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cold shoulder
SHIRT: Express similar//Jeans HM// SHoes ALDO similar// BAG justfab //Jewlery Rocksbox similar


OK, so yesterday was full of errands with the lad, I had just enough time to get this outfit shot and done. But by the time I was finished running around with him to appointments. We had to get a new OT for him, I was too tired to even think of posting an outfit of the day post. Or do anything with the blog. I wanted to just sit. Sit and do nothing. Lately that has been all I want to do. Which isn’t like me but is like me. Does that make sense? For someone like me, who suffers from depression and anxiety it is normal to go through bouts of it. And PMS doesn’t make it that much better. Arent we off to a grand start of 2017!? I promise Ill bounce back out of my funk. I am not giving myself the cold shoulder.

I love this shirt, have had it for a while. I am a firm believer that if you take care of your clothes, they, even cheap as hell ones, can last the distance. Clothes that are even from SHEIN, ZAFUL, and other places with fast fashion I have a few washing rules. HANG DRY and Dryel kits. Yes, that is my secret. I wash all their things on gentle cycle or use the dryel kit, and hang EVERYTHING to dry and have yet to have anything fall apart or break down. Awesome right?

cold shoulder and skinny jeans

I love this outfit as it is a great casual outfit but still so chic, I like that this top can be dressed up or down and is great for year round! CAsual outfits that you can go back to are sometimes without a doubt the best. Especially when you have a tiny one thrashing about. I didn’t want to wear a skirt for his appointments in case.

OOTD cold shoulder

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Shirt: Express similar

Jeans: HM

Shoes: ALDO similar and here

Bag: c/o JUSTFAB similar

Jewlery: rocksbox



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The bright blue shirt.

OOTD blue blouse from EXPRESS and pants from HM
SHirt: Express// Pants HM// Boots: JUSTFAB old new ones here// Bag JUSTFAB similar// HAT hm
OK, I almost typed Shit instead of shirt. Just a little bit of FYI. That has nothing to do with the outfit of the day, but still everything to do with my lack of sleep and constant interuptions by a sick toddler. Poor kid. And my exhaustion has made me laugh over that little bit of “what was I thinking?” typo for a good 10 minutes. BRING ON THE COFFEE. It is necessary. Much needed. for today especially.

OOTD mom and sonThe outfit of the day!

Today’s outfit was one that I really love wearing. This bright cobalt blue shirt from Express has been one of my faves for a long time and it is one that never goes out of style. The portifino blouse is a staple. And the blue is so vivid. I want to go get it in red next and any other color. Only down fall is this shirt and cats don’t mix. The claws, you know.

OOTd blue blouse and faux leather leggins

The outfit I wanted to wear today was one that really didn’t need much thought. But something I can get stuff done in and snuggle a little one with. Considering how he was feeling, although he has also been bouncing off the walls. (How do they do it?!) With the weather being insanely over cast I thought it would be good to wear something brighter. And I wanted to wear these comfy faux leather leggings. Which are just a shiny stretch material. I love blue and black together. It makes a whole different kind of Monochrome. Perfection. I paired it with some Knee high boots that I have owned from Justfab for YEARS. These never get tiring and I love the zipper details in the back. Hardware on boots are always a good idea. And Although I could have worn some leather booties to make my legs look longer(tip) I opted for these instead. I haven’t worn them in a while.

My bag is also from Jutfab and it isn’t available anymore (NOOOOO) but I will share one that I like, this bag has just the right amount of fringe. I am not a big fringe fan. *gasp*

blogger outfits

We went for a walk today, and I am one of those who will sometimes take the camera and tripod with me. Or at least my phone and use the tripod with it. Sometimes it is easier. With my little one home it is so easy for us to go wander about and find great places to shoot and so I take advantage of the scenery.

blogger style

Truly sometimes going off the beaten path is the best way for adventure.

I will definitely need to go back here for more pictures. Especially with some boho clothes. WOW. Even a more modern outfit will look so neat here.

When you are so pale you glow, even in overcast I am bright. HAHAH

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legggings: HM similar

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Styling a sequin skirt, total mermaid vibes.


SHirt: Express similar// SKIRT SHEIN// shoes Sophie and Trey similar

Today on the blog, it is all about those mermaid vibes. I gues that is another thing I love about this skirt. The total Ariel vibes. But, instead of seashells I went with this strappy tank from Express. I love this shade of green with navy. And for today’s Christmas shopping adventure I wanted something festive or close to it.

I love sequins and how they are not just for night time and date nights or parties. Or even just prom. They are more in for daylight hours and sequins are in for spring 2017 too! SO grab your sparkle and bling on!

There is a trick to sequins. A trick to not looking like a disco ball, but if that is your jam then go for it!You do you. But for me, I want to be subtle. Because outfits with sequins will certainly get you the attention. Will definitely make people stop and look. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit today. And why not? It is a great outfit. I like that the navy just goes so well with the skirt which a bright green. What I like to do to “tone down” the sequins skirt is to wear a simple basic with it. Like a tank or a tee. It works so well together. And it makes the skirt much more casual. Much much more casual. Which I like. And the basics are super affordable. Like you can get the tshirts at Target or H&M pretty cheap.

I like that this outfit can be worn in the summery hot months and in the cooler winter months. Add a jacket or coat. OR add some long sleeves under the top. Layering like that is very in right now.

sequin skirtMy love of sparkle knows no bounds and this outfit is sparkle and more sparkle. Without looking like a Christmas tree ornament. And as far as being jolly, yes it did its trick that is until I happened and spilt my lunch on it. AH. Panda Express orange chicken and this sequin skirt do not MIX. #lifeofaklutz


So, today while on our Christmas shopping trip my hubby and I spotted Areopostale and their big ol 75% off the whole store. I guess they are rebranding. Anyways, we went for jeans for the hubby and I got a few things too. Like a new blue plaid shirt and him some pants. And a new sweater that is perfect for this weather. Ill do a shopping haul. Because we also got some great deals at Children’s place!

MY dog was getting into mischief, that explains the face

How is your week going so far? Well other than getting most of the shopping done, I have one problem. My son got sick. So we are off to a good start right? He has become one with couch. Poor kid.

So if you don’t see much posts this week of outfits, it is due to an unhappy little boy.

Being sick is no fun.

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Shirt: Express similar and I like this basic tee


SHoes: Sophie and trey similar here 

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Holiday ootd and Fighting with Mother Nature

Green Plaid dress Target white skirt
plaid dress: TARGET//skirt: Express similar// Boots ALDO similar

Hi there friends! Today, is a fun post! OR maybe not depends on how you look at it. Today started out so well and so good. Then Mother Nature had to come in and SLAP me right in the face and punch me in the gut.  I was starting out my day writing about this outfit above and then gave up on that outfit because let’s face it some times are worse than others and yeah…um…yeah.


green dress white skirt


So we go from that right there which is a cute green shirt dress from Target and adorable Bubble skirt from Express but I found one at SHEIN as well as the gorgeous OTK ALDO boots to a pair of ACNE Studios what I call my “comfy time” pants. Which they are fantastic pants, I mean they are Acne Studio, but I only wear them when I want to be really comfy and baggy clothes wearing. But still I was wearing something that was so cute and so me and so awesome and I ended up not caring because Mother Nature is evil and struck me down when I was feeling awesome! Now I am curled up on the couch book in hand hating my pain. Cramps are the worst.  ANd yet I cant read because I am distracted by the everything else. And So I am going to play some Fallout 4 on the XboxOne. MY son loves the sound track and dances around the house while I play.

OOTD for the holidays

And I want to eat every French fry in the house and every ounce of chocolate. SO, yeah. Today’s blog post is me bitching about that. Sorry. Really though, let me get back on track. If there was a track for me to begin with. I mean this is me we are talking about and I am sometimes not the most Scholarly human being. But, since the majority of my reader base is women, I am certain, lady friends that you all know this feeling too well.

OOTD bloggerToday’s outfit is a easy one for the holiday gathering. This green shirtdress makes a great shirt and paired with a white or black bubble skirt can just take it up a notch. Add some oh so gorgeous OTK boots and a very sparkly statement necklace and you have a great holiday outfit.

And then to go from that to the comfy I need chocolate,wine, and a heating pad.

gofashiondealsRight now, what I am actually wearing now. And what I was hoping to read, and yes the picture was crooked. My son keep moving things. He messed with the painting a min before I took the picture.

Isnt it amazing how we can go from “put together” to hair up in a messy bun comfy pants on and reading in a matter of minutes.

OOTD monocrhome
book is Empire of storms by Sarah Maas


Now , I know what you are thinking why post the other stuff. Well because as much as I am the fashion bloggery blogger person. I also want you all to know it isn’t always picture perfect. Like my skin is having awesome hormonal breakouts. YAY! And I don’t photoshop that stuff out, why? Well because it is what it is, and well I am lazy. HAHAH. But that is what you get here, most I do is mess with lighting or do black and white pictures. Anyways. My blog and life are not always black and white. And not always is it in Technicolor either. Sometimes it is just a kaleidoscope of what the hell just happened?

ootd blogger

I mean that is what blogs are right? A place of sharing fashion, ideas, thoughts, all that jazz. And that is perfect!

P.s. sorry for the abundance of PMS and “that time of the month” references. Hey it is life.

Tulle skirt

Monochrome ootd

Hi there friends! Happy Black Friday! Today, I am sitting at home, decorating. Well trying to decorate. It is hard to decorate with the wee lad home and he keeps trying to do his thing while I do my thing. And then when it comes to the tree, well I forgot where it was. Until I later found it! But there are missing pieces. I cant have real trees because I am so allergic to them. YIKES, and my hubby wants a real tree so badly. I mean so badly.  But, lets focus on the outfit. YES! I got this skirt from Newchic, you can see other posts here and here.


I love tulle skirts! There is just something about them that is just amazing, and most people get the shorter version. I think because it can look “promish” Or “Weddingish”. But, it is how you styled it. You can dress down tulle with a basic tee, or with simple pieces. And shoes. Which I am not wearing because this right here

ootd black and white

He stole my Sheews (as he calls them) This kid, I just cant handle the amount of cuteness. Or his crazy hair. Guys, he tried singing White Christmas, which is a big deal. Not because it is a Christmas song, but because he tried saying the words.



Anyways, I am not wearing shoes because he took them. HAHAH. So, because of that I took the pictures above the ankle to hide no shoes.

#ootd tulle skirt and crop

I love that this tulle skirt looks so good with so many different shirts and outfit options. And since it was almost 80 out today, I dressed like it was still summerish. In Florida, we basically fake fall, we try to wear “fall attire” but by afternoon we are wearing our summer fare. It’s OK, because for those in cold weather you can still get by with this outfit, throw on a great moto jacket and actually wear the shoes, and you are all set. This outfit can be worn anywhere!



OOTD tulle skirts



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Honey, I shrunk your sweater.

sweater and JUSTFAB


Is the theme of today’s crazy post. I wasn’t sure I was going to do a post and things like that and then I opened the drier. AND OH MY GOD no, I shrank my husband’s sweater. Um, crap.

Of all the things, it must have jumped in the drier. Must have. IT went to Narnia and came back smaller. Not really, I shrank this expensive sweater. ME, that is right I am a sweater abuser. But, only if they are menswear, and only if they are wool. I think it got put in with my clothes some how and I didn’t check the tags, because reasons.

So, I guess this is taking the androgynous menswear to a new level right? Right? This is a different way of wearing the menswear. It is called “wife shrank it and so wife is wearing it.” Now it only works with sweaters. Expensive sweaters.

Processed with VSCO

I wasn’t going to post anything today, I am so busy with life in general but I had to post this. And my dog walking in front of the camera is my life.

Photobombing at its finest.

But, I had to share that from my DORK moment came a great item for my half of the closet.  And I think it worked out well, this piece will look great this holiday season and for afterwards. Honestly, the words just are not coming out, at least not coherently. I feel all over the place, I guess being up at the butt crack of dawn to make a turkey for my hubby’s work will do that. And needing to premake things for tomorrow. Like brie wrapped in puff pastry, and you know you always forget something? I forgot the nuts, which is very nutty of my since I wrote it down. And ALDI had them the cheapest. Because wow, nuts are expensive this year.  Anyways, back to the outfit.

Sweater and OTK boots
Sweater similar Boots Justfab jeans HM


I love these Justfab boots and they are so comfortable. One of my new fave pairs of boots. They go with everything! And I love it! THey look great with this sweater! This whole outfit is pretty good. I love wearing over the knee boots and Justfab has so many great options for them. And they are having some great sales, I mean lets face it they all are! I don’t think I will ever get tired of the OTK trend. EVER. I mean ever! I have an obsession with them. I also linked up to a pair that is on sale with SHEIN, check out my recent shopping post!

fall and winter outfits

I was actually falling here.I hear the timer click and stopped myself. And BAM.

black and grey outfit

Can we talk about his side eye? Look at that doggy smolder. I mean look at it.

Processed with VSCO

Sorry, I had to . I made my dog into a MEME.


fall outfits




Fall outfit of the day




Processed with VSCO


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Boots: Justfab SOLd out!

Necklace: Happiness Boutique similar

Lips: NYX

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Quick update :calm after the storm.

Hi friends.//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js

First thank you all so much for all the well wishes for my family and I. It really means a lot. Truly.

The storm has now passed and we are left with the bitter remnants of what Matthew left behind. Lots of trees down. No power. Basically camping in our house.  But our home is fine. No damages. There are roads gone and a lot of flooding.

We heard lots of explosions. Those were trees falling and transformers going boom. But we managed through it.

My son reacted pretty good. He just couldn’t undstand why we couldn’t go outside and play. And why we couldn’t watch sesame street. Mommy was a genius and did NOT charge the kindle or iPad the night before. Go me.

But still as I have said to my hubby and to myself. It could have been a lot worse for us. I feel for those who have had their homes destroyed. hurricanes are no joke.  We went to the store the night before the hurricane and the stores were packed and bare. Lines and line of people and people being mean. Tensions high and people get mean. No ice. We went today for ice and other provisions before we got power back an hour later. Publix had a small amount of water left. Everything else? Gone. Some places the gas stations are out of gas.  I really hope that we don’t have another hurricane any time soon. Please no. All the food in the freezer and fridge is done, gone, wasted.

Sorry there hasn’t been an update. But I could have had a wizard of Oz moment. Haha. If you want to check in on this past week’s posts. So be sure to check them out if you missed them. Outfit details in each one!


Here they are.

There was a day last week where I wore a great green dress you can read that whole post here


and Then the magical maxi dress you can see the whole post here


How to style a graphic tee and midi skirt! This post was so much fun!myou can read that one here!


And lastly how to style a perfect outfit for fall ! HEre is that post and it is a good one!


I am trying to get my legoland post up but Matthew ruined that so I shall have it up hopefully tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

And because of all the stress and being allergic to mosquitos. My skin is being absolutely horrendous.

But at least tomorrow I can get Dunkin.