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Hi there friends! It has been a while, and I am trying to get things done on the blog which will be up soon over at I have been wanting to get things changed for a while there, the blog name and such. It was time friends. Time. I made the new years resolution to A. get some shorts(still have not done) and B. To get the blog changed to the new name etc. And I am so excited. SO excited! And while waiting on the new blog to be finished being ported over to the new URL. I am going to write here and just transfer things myself. Because I am an Elvish Wizard like that.



Anyways, going back through my pictures and blog posts of old posts( we are talking since 2009) I have learned something. My mad photo skillz have gotten WAAAAYY better and my writing too. Isn’t awesome, and I saw in my old as hell horrible posts that I found my direction and grew once I found it. Went from a collage site mostly posting things like Gucci and such things I probably wouldn’t own for a long time(I own some Gucci clothes now and DVF and Tibi,by shopping really smart and thanks to sites like The Real Real)


But, yeah. My site started to grow and I started to get comments. When I first started blogging I honest to gawd had no idea what to write about, what to do, how to do it. And no one being supportive AT ALL. It was me, myself, and I. And since my blog has started to gain some momentum, I am starting to get some family behind it and such. This was more to me than just a hobby,

It was a life saver.

bluepants ESSUE

I started to take my blog more seriously after I had my little. I was really, really depressed. I have that tendency anyways. We wont go into that right now. But, I had bad post partum. I even blogged about it on Blogher and was told in the comments that it was in my head. ACTUALLY, no. It isn’t, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by hormones and influxes.

I also read PROblogger on my Kindle and learned a lot. And then started to research how to blog better. And so here we are today.  A long cry almost from the start. I then was using my crappy phone and Ipad for blog photos. I had no SAM(my tripod) and no remote, and candy camera app. It was something I am happy I improved upon.Once I got better pictures and really asserted myself I got more sponsors. (i still use a camera phone. But let me be honest, some of the phones are so high tech they can beat out the cheapest DSLR in quality.I still want a Nikon or Cannon DSLR) I named my blog Gofashiondeals for the worst reasons and that is there was no reason. No thought to it. I just did it because I felt pressure to make a name. And I kicked my own butt for it since. Until now.


I made the decision that 2017 I would revamp the blog to be more reflective of me and my weirdness. AKA my personality. I am a GAMER, I am a HUGE Fashionista, I am a MOM, I am a WIFE, I am obsessed with MAKEUP, and I am a big BOOK WORM. I am all of those things and I do it all glamorously. And that is why the new blog is Glamorous and Geeky. Because I am. I am glamorous and geeky. And I am hoping that the site is up soon, because this sucks. MY hubby suggested I blog on this Temp thing here until then because I wont stop complaining about the time. My blog had a lot of content….and uh…yeah. HAHAHA

SO yeah…I am looking forward to this. And I hope you all are too!



Shirt: Target(old) similar here

PANTS: Essue by love4love similar

SHOES: Sophie and Trey similar

Bag(old as dirt) Dooney and Bourke I love this one here


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Blue lace and white pants.

blue lace crop and white crop skinny jeans
top: EXPRESS similar// Pants: TARGET // shoes ALDO similar // Bag DOONEY and Bourke similar

Well, everyone’s been talking about their white pants.Their white pants, got their white pants on.

OK, so this is actually the only pair of white pants I own, weird I know. I love the way white pants look. However, with a 4yr old, they are a dirt and dirty hands magnet. For instance he wiped his Doritos laden hands on my pants later in the day. Yup. Nice. And since I too am also a klutz it is a reason why I never wear white pants. I have white skirts, and i fear for them every time I wear them. #momlife That is just how it is I guess. Right?

OOTD gofashiondeals

So what made me bring them back out? Well, since my little is in school now I figured why not?! SO I wore these cute Target white cropped skinnies with my Express shirt that I have had for ages just always wear it tucked in with a maxi or or midi skirt. Like in this post here . So yup. And pulled out my old DOONEY  . But alas, his school day was cut short as he was not himself. Sometimes meltdowns happen and so it really takes it out of the kid. But, this turned out to be later he is sick AGAIN. There were several littles not in class for being sick. Got to love that they share Everything. Right? NO….somethings they SHOULD not share. Germs..ugh. Oh well. And so he got home and I made him some food for a snack and my pants became victim of little.

That is OK, I am used to it and that my friends is why there is Spray n’ wash.

OOTD bloggerSO this was another outfit I was going to shoot elsewhere and ended up doing it at home because of reasons above. We have to make do. But it still worked out.

OOTD gofashiondeals

Sam and I made it work. If you don’t know who SAM is read this post here . We got it done.

white jeans and blue tank

I also didn’t realize it was April Fools day….hm.

spring outfit idea

Things were alright. Except the lack of sleep last night do to new big boy bed and coughing, sneezing, snotty nose, and grumpy child.

Poor kid and poor mama.

What can you do, I just let him sleep in the bed after the 4th time of getting into bed with us after hearing how he was breathing.

Is that bad?

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Shopping Edit: MANGO wish list 

It is almost that time! Almost turkey time! And that means getting a start on holiday shopping. Whether it is an outfit for Thanksgiving or for Christmas parties, Mango has such great pieces. I also made a wish list for my little man! These are things that I would not mind for Christmas or just to have for holiday pictures and parties. So check it out!

Mango Holiday wishlist

P.s. That Velvet dress is gorgeous!

Mango holiday wishlist

Those are great pieces for the little man, comfy and so stylish. Love the fall vibes! Not that we get much fall vibes here. Florida likes to fake ya out! #floridafall

Anyways this outfit is perfect for those cooler temps! What do you think?
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White Romper and coffee don’t mix.

Hey there friends! How are you?! I decided to wear white, since it has been hotter than the sun here in the land of sunshine and crazy wildlife! I decided to wear my white romper that I purchased from MANGO about a year ago? Yeah. Anyways, I love it as it is very comfy and perfect for summer. However, I become the biggest klutz when wearing all white.

You can guess what happened. But it happened out the door when we were going Pokémon hunting and run around the park.

white romper white shoesI spilt coffee on myself. It was hot, it was not as bad as I thought I got most out but the tiny child wanted to play and we went. He caught a pidgey again and a weedle!

2016-07-19_12.37.28But even with the coffee this outfit is perfect for this time of year. And I wore my fave wedges by GUESS. These white wedges are perfect with this romper. And simple jewelry too. I know I am wearing jewelry and such but guess what is missing. My makeup, I am wearing mascara and that is about it. It was one of those kind of days. And really I am glad I didn’t wear any. It was so hot out and muggy. Even with the setting spray and all its Urban Decay goodness it isn’t enough for this crazy place.

2016-07-19_12.38.51Rompers are perfect for busy days with the little ones, or busy days where you really want to look put together even when you do not feel it. This is a romper you just put on get on with the day.

2016-07-19_12.30.46And for days they keep you overly busy rompers are the perfect item to have for the occasion, even if it is just pokemon hunting and climbing around.

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Romper: MANGO similar here

Shoes: GUESS similar

Necklace: MANGO similar

EArrings :Similar

Sunglasses: EXPRESS

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A summer day.

Hi there friends! Happy Monday! How are you? Me I am alright! Went and celebrated my anniversary with my hubby last night and had the most awesome sushi! As well as went Pokémon hunting. Yes, we are nerds. We walked all over the place and it was so nice to do. Such a great night.

Today, though I am sort of paying the crabby patty price. I am allergic to crab and well, I ate crab. SO, my face is a tad swollen. I probably shouldn’t have taken pictures today and taken the day off to rest a bit. HA! I have a 3yr old.

Scallop shein dress justfab heels

I found these trees on a jogging path last night and decided to shoot there. Just me, my son, and a tripod. I get weird looks but you know a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do. Although it does make me a tad self conscious.


ydressMy son was not making the shoot easy either. He was not happy about this, he was in the stroller even though he could have gotten out. It wasn’t buckled.

canaryToday’s outfit reminds me of something of a  Kate Spade designs. Super fun and feminine and a bit cutesy I wore a cute shift dress from SHEIN so I did not have to pay the Kate Spade price. I wore matching yellow earrings but unfortunately you can not see them thanks to the quick nature of the shoot I did.  This dupe


I love the scalloped edges of the dress and it does come in navy. It is a nice material and is very wearable in the awesome heat we have. Muggy weather watch out.


What do you think?

Dress: SHEIN And on sale for $9.99

Shoes: JUSTFAB newer style here

Bag: OLD Oscar delarenta for target similar

Earrings : TARGEt similar

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I do deClaire

New in. Justfab Jethro bucket bag

Bag provided for review from Justfab. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for reading!! Stay awesome and stay GLAM! This post contains affiliate links. 🙂
OK, I know I may have said it before, that I am not the biggest fan of “bucket bags.” But when I saw this bag by Justfab, I had to have it!

beautifulpurseThe Jethro bag is a gorgeous mustard yellow bucket bag with just a touch of fringe. Which is OK. I like the small amounts of fringe. The bag is called a marigold color and it has  a lot of space. And I immediately knew how to style it! Justfab is kind of a monthly subscription. For $39.95 you can get a pair of shoes or bags or whatever and free shipping as being a Justfab VIP. This service can be skipped each month if the update to shoes is not in budget or you don’t see anything that curls your toes. Just skip, I set an alert on my phone and Ipad to remind me. You also get email alerts for the monthly boutique. And right now there is an awesome sale!!! I have been a loyal Justfab customer for years and am always happy with my buys.

ootdjustfabA basic white button down and some strappy heels. But this post is about the bag. So.

justfabyellowbag basicbuttondownOK, I snuck the shoes in there.

simpleootdLoving the bag and it holds  a lot as I have said before. I know I can cram some Huggies pull ups in there!

justfabjethroJethro is definitely a bag to have!!!

justfabbagjustfabstyleI have my extensions in today as well, and I figured out how to make them blend in more, CURL the crap out of them. And there, crazy like me.

ootdjuljustfabsummerjustfabbagyellowsjustfabhandbagjustfabyellowbagI really like the mustardy yellow which is really popular this summer. I think it will continue to be throughout the fall too.


justfabambsrootdwhitebuttondownWhat do you think? Have you shopped with justfab?

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Jethro here

Also you can get $10 off !!!!


Simple white dress

Hi my friends! I just wanted to say HAPPY Monday! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! I had down time and relaxed all weekend. I slept most of yesterday. Not good, I guess I am still getting over the Pneumonia . I hate it so much! I can not wait to get back to normal. Or as normal as I could get. Right?

White dress with Justfab heelsToday, I decided to wear something I hadn’t in a while. I wore my white dress with these adorable Justfab heels! These babies are new! And they are so comfortable! That is until someone gets stung by a bee and is now swollen. YUCK!

2016-05-16_12.05.46I really love this dress and am so glad I bought it from LOOKBOOK when I did! It is so comfortable. And it has tiny pockets.


I brought out the old Dooney purse, my old faithful. I think more casual pieces like this can take a dress that is more workish or formal and down play it to a more casual vibe. I didn’t wear any accessories today because I wanted to showcase the shoes more. And …….I forgot.


I am trying to will my hair to behave itself. Is it working? I am praying to the hair gods, because after I shot these pictures I shot some pictures for another post and that is when the little booger stung me(allergic) .

2016-05-16_12.27.00So I apologize if this post makes little sense because I am not feeling so good thanks to Ms Bee.

2016-05-16_12.31.34Justfab Misty and Dooney and Bourke


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Dress: Lookbook store similar here
Bag: Dooney similar here

Lips MAC retro liquid matte

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