(old as dirt) Dooney and Bourke I love this one here


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Justfab Romper

OOTD Justfab
Romper: c/o justfab //shoes: JUSTFAB similar c/o //Bag: JUSTFAB c/o

OK, so a while back I got a blouse from Justfab and was not impressed with the fit and so for the LONGEST time I pushed justfab out of the light. At least when clothes were concerened. But, then they were kind enough to send me this romper for review and I was stunned at how well it fit! WHAT?! Yes, it fit right in the right(pfft) places. And The bell sleeves are divine! Not to mention the color of the romper. So I wore it out to our aquarium adventure and it was awesome! Perfect for the occasion. So, now I have 3 rompers and that’s the only shorts I have. HAHAH. I did get this in a size small and it was good. I was worried about it fiting since the last shirt did not fit. But, it was great. Has a button back and elastic at the waist.

gofashiondealsKinda wished I hadn’t worn heels, because there is a lot of interaction there. ANyways that post will be up late this week.

justfab outfit


justfab jethro

WHat do you think of the romper?

Justfab is having a 50% off sale right now~~~~~!!!!!


Romper: C/o Justfab

SHoes: justfab similar c/o

Bag: justfabc/o

The perfect storm bffs

I do deClaire

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A tale of glitter,gloss, and spit up.

The other day I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger. There she was staring back at me; no make up on, messy hair, and just a hot mess. That is when it dawned on me that girl, was me! That person, that girl, that lady; was in fact me! I thought to myself, what in Hera’s name happened?

I stood in the bathroom, still in my pj’s and holding my little man. I had spit up on my shirt and little man had a tight grip on my hair as he was babbling the adorable things in my ear. But, my thoughts went from the cute little man to the crazy person in the mirror. And she said, you promised. Promised? Promised what?

I remember I made a promise to myself back when I was pregnant. The promise? It was not to let myself go, to still care about myself, to take time for me; even if it is just five mins, and to be most importantly ME. I was supposed to continue to be the girl who wears her heels, the girl who does her makeup(even if she is just watching food network), who does her hair, and does her nails. WHO GETS DRESSED!  I feel I lost that part of myself. I feel depressed. Still Post Partum? Probably.

Most people would say “Well,you are a mom now. That is just how moms are.” NO! For me it is more than that.Body issues,medical issues,self esteem,and stress. I let all of that and more dictate me. It has nothing to do with little man, motherhood, or my marriage. Those things play no role in my appearance at the moment. I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, what the heck happened?!

I feel so out of sorts lately with my body. Jiggly Jaggles that I didn’t have before, now I do.It sucks! And although I have lost 38lbs now, I have still jiggly bits that feel so uncomfortable. So, I started to excercise and that was GREAT! However, it was short lived, my health took a crap in my fitness plans. Then shortly after that I lost my job, as I was on medical leave. We wont get into that. I already did earlier,here.I was also without a sitter and daycare around here is too expensive, and there are programs for assistance. But, I know people who tried getting on them when their baby was born and they never got in, their kid is now 2. Why? Funding and lack of it. That is ok, I am now a SAHM and I love every spit up filled,poopy diaper minute of it.  But those things threw me into a fashiony gloom and doom. My days revolved around yoga pants and pj’s. Mostly pj’s.

Then I made a realization, I am far more productive when I am wearing my clothes. So, to test it I got my wits about me and did that. Holy Crap, I cleaned EVERYTHING! I was happier. I was ME! I thought did that make me lazy or did I just stop caring. Then I did my hair and it felt so good. I had little man in the bathroom with me. He was in his bouncy. I did my hair while talking and babbling with him. You know, it would be sooooo much easier with a vanity in the bedroom, instead of using a sink.

I have to get my groove back, like Stella. Not just for me but for my hubby, my little man, and my house! I made a promise to myself and it is a promise that I have to keep!

Today I got up, I got my coffee, took my shower, grabbed my little man after getting my reg clothes on, put make up on, and did my hair. I feel so good! So revived and so me! So what if I have spit up on my pant leg? At least I look good in it and feel fantastic about it! And that my friends is all that matters!

Defend your right to be fashionable while pregnant.

Why is it that when a woman gets pregnant she is expected to wear nothing but sweat pants, stretch cotton pants, and baggy shirts. Why must we be thrown into that frumpy, dumpty, and I gave up on fashion stereotypes. Seriously, you should still care. Just because you are expecting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about how you look. I think you should, you are pregnant and it is a beautiful thing, so embrace it. Wear the sweat pants, yoga pants, and pj bottoms at home or at prenatal yoga. For God’s sake do you want to be on people of Walmart? No? Good. I can understand people’s point of view on you will save money and maternity clothes are ugly,blah,blah,and blah. But, don’t you want to be a hot mama to be? And in all fairness those yoga and other clothes are just as expensive. I say take the time buy some good clothes for this awesome time in your life! If it makes you feel good, then go for it! I posted previously about maternity clothes being more fashionable. Believe me they have come a long way. The fashions are amazing, well made, and fit in with today’s trends. Who cares if the bump shows, be proud of it. There are cute tees out by motherhood that would go great with some heels and a pair of Heidi Klum’s skinnys. I am not going to get into that frumpty dumpty and one step to mom jean wearing state. I bought maternity pants and love them. I forgot what comfortable well fitting pants could feel like! I even got one pair half off,go me! The point I am trying to make is this, ladies, we need to show that we still can be that cute,hot, sexy,fashionable, and a little high maintenance woman before the bump. We still got it and wont loose it. So, go put on your new clothes, get your hair done, get pampered, and get those heels on. If Rosie Pope can be Pregnant in Heels, so can we! Off topic, but I do love that show and it proves that even in late pregnancy no matter what size you are your can be the belle of any ball. Remember baby wearing never goes out of fashion!!!
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