Blue lace and white pants.

blue lace crop and white crop skinny jeans
top: EXPRESS similar// Pants: TARGET // shoes ALDO similar // Bag DOONEY and Bourke similar

Well, everyone’s been talking about their white pants.Their white pants, got their white pants on.

OK, so this is actually the only pair of white pants I own, weird I know. I love the way white pants look. However, with a 4yr old, they are a dirt and dirty hands magnet. For instance he wiped his Doritos laden hands on my pants later in the day. Yup. Nice. And since I too am also a klutz it is a reason why I never wear white pants. I have white skirts, and i fear for them every time I wear them. #momlife That is just how it is I guess. Right?

OOTD gofashiondeals

So what made me bring them back out? Well, since my little is in school now I figured why not?! SO I wore these cute Target white cropped skinnies with my Express shirt that I have had for ages just always wear it tucked in with a maxi or or midi skirt. Like in this post here . So yup. And pulled out my old DOONEY  . But alas, his school day was cut short as he was not himself. Sometimes meltdowns happen and so it really takes it out of the kid. But, this turned out to be later he is sick AGAIN. There were several littles not in class for being sick. Got to love that they share Everything. Right? NO….somethings they SHOULD not share. Germs..ugh. Oh well. And so he got home and I made him some food for a snack and my pants became victim of little.

That is OK, I am used to it and that my friends is why there is Spray n’ wash.

OOTD bloggerSO this was another outfit I was going to shoot elsewhere and ended up doing it at home because of reasons above. We have to make do. But it still worked out.

OOTD gofashiondeals

Sam and I made it work. If you don’t know who SAM is read this post here . We got it done.

white jeans and blue tank

I also didn’t realize it was April Fools day….hm.

spring outfit idea

Things were alright. Except the lack of sleep last night do to new big boy bed and coughing, sneezing, snotty nose, and grumpy child.

Poor kid and poor mama.

What can you do, I just let him sleep in the bed after the 4th time of getting into bed with us after hearing how he was breathing.

Is that bad?

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Shopping Sunday Edit : Blue inspirations

shopping sunday edit Blue inspirations

OK, we all know I have a shoe obsession. But I also have a Handbag obsession and today on the shopping Sunday edit I have some Dooney and Coach bags that I have been drooling over. There is something about these wintery blues that I love. I know it is fall but blue is multi seasonal.

shopping Edit COACH and Dooney and Bourke

I just love the bright colors. Pair with a monochrome outfit and WOW. Who said you couldn’t be bold in winter? I say BRING IT ON.. and some of these bags are on sale with BELK.

That bottom COACH bag though.. UGH in love!!!! I love the top Michael Kors bag because those kinds of styles hold EVERYTHING.


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What I wore: Blue button down

I love me a good button down and as I have said before I love the ones from Express. A lot. A whole lot. I also like it when my cat doesnt head butt the keyboard as I am using it.  Good buton down blouse

I just love basics like these and think everyone should have at least one or two basic blouses like these.  You can get so much wear out of these classic pieces. They can be worn to the office and at home. So versatile.

express shirt dooney and bourke bag

I wore my fave skinny jeans and some cute ALDO heels too. And the hair went up because it is crazy as usual.  And I want to take a minute and say, I have to reitre my Dooney bag. It is getting really worn down. So, this will probably be the last time. Sucks because I love this bag. It is so cute. But, even hand bags I guess have a shelf life. The PVC is lifting from the leather. SO, it looks rough and not in a good way.

express button down blouse and hm pantsOK, so yesterday was National Coffee day, had to take advantage of Dunkin donuts and their 66 cent coffees. But, really do we need all these “national” days? Next will be international fart day or national Sweedish fish day.


20160929_091619120160929_091838120160929_0917431ALDO and Dooney20160929_0918271

I also figured out my Halloween costume for my hubby and I!! YAY! So excited!  And I am now off to celebrate my friend’s bday!

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Jeans: HM similar

SHoes: ALDO similar

Bag: OLD similar Dooney

Gold and white.

ROcksbox (1)//

Today was probably not the best day to try and get an OOTD post shot. Especially when a hurricane is outside. Although it is further north, the outer bans can be just as bad with Tornados and flooding. Oh the joys of living in Florida, although it has been quiet for years hurricane wise. And today is a day I would love to start over on. My son accidentally knocked my coffee onto the floor when playing, my dog wouldn’t come inside during a down pour and I have an allergy problem that would be the makings of a great Allegra commercial. But, I still got up, got dressed, and put makeup on. Today, I went for my white romper from MANGO.This romper is one of my faves even though it wrinkles easy. Still this romper is amazing and has POCKETS! Which is a huge deal to me.  I love when dresses, skirts,and rompers have pockets. It means I can put things in them.  I know that it being September people are starting to show off their transitional outfits from summer to fall, but here in subtropic weatherland it is still sometimes 100 degrees even in OCTOBER, so while I love dressing like it is fall(which I will post some fall outfits on the blog rest assured.) I have to think practically here and dress for that summery weather too. As well as the awesome hurricane season, which has surprised me after all.  This hurricane has not been so bad where I am at but further north not so much. I am thinking we will have a very active last part of the hurricane season. Oh Joy!



mango romper and kendra scott earrings

ootdwhitegold20160902_090218[1]20160902_090359[1]This was from my most current Rocks Box set and I really like the Kendra Scott pieces. They are so elegant and classic. I like that the necklace has a nice heavy chain and it offsets the daintier necklace by Sophie Harper. It is a good layering contrast. It also came with some pretty earrings which you have seen similar here.



I wore my ALDO sandals which I love and they are so comfy. I love the different textures of the shoes and these are perfect transition shoes to have. They look good with rompers and with jeans. Great shoes all around, now I got them on Clearance so I will link to something similar.

romper Mango // shoes Aldo similar //jewelry Kendra Scott // Bag DOONEY

I hope you have a great weekend! And I seriously can not wait for cooler weather for outfits like this so I can wear my boots!!!!


20160902_090917[1]Have a safe weekend!




Frozen fever!

Hi there friends and happy Wednesday!!! Today I am writing about a Shirt that I got from a company called Off the wall prints! They do custom t-shirts, signage, and canvas. And were kind enough to give me a shirt to have and I picked a chibi Elsa. Because why not?! The tshirt is great quality and I love the Elsa! So cute! And since we all know how much I love to pair geek shirts with beautiful skirts and such. I decided to pull out my Essential Antwerp skirt and give it a go with the Chibi Elsa. I love it. And yes I just had to braid my hair to match.
Elsa chibi tee and essential antwerp skirtI need to stop! HA. I love this kind of look. Nerdy, geeky, and all GLAM. And 100% me and my personality. I love my other outfits,but Geeky glam is my jam.  I got this skirt during the #ifchic24 events and unfortunately it isn’t happening anymore, bummer. So rest assured I will find a comparable skirt of an affordable price tag. But this one is cool cause If I spill stuff on it, it slides off.  I also had an outfit to post yesterday but as I am still trying to catch up with laundry and house work from being sick, I never got around to it. Bummer. It was cute so I will hopefully post it sometime this week. Tomorrow I am doing another outfit revisit. How do you like those?


I am toting around my Old but good Dooney and Bourke bag and wearing my cute GUESS wedges. This is a perfect spring or summer outfit. This is also perfect convention outfit, if you are going to any! I like Dooney and Bourke because they last and can handle the abuse of a mom on the go and a little one.

2016-04-13_10.08.55I am so over this funk that I have. So today when I woke up I had puffy eyes and just all around bleh feeling. It was not like the other day where make up was awesome and such, It is almost like I took a wee step back in the sick direction. I am living on smoothies made of fresh fruit and stuff like that just to get that energy back. The mojo, you know. So to counter act the puffy face, I turn to the side  a bit. It hides the puff funk.

braid using Irrestistible me extensions


I used the Irresistibleme Hair extensions for today’s look. I love using these.


elsa chibi tee with essential antwerp skirt





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Shirt: c/o Off the wall prints

Skirt: Essential Antwerp similar here

Shoes: GUESS old similar here and on sale.

Bag: DOONEY and BOURKE similar here

What do you think of today’s outfit of the day?


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One dress, but 2 looks

Date night?

I love how just simple accessories can make an outfit stand out. Not only that but I absolutely love statement pieces! Whether it is shoes or the bag, I adore it. Such a simple ensemble made more intriguing with the statement clutch, a bright animal print, but still so very chic. This look would be great for work with a nice blazer and a structured bag. One dress, but so many different looks. Love it! You can even trade out the heels for a cute pair of flats.

Love this

Find a great piece and just adjust around it for day or night. Make it your own and rock it!!!

Adventures of bag lady: Back to the pink

It happened, yes, I went back to the old big giant bag. Back to my old faithful friend, back to that very familiar purse. I had to go back to a bigger purse. I just had way too much stuff to tote around in a tiny purse or small purse. It was small but not tiny. My Dooney was too small for my everyday use, I did not have enough space for everything that I needed. Because it did not have the space I ended up leaving very important items at home. Not good. It is most definitely not good when you need the ring papers for the jeweler to do inspections…yikes.

So, I decided that my Dooney bag is going to be great for travel and shopping trips. Maybe even date nights,depending where we go. It is smaller and takes up less space, it also is easier to tote around stores with and I do not knock things over with it. I used that bag at Ikea and was very happy.

I still love the bag, it is adorable. But, my big ol Coach bag is still my fave because I can fit all my crap in there. Eventually I will get a new big purse and tote that around. I love collecting handbags and I still use alot of them. Girls need options, just like with shoes we need purse options. And you can bet that I will post that shopping adventure soon enough! I can not wait for the next big purse sale!!!

Or shoes for that matter……

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