Starry days. OOTD inspired by Valentino

bloggersHi there friends

How is your Wednesday? I had to remind myself that it is indeed Wednesday. This week has been all tangled up and knotty. Kind of like my hair on a good day. HA. Anyways, today I was inspired to wear the star print maxi skirt after seeing some pins of the Valentino collection with stars. So inspired as I was put my own leg in.

bloggerlookofthedayI have actually worn this skirt on the blog a couple of times but I really love this freaking skirt so much. Except when the wind gets a bit wild. I had put a stitch in the skirt to keep it more under control, but when I was getting out of the car with the dog, his nail got caught and well, there ya go.


The other thing is my dog didn’t want to cooperate today, and so after a few shots he decided to be a dog and do doggy things like try to run off, bark at nothing and sniff everything. Today’s outfit post was a thing of trial and error, I think with more error than anything.

NYXOK, so back to the outfit, my goodness, OK I love a great maxi as we all know and I love me a crop top. Which is why I love pairing them together. Now the thing with this is, yeah summer is pretty much over everywhere. But, here, it will go on for another couple of months. So, I will hold on to the summery goodness of this combo as long as I can.

sheinskirtThe print on this skirt is just awesome and what is sad about it is that it is no longer available on SHEIN, WHAAAA? I did find something similar if you like the print which I will put in the links below.


The necklace makes this outfit more complete and if only I could have gotten more shots of the damned shoes, but that is what happens sometimes when you take a pet on the adventure with you. They don’t always allow for it. Right? I was wearing a pair of blue pumps by JUSTFAB called LAKEN.

Steal my style!

Shirt: HM similar

Skirt : SHEIN similar

Shoes: Justfab LAKEN


Monty python flying circus.
Monty python flying circus.

Also I am considering making a YouTube channel. I just don’t know what to call it. SO that is something that I have been pondering for a couple of weeks. I still think my blog’s name sounds a bit spammy. But, I have invested so much time into this blog that to change the name would be weird now wouldn’t it. However, the name has always bugged me. I love blogging and love my fashion blog that is something I am not getting tired of ever. EVER. I love this little career(if you want to call it that) of mine. The youtube channel will just be an additional aspect of my blog not a full time thing. just what to call it.

ALSO link ups!!!!! be sure to check out their blogs!



Get to know Beyindi

Hi there friends and happy Friday! This week I figured I would do something a bit different. I love inspirational people and places. Or even yes things, so when I was asked by Natalie of Beyindi for a helping hand I was very happy to do so. But, rather than you all read my own thoughts alone on this wonderful Instagram and blog worthy jewelry with a collage etc, I thought no, this deserves more. A interview with Natalie of Beyindi. Lets Get started!


Who is Beyindi?

Natalie: “Yindi simply means “happy” in Thai language. To be happy in modern life is very difficult for many of us – stress, rush, deadlines, crisis, etc., etc. We forget the purpose of our being right here and right now. We have no time to feel and enjoy, no time to be happy. My project BeYindi reminds me and my customers that every moment of our life is precious, beautiful and one of a kind. It has an idea that our happiness is not a goal to reach and work hard for – that our happiness is very simple and hides in small details. My jewelry collection is just a reminder for its wearer that happiness is right here, always somewhere around. “

What made you start Beyindi?

N: “I started my project when I was travelling in South East Asia. It was an “unexpected journey”, I did not plan it and I was not ready for it. But it happened to me weather I liked it or not. Now I think of myself as of a person “before” and “after” that trip. It changed me a lot and I started to look at things differently. I realize that I want to share my experience, to show people how beautiful and big and different our world is. So I turned to jewelry – my favorite thing. When I send people their rings or pendants I send them a piece of my story, a piece of happiness and a smile.”

What inspires you when you make jewelry?

Natalie: “When you travel it is very easy to be inspired. You see new landscapes, new flowers, new people and they all get reflected in what you do. You see a lot of patterns, colors, textures and sometimes it’s even too much of inspiration and too less time to get everything settled and done.”

Total travel envy here btw!


Which is your favorite piece?

Natalie: “It’s really hard to choose the one and only favorite piece from my collection that I like the most. I do like any piece with silver lace and I love stones – their pure, natural and deep colors.”

What are your tips for styling Beyindi jewelry?

Natalie : “I try to keep my collection as much casual as it is possible so that my customers could wear it every day. I also like to leave a space to create, to mix and match different pieces together and get different looks. So I give only one tip to my customers – be creative, be unique, do not try to copy anybody’s style – make your own.”

Great advice!!!



What was your most memorable trip?

Natalie: “The most memorable trip was a week spent in mountain part of Peru. It was incredible. So splendid, so mysterious and so beautiful – it made me think I walk on another planet. It was so unreal and unusual for me – the landscapes, the fauna, everything so giant. Amazing feelings.”

what advice do you have for people starting a small business whether it is candle making or fashion related?

Natalie: “My advice to all people who start their own business is to really focus on it and to work hard. Talk about it with your family and friends and people you just met. It is unbelievable how much support and new ideas you get when you just talk about it. Start it slowly, do not rush and try to do everything at once – make a plan and work on it. Step by step you will see how it grows from nothing, how it develops and changes. There will be good days and will be bad days or even weeks and months – do not give up. If you do not believe in your own project – no one will.”

That is marvelous advice!! And I couldn’t agree more!!!!

open-925-sterling-silver.jpgBeyindi has some gorgeous pieces as you can see above and a lot of care and work went into every piece. To purchase from Beyindi or to learn even more Check out Natalie’s site

Check out her facebook page!