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Shirt: GAP (oldsimilar) pants: HM similar here// bag Express only nude and black left// boots JUSTFAB similar

Hi there friends if you saw yesterday’s blog post you may have seen where I talked about simple style.  Today is another outfit that screams simple style. And let me tell you it is a comfortable outfit! AND also don’t forget to check out my giveaway with ZAFUL here

I love my more intricate outfits as much as I love these, and when you want to be stylish and comfy, less is more. For this look I just wore some basic gray skinny jeans and a simple long sleeved shirt. I have had this top for over 7 years. I know, WOW. It is a blueish purplish shirt. It doesn’t know what color it wants to be. And it is so soft.

The thing is about simple and stylish outfits is that they are inexpensive. With all the money being thrown at Christmas and other holidays right now, it is good to save and this kind of get up can last all winter. As it is very winterish. This outfit is one I wore Monday this week, today I am wearing something much different. I will post that later. And I am trying to get my YouTube video for my recent Rocksbox up too. So that will be soon too. I hope. HAHA. Editing videos is so much harder. But, I am getting the hang of it.  The things I have here and are wearing in this post I have linked to similar items from MANGO. I love love love MANGO. And there are a lot of pieces on sale. THe shirt $16 right now!

Simple OOTD



OK and i am sorry for all the ORANGE wall nonsense. But I love this freaking wall. Just like I love the white one.

I have a thing for walls and nature.

blogger outfits

fashion outfit

ootd gap and hm


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Shirt: GAP old similar here

Pants: H&M similar here

SHoes: JUSTFAB old similar here



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All green outfit of the day

green shein dressWell, if you follow along with my Instagram @gofashiondeals you will probably have seen my post about my head getting smashed in by some blinds and then the couch deciding my toe wasn’t necessary, and that coffee was better worn. And yes the color is a good one in clothing and some shoes, as well as nail polishes, however, not on ME. Burns. MY head hurts and I just want to lounge about. But, that wont happen with a 3yr old. NOPE.

#ootd green shein dress and justfab boots

Today, I was determined to get an outfit post done, didn’t do one yesterday, because reasons. My tree needed decorations, and my house needed lights to be put up. And while I was out and about around home I spotted the perfect photo spot for some more “outdoorsy” shoots. Anyways, today’s outfit seems to match the outdoorsy spot.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

green boots and dressI love this comfortable dress from SHEIN, it is one of my fave pieces from the summer. They have so many great and cheap clothes. And yes, I realize that it isn’t summer but, here in Florida, it kinda still is. And so we put fall and winter clothes where we can, by boots with dresses and scarves while wearing shorts. That is a thing here. And that is why I am wearing my gorgeous green Justfab boots! These are so comfy, and they are lined too so my northern friends you can keep those tootsies warm.

2016-11-27-11.32.59-1.jpg.jpgjord watch rocksbox

I love this watch! Such a great piece and these are some of the pieces I got in this time’s ROCKSBOX.



The great thing about both pieces is that they are on sale, one of the many perks of it being near Cyber Monday, Sales. As well as the watch! SO if you need a unique gift for him or someone else, JORD is a great way to go.

2016-11-27-11.33.05-1.jpg.jpgLove my look? You can steal it here

Dress: SHEIN

Shoes: Justfab  There are booties for $20!

Jewlery: Rocksbox

Watch JORD

Lips: MAC




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Not as planned day and giving in to trends.

So, today was one of those days where things did not go as planned. The train wasn’t running today, so no family outing on the train. The wings I needed for the weeping angel we waaaay too tiny at the store and the ones I wanted on Amazon wouldn’t be in until Nov 12th. Um no that is too late. Waaay too late.  So, I went and took blog pictures of today’s #ootd and then replanned my day.  We went to Target and then to where I thought the Spirit Halloween store was. And not there. Was not there. SO back home (again) and let the tiny child run around a bit while I regrouped. Then it was time to get back in the car and go again. I need these things for the costumes. I need to get things for DR Who, right?

Even if my costume now is not going to happen. And maybe it is for the best as I think the makeup would have scared someone little. Being my son that is. Again not as planned.

Tobi lace up shirtSo I replanned my costume to something else, inspired by Sarah Maas Faeries. Nope I wont be walking around in tiny outfits and popping around. I have a long tulle skirt and I aim to use it!

So, today was all about replanning the not as planned things and go with the flow. And after all of that I had PLANNED to buy milk before I left the store and I forgot it. Today has kicked me in the royal behind!

2016-10-22_10.45.26.jpgToday’s outfit lets talk about the thing that was planned and went as planned.

I am wearing a wonderful body suit from TOBI. It is following that lace up trend. Which at first I wasn’t sure if I would like but I arranged the shirt to hide the bra. Because of that factor for me I was always reluctant to try it. This one from Tobi is so comfortable and easy to get laced the way you want. And let me say this is the first body suit I have worn since 1994. Yeah, Full House was still on TV. But I gave in to the trend. Dove in feet first and I kind of like it!. OK I love it!

Tobi lace up body suit and express jeans

2016-10-22_10.43.14.jpgTobi body suitI got to wear the floppy hat because it was soooo nice out!And let me say, something about FL weather. OK, 72 is NOT COLD. NOT COLD.You do not need to get a parka out! You do not need to follow the weatherman’s suggestion of one. It is going to go right back up to the 80’s. hahah. So, enjoy the cool break. ANd that is why this body suit is so nice, it isn’t heavy! It is light. Perfect for bipolar weather.


2016-10-22_11.09.00.jpgI love flared jeans with this body suit!



miista shoes and MANGO bag


How was your Saturday?

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Body suit: c/o Tobi

Jeans: Express

SHoes: Miista similar

BAg: MANGO similar

Hat: HM similar

I am going to do a blog post of my Halloween makeup this week! Stay tuned for that.

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#ootd Styling a scarf for fall!


Hi there friends! Happy Monday to you all! Today was a nice cool moring! It was fall a fall morning!!! I got so excited that after we went grocery shopping to refill the fridge after we lost all our food, that I had to come home and take pictures of today’s OOTD. I really am excited. It is a day that you can sit outside with a good book, a cup of coffee and enjoy the cool breezes coming in. Ahh fall. Even though the cool weather is only like a day or two. Still I am going to enjoy it!hm dress and green scarf
Hmm coffee!


I love this dress from H&M it is really comfy, but it took on a bluish tint because my son’s play house has a blue base and it was reflecting. Yay. But it is more of an olive green, there is a bit of a bluish tinge but not that much. Anyways. I grabbed my green scarf because the white one would have been TOO much contrast. I love pairing a great scarf with a dress, here in FL you can get away with it because when it gets hot you can just take off the scarf and go about your business. You can do so much with scarves. There are tons of ways to tie them, I like this way which makes it more accessory like, I mean that is what a scarf pretty much is in Fall. In winter it becomes a “keep ya warm” thing. I like the thinner scarves when dealing with chaotic weather. Not too hot.

20161010_0942531And who doesn’t love a good OTK boot? I never get tired of them.



I really am embracing greens this fall. I really like the color, in the more olive shades it can be a great Neutral.


I love my Halloween mug!


I got this mug from my mom, I have no clue where she got it from. But, this watch is one of my faves for fall. The rich dark wood make it a great accessory.



When you are makin faces at your 3 yr old.

20161010_0946341I love this outfit, so simple and so very very fall!  It is such an easy outfit to recreat. get a cute solid summer dress, add some otk boots or some booties, and grab a scarf. DONE.

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Dress: H&M similar here

BOOTS: C/o Yoins similar here

Scarf: Target similar here

Watch: c/o JORD

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Ringing of the bells….sleeves.


I got these pictures done before the sky turned dark and all hell broke loose in this state. Florida is about to get slapped around, again. But right now, it was OK and it was great time for blog pictures of today’s outfit. Or what I would wear, had I not been snuggled under a blanket obsessively watching the weather channel. I am more than likely in an oversized sweater with some city on it(love those for some weird reason.) and some pj pants. Watching the weather as I haad said and playing XBOX while my little one plays in the toybox. Friday is the day that hubby will be home with us and so it will be a very tense day of “is the roof on?” “is their a tree down?” Everyone please be safe!


The outfit I want to wear, is the dress you may have seen on here before. And if you are by chance new to the GFD fam, welcome and here it is. I got this dress from Express because it was flowy, the sleeves were romantic, and it was a cool print. It was also on SALE at Express. One of those things that look better on someone than the maniquinn, I love the coolness, it can be worn all year, just like any maxi. But this one is trendy now because of the sleeves. Ohhh those bells.

MAxi dress express I wore a big sparkly statement necklace from HAppiness btq. My son love this one too because I think it reminds him of the necklace on the movie The Hobbit. Of course he would.

maxidressit has a slit which honestly helps with walking.









bellsleveevesAnd yeah I went sans shoes. Why not? The ground was someone soggy so I would have sunk. And weird timing or not I do better in overcast. I have less chance of glowing .  (I’m so plae)



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Dress: EXPRESS old similar here

Necklace: Happiness Btq


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Super simple ootd, palazzo pants.

Ever have those days when you dont want to get out of your PJ’s but you have to? That is my life today. I got laundry still to fold a child to clean up after and I feel so bleh still from after my family time at SeaWorld. Today is a day I just want to curl up with a good book and some coffee and laze about. But I can’t, I am the queen of this castle and I need to get moving. But, want to do so comfortably. That means it is time for the comfy Palazzo pants. Bright prints and a simple tee. That is my uniform today. It is a great fall transitional piece to have too. Since it is hot here still. I wore a half sleeve tee with my white and blue tried and true palazzo pants. Really, get a pair. You will not regret having a pair of these pants.

palazzo pants and half sleeve shirt

Granted this isn’t my most GLAM outfit ever. But today I am dressing for my mood. Which honestly is what I do most of the time anyways. Tomorrow I have planned an outfit for fall transition that I think you all will love. But today I am dressing for the fact I didnt want to get out of my massivly comfy pjs. So this was the next best thing.


So, since Halloween is right around the corner. I am thinking of retiring the Elsa costume this year. I know I havent gotten any really good pictures of it. So I figured I would for the blog before saying goodbye. Seriously it was a lot of work making it, but I have been Elsa for 2 years in a row and people around me are complaining. I really don’t mind it, the kids love it. Especially when they tug on the hair and realize it is MINE.

Still not sure what I will dress as this year.


Just not Harley, everyone and their mother is Harley this year. I am  thinking maybe Assasin’ s Creed.



Oh well, still got some time to decide right?



White and Grey outfit

I swear when it comes to catchy titles you wont find that here. Or at least often. That is OK, you probably are not here for my catchy blog titles, more for the outfits and banter. Right?  Today, there is something I want to get off my shoulders.
bloggerootdYeah, my shirt. I wore this outfit a week or so ago, but was so busy running errands I didn’t really get to share it! I know that is naughty. I love this look, yeah it is fall sort of right now, but I am going to wear my whites all year.

20160921_0859291Today’s outfit consists of this adorable off shoulder shirt that I bought from SHEIN. I love it because it reminds me of the one by Tibi, but it is more affordable. I like that it is flowy so if you have a bloaty day(thanks pms) it hides it. I love wearing this shirt with pants, skirts, I don’t have shorts so I cant say that. But you get the idea. It is a great shirt. I am wearing the accessories I got from yesterday’s blog post and youtube video which you can read here.


I also want to do a little rant here, it really isn’t important. You all know I take my own pictures, and for the most part I get left alone. It is still weird taking my own pictures especially in public, but the way I see it if Vloggers can vlog and talk to themselves in public or in airports then I can take a couple of freaking pictures. I actually enjoy taking my own pictures. The only thing is it gets lonely. But, that aside I enjoy being in total control. Except for the people around me. Today it was like they were popping up randomly like Pokémon on pokemon go. YES I still play. Hahaha. #gameratheart But yeah, I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted. Why? Self consciousness is why. I need to build it a bridge and get over it. Right? It is a process, for someone who is introverted it is hard.


Fighting with light again.


OK back to the outfit sheesh, me and my rambling. OK, so yeah I brought out the white pants and a laser cut bag that is from Justfab. But this bag unfortunately isn’t available anymore, but I will link to something that will work instead. You guys know I shop my closet a lot. It is fun.

shein-off-shoulder-shirtToday, it is a great outfit, just wish my hair was behaving.




prettyootdWell there ya go !

Shirt: SHEIN

PAnts: TARGET similar here

Shoes: Won similar here

Bag: JUSTFAB old similar

Also SHEIN is having a marvelous sale so I made a wishie list too!!!

SheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe

SheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion WardrobeSheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe


Take 40% OFF Over US$55 CODE:SQ40

Take 45% OFF Over US$100 CODE:SQ45

Go to find your favorite style from SheIn.

Just be your own Muse.



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