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Shirt: GAP (oldsimilar) pants: HM similar here// bag Express only nude and black left// boots JUSTFAB similar

Hi there friends if you saw yesterday’s blog post you may have seen where I talked about simple style.  Today is another outfit that screams simple style. And let me tell you it is a comfortable outfit! AND also don’t forget to check out my giveaway with ZAFUL here

I love my more intricate outfits as much as I love these, and when you want to be stylish and comfy, less is more. For this look I just wore some basic gray skinny jeans and a simple long sleeved shirt. I have had this top for over 7 years. I know, WOW. It is a blueish purplish shirt. It doesn’t know what color it wants to be. And it is so soft.

The thing is about simple and stylish outfits is that they are inexpensive. With all the money being thrown at Christmas and other holidays right now, it is good to save and this kind of get up can last all winter. As it is very winterish. This outfit is one I wore Monday this week, today I am wearing something much different. I will post that later. And I am trying to get my YouTube video for my recent Rocksbox up too. So that will be soon too. I hope. HAHA. Editing videos is so much harder. But, I am getting the hang of it.  The things I have here and are wearing in this post I have linked to similar items from MANGO. I love love love MANGO. And there are a lot of pieces on sale. THe shirt $16 right now!

Simple OOTD



OK and i am sorry for all the ORANGE wall nonsense. But I love this freaking wall. Just like I love the white one.

I have a thing for walls and nature.

blogger outfits

fashion outfit

ootd gap and hm


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Shirt: GAP old similar here

Pants: H&M similar here

SHoes: JUSTFAB old similar here



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All green outfit of the day

green shein dressWell, if you follow along with my Instagram @gofashiondeals you will probably have seen my post about my head getting smashed in by some blinds and then the couch deciding my toe wasn’t necessary, and that coffee was better worn. And yes the color is a good one in clothing and some shoes, as well as nail polishes, however, not on ME. Burns. MY head hurts and I just want to lounge about. But, that wont happen with a 3yr old. NOPE.

#ootd green shein dress and justfab boots

Today, I was determined to get an outfit post done, didn’t do one yesterday, because reasons. My tree needed decorations, and my house needed lights to be put up. And while I was out and about around home I spotted the perfect photo spot for some more “outdoorsy” shoots. Anyways, today’s outfit seems to match the outdoorsy spot.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

green boots and dressI love this comfortable dress from SHEIN, it is one of my fave pieces from the summer. They have so many great and cheap clothes. And yes, I realize that it isn’t summer but, here in Florida, it kinda still is. And so we put fall and winter clothes where we can, by boots with dresses and scarves while wearing shorts. That is a thing here. And that is why I am wearing my gorgeous green Justfab boots! These are so comfy, and they are lined too so my northern friends you can keep those tootsies warm.

2016-11-27-11.32.59-1.jpg.jpgjord watch rocksbox

I love this watch! Such a great piece and these are some of the pieces I got in this time’s ROCKSBOX.



The great thing about both pieces is that they are on sale, one of the many perks of it being near Cyber Monday, Sales. As well as the watch! SO if you need a unique gift for him or someone else, JORD is a great way to go.

2016-11-27-11.33.05-1.jpg.jpgLove my look? You can steal it here

Dress: SHEIN

Shoes: Justfab  There are booties for $20!

Jewlery: Rocksbox

Watch JORD

Lips: MAC




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Honey, I shrunk your sweater.

sweater and JUSTFAB


Is the theme of today’s crazy post. I wasn’t sure I was going to do a post and things like that and then I opened the drier. AND OH MY GOD no, I shrank my husband’s sweater. Um, crap.

Of all the things, it must have jumped in the drier. Must have. IT went to Narnia and came back smaller. Not really, I shrank this expensive sweater. ME, that is right I am a sweater abuser. But, only if they are menswear, and only if they are wool. I think it got put in with my clothes some how and I didn’t check the tags, because reasons.

So, I guess this is taking the androgynous menswear to a new level right? Right? This is a different way of wearing the menswear. It is called “wife shrank it and so wife is wearing it.” Now it only works with sweaters. Expensive sweaters.

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I wasn’t going to post anything today, I am so busy with life in general but I had to post this. And my dog walking in front of the camera is my life.

Photobombing at its finest.

But, I had to share that from my DORK moment came a great item for my half of the closet.  And I think it worked out well, this piece will look great this holiday season and for afterwards. Honestly, the words just are not coming out, at least not coherently. I feel all over the place, I guess being up at the butt crack of dawn to make a turkey for my hubby’s work will do that. And needing to premake things for tomorrow. Like brie wrapped in puff pastry, and you know you always forget something? I forgot the nuts, which is very nutty of my since I wrote it down. And ALDI had them the cheapest. Because wow, nuts are expensive this year.  Anyways, back to the outfit.

Sweater and OTK boots
Sweater similar Boots Justfab jeans HM


I love these Justfab boots and they are so comfortable. One of my new fave pairs of boots. They go with everything! And I love it! THey look great with this sweater! This whole outfit is pretty good. I love wearing over the knee boots and Justfab has so many great options for them. And they are having some great sales, I mean lets face it they all are! I don’t think I will ever get tired of the OTK trend. EVER. I mean ever! I have an obsession with them. I also linked up to a pair that is on sale with SHEIN, check out my recent shopping post!

fall and winter outfits

I was actually falling here.I hear the timer click and stopped myself. And BAM.

black and grey outfit

Can we talk about his side eye? Look at that doggy smolder. I mean look at it.

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Sorry, I had to . I made my dog into a MEME.


fall outfits




Fall outfit of the day




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Sweater: Similar here

JEans: HM similar here

Boots: Justfab SOLd out!

Necklace: Happiness Boutique similar

Lips: NYX

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Shopping My Closet


The dress delima.


Ugh, We have all had days like that where something you are wearing at first looks great then after you see a picture you go, no. No NO GOD NO.  I have a few pieces in my closet that make me feel this way. One is this dress and another is a crop top, that I got rid of after I wore it in a post here. We all have those things. And this dress I have worn before a few times. But this time, I just didn’t like how it looked and before was the same feelings. That feeling of well it looked good in the store, but then you get home and wowza, not so much.

H&M midi dress

This dress is comfy but I have such a love/hate relationship with it. It is like that pair of jeans you know you should get rid of and then don’t ever. And you should because they do not fit or they are being help together with duck tape and prayers.

I just feel like this dress makes me so self conscious that I, after taking these pictures went in the house to A. Take midol and B change into my Lord of the Rings yoga pants. YES I HAVE THOSE.

They are the one ring….hee hee.

Anyways, here I am putting it out there because as a fashion blogger I feel it is important for us to share our blunders as well as awesomeness. We are NOT by any means perfect. No way, and especially not me. You get the good, the AMAZING, the bad,ugly,skin freakouts, hormonal hotmess express, and hangups here on this blog. And one thing is for sure, I try to approach it all with humor and no lack of memes(sorry not sorry)

H&M dress Rocks bocks bracelet

So, yeah, this will probably be the last time you see this dress, I just feel like it isn’t me after all. It is a dress I feel like if you have a food belly it shows, and if you are bloated for any reason it shows that too. (thanks mother nature.) So, yeah, say bye,bye, bye dress.


And hello to this new bracelet. I took advantage of the RocksBox sale and got this gorgeous bracelet free! how? Well, I had $25 forever credit and used that.  Free is always good.  AM I right?


2016-11-13_14.52.00.jpgHM dress and rocksbox bracelet2016-11-13_15.03.23.jpg


And don’t forget to check out yesterdays blog post here I share some really important things about my life and a great cause and also my SHEIN wishlist

To check out Rocksbox take a gander here!!!

Boho charm with Tobi

Tobi tyrell

Hi there friends So it is election day here in the US of A. And that is all I will say about that.  And did you see yesterday’s blog post?You can read that here!

Today I am sharing my outfit of the day. Which is a cute boho dress from Tobi. I love how comfy this dress is and the bell sleeves. The deep plunging neckline is sexy, but I did put a cami under it because when you have to get a child in and out of a car seat reasons.

Anyways, this Tyrell dress from Tobi is an instant fave of mine.

tobi dress and aldo shoes with a justfab bag
dress: Tobi c/o // bag Justfab c/o // shoes : ALDO similar here and here //sunnies Express

I love things with a boho feel to them, and this Tobi dress is great for fall and for winter. You can easily wear this with pants. Great piece for the closet. And it comes in  purple too! But, I love it in black!

tobi dress ootdI left my hair crazy today as I really was not in the mood to flat iron it today. I went with crazy curls which were not bad until my husband wanted to touch it and then it was too late I struggled to tame the beast from then on and so the result poofy puffy hair.


ootd boho dress

I wanted to wear flats today. I know what?! But,I felt like my balance was off so flats. I wore my faves, my ALDO Olivia flats. I’ll link to a similar pair.

And then I added color with the mustard yellow Jethro Justfab bag. I am really loving Justfab bags this year!

ootd featuring tobi adlo shoes and justfab

tobi tyrell shift dressAnd can we talk about these freaking bell sleeves!?

tobi dress and ALDO shoesHow cute are they. I love bell sleeves as you all know! I think they are a huge and magnificent trend this fall. And I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon.

OOTD boho chic2016-11-08_12.38.10.jpgootd boho

2016-11-08_12.42.33.jpgLove it! love love love it!

Steal my style:

Dress: TOBI c/o

BAg: justfab c/o

Shoes: ALDO similar here and here


Lips Toofaced melted


Elegantlydressed and stylish

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Shopping My Closet

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Revisiting the back of the closet and found Narnia!

HM conscious collection

OK, I didn’t find Narnia. I did not see Aslan. What I saw was this gorgeous H&M tunic from their Conscious collection from a few years ago.I had to wear it right then and there! This shirt was amazing the day I saw it on the H&M app during that time when they just came out. I think it was from one of the first conscious collections they did. This shirt was what I got. There was also a white dress that reminded me of Gone With The Wind, Scarlette’s white dress from the beginning of the movie. Classic movie and great book. But the dress is gone like the wind and I regret not being able to have it.

Anyways, I was rummaging through my closet, because we all know I love to shop my closet. But as well as the thing I ALWAYS say on this here bloggeroo Gofashiondeals, it is like having a box full of legos. There are endless outfit possibilities of outfits to make and try.Just got to be creative.And you know, just because you have worn something before so doesn’t mean you can not wear it again, and again, and AGAIN. As a blogger I know, people probably think we shop a lot to keep the outfits new and fresh. But, that certainly isn’t the case, at least for many of us. For some people the outfits are new to them. And for others old to them. But we freshen it up with updated shoes and jewelry or bags. And the outfit is reborn, like a phoenix out of the flames. A phoenix born again out of the wardrobe.

HM Tunic Skinny jeans

I love this Tunic shirt, and i did the whole “half tuck” thing. Which Honestly I suck at, but here ya go, I tried. I wore this shirt with skinny jeans and some great ALDO sandals. And I was lazy and had a black bag. I didn’t feel like switching bags. #momlife

OOTDI love the bright colors and the tassels which everyone is still going mad about tassel shirts. GOOD because the boho vibes here are too hard to resist, and I am all about that boho chic.

OOTDOOTD hm tunictunicandjeansME and my coffee cup will travel. HA.

soprettyOK, So as I have said in this post here, I am going to do a blog post about taking your own photos. It will be basics. The post after that will be basics and posing to show your best. So, stay tuned for that. I think it is a great thing when bloggers share info on how to do things.

poutFor this outfit of the day, I wanted(get ready) for my hair to be kind of wild. So I let it do its thing.

ootdfashionshadowsI also wanted to play around with the shadows, which look so cool.

Shirt: HM old similar here// Pants Hollister similar here// Shoes ALDO similar here// Necklace HM similar here Hair genetic…lolz.

What do you think? And P.S sorry it took so long to post, I was on Gamer snack duty for my hubby’s charity tomorrow. 🙂

And I made another Youtub vid, I got into some trouble at ULTA. I impulse shopped(bad girl!)

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Vintage florals with Newchic!

Newchic dress

Hi there friends! And what a day! I hope you got a lot of candy last night. I spent the night on the couch with my little one sick as anything. He was fine, me not so much. And still today not that great. But when you are a bloggeraholic you feel that need to get up and get shit done. And so here I am, makeup on, in a new dress and lounging around in my Sweet Dreams VS slippers. All while Dragon Age inquisition is playing in the background. The world can be saved in a bit.

Being sick sucks.

I wanted to go OUT and get these pictures done, and since I take all my own photos, I was not in the mood to drag everything around. I got in the car, sat there for about 4 minutes and then got back out and took my pictures here at home while I was on the verge of crashing onto the couch. Good times.

Today’s outfit I guess we should speak about that. RIght?

Sure. Yup. YESSIREE.

I need coffee.

NEwchic Maxi dress

OK, So this dress was kindly sent to me by Newchic and I really love it. It is close to the picture of it and that is great! Because sometimes you get something and it is not much like the pic. sad to say it does happen. The only thing that is really different from the picture are the sleeves.

NewChic dressI got this dress in a size medium. As things run small, this was a good thing. While the skirt at a size M was a bit big this dress fits Perfectly! Not too tight, not too short, not too loose. Just right.

And I know move along goldie locks.

My only real complaint is the dress is SEE THROUGH.  But with a good slip under it that would not be a problem.  Still LINE THE FREAKING DRESSES PLEASE!  I love the chiffon dresses, but there needs a lining. My Lulu’s dress has one, and it is the same material and my Express dresses have the same. Even my HM chiffon dress has a lining. That is my only issue.

Other than that GREAT especially for the price of the dress.

Being $15.39 not bad.  I will do a side by side of the dress vs my dress.

new chic maxi dress #ootdI went for a monochrome(i know, i know again) look. And I love the grays and the black and the whites. Then a flash of blue nail polish and bold wine red lip.


2016-11-01_10.20.04.jpgTo me this dress has a more Victorian feel to it than a Boho charm. Maybe it is the print? Or maybe I have been watching too much Great British bake off. Or it is a combo. I think the print and the sleeves and the empire waist give it that modern Victorian charm. Either way Newchic did a great job with this Dress, and I need to get a wide leather belt with buckles to give it that YSL or Valentino effect.

Newchic maxi dress2016-11-01_10.18.33.jpg2016-11-01_09.33.14.jpgWhat do you think?

NewchicThe sleeves are about what is really different. But that is really minor.

WHat do you think? Have your shopped with NEWCHIC?

You, my lovely readers can get 20% off with the following coupon code,

Coupon code: Arriana

The coupon code valid from July 21st to  Jan. 22th 2017. That is a pretty sweet deal!


You can also see another piece from NEWCHIC here



Garay Treasures
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Dress provided for by NEWCHIC for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for your support and love of my blog! I truly appreciate all of you!