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Hi there friends! It has been a while, and I am trying to get things done on the blog which will be up soon over at I have been wanting to get things changed for a while there, the blog name and such. It was time friends. Time. I made the new years resolution to A. get some shorts(still have not done) and B. To get the blog changed to the new name etc. And I am so excited. SO excited! And while waiting on the new blog to be finished being ported over to the new URL. I am going to write here and just transfer things myself. Because I am an Elvish Wizard like that.



Anyways, going back through my pictures and blog posts of old posts( we are talking since 2009) I have learned something. My mad photo skillz have gotten WAAAAYY better and my writing too. Isn’t awesome, and I saw in my old as hell horrible posts that I found my direction and grew once I found it. Went from a collage site mostly posting things like Gucci and such things I probably wouldn’t own for a long time(I own some Gucci clothes now and DVF and Tibi,by shopping really smart and thanks to sites like The Real Real)


But, yeah. My site started to grow and I started to get comments. When I first started blogging I honest to gawd had no idea what to write about, what to do, how to do it. And no one being supportive AT ALL. It was me, myself, and I. And since my blog has started to gain some momentum, I am starting to get some family behind it and such. This was more to me than just a hobby,

It was a life saver.

bluepants ESSUE

I started to take my blog more seriously after I had my little. I was really, really depressed. I have that tendency anyways. We wont go into that right now. But, I had bad post partum. I even blogged about it on Blogher and was told in the comments that it was in my head. ACTUALLY, no. It isn’t, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by hormones and influxes.

I also read PROblogger on my Kindle and learned a lot. And then started to research how to blog better. And so here we are today.  A long cry almost from the start. I then was using my crappy phone and Ipad for blog photos. I had no SAM(my tripod) and no remote, and candy camera app. It was something I am happy I improved upon.Once I got better pictures and really asserted myself I got more sponsors. (i still use a camera phone. But let me be honest, some of the phones are so high tech they can beat out the cheapest DSLR in quality.I still want a Nikon or Cannon DSLR) I named my blog Gofashiondeals for the worst reasons and that is there was no reason. No thought to it. I just did it because I felt pressure to make a name. And I kicked my own butt for it since. Until now.


I made the decision that 2017 I would revamp the blog to be more reflective of me and my weirdness. AKA my personality. I am a GAMER, I am a HUGE Fashionista, I am a MOM, I am a WIFE, I am obsessed with MAKEUP, and I am a big BOOK WORM. I am all of those things and I do it all glamorously. And that is why the new blog is Glamorous and Geeky. Because I am. I am glamorous and geeky. And I am hoping that the site is up soon, because this sucks. MY hubby suggested I blog on this Temp thing here until then because I wont stop complaining about the time. My blog had a lot of content….and uh…yeah. HAHAHA

SO yeah…I am looking forward to this. And I hope you all are too!



Shirt: Target(old) similar here

PANTS: Essue by love4love similar

SHOES: Sophie and Trey similar

Bag(old as dirt) Dooney and Bourke I love this one here


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Stickin around with StickerAPP

Sticker App

I love Stickers! I always have, I remember back in the 90’s(yes) as a kid in the EARLY 90’s making Sticker books. Basically we took stickers and put them in a book. And we loved the holographic ones with that were cat heads. Very glam cats. Remember those? But, even now as a Scrapbooker(who hasn’t done anything in a long, long time. ) StickerApp is a company I just love, they not only make predesigned stickers but you can get Custom stickers too! And since wedding season is coming it would be perfect as save the dates. OR even other things. My husband and I have business cards made. And they make wall decalls too! Hurray for StickerApp!

Shipping is pretty quick for having a custom made sticker, and shipping time is 5-7 business days.  You can order them separate or as sheets.

stickerappIf you follow me on insta @gofashiondeals you may have seen me mention a certain pug. Well, here it is! HAHAHAHAHA I love it! Check out StickerApp

Thank you StickerApp for some awesome stickers!!!!!





This post was in collaboration with StickerApp stickers provided for review! All opinions are my own

Getting over self criticism.

Whoa there dude! Today on the old bloggerooo I am talking about the kind of criticism where you are constantly questioning everything you do to the point of mental anquish. It can be as simple as “ugh these pictures are horrible that I just took, shot, or styled.” To am I good mother?  I shouldn’t have let him eat Doritos. I am a horrible friend as I haven’t answered so and so’s call all day. You sit and go back and forth with yourself over everything and it sucks. Self Criticism while good in small doses can be pretty bad when in excess. Which I am completely guilty of. Hands up friends if you are guilty of it! I am raising both hands here.

This is about anything really when it comes to that, but today I really want to touch on blogging self criticism. We are after all our worst critics.

Being in the blogger world or the blogosphere can be so stressful.Deadlines, followers or lack there of, blog traffic, comparing to other “successful” bloggers, dreaming, wishing, and planning. When you don’t get answers to emails for PR, when you don’t get posts that pay or they want you to review their whole site and not pay a thing or give product. Ouch. For me it is stressful, you bet. It is even worse when you are a massive introvert. I will tell you it takes a lot of moxie to get me out of my bubble and once I do start talking I go home and freak out because I am thinking how dumb I sounded or maybe pretentious. Or nerdy. “Did they really want to hear about how I beat Dragon Age Iquisition ?”  Was the eye roll directed at me? Oh my gosh panic at the disco here!

And then we get to the blogging pictures and I go through freaking out about them all. Thinking they are no good and since I want to make this more of a career and not just a hobby or something that keeps me sane I am even more critical. Add sponsor content and I want to be the best for my blog. And I know I am not alone in this. Hands up if you are in the same boat. #introvertsunited

Take in point this picture here

OK, first I got this belt from ZAFUL and have no idea how to style it outside of a YSL advert. I say that because that is where I got the inspo for it.  And since then I am like “how?” SO while trying to shoot my outfit for SKREENED, I was playing around because that is what fashion is isn’t it? It is taking risks and thinking a little outside the box. I took quite a bit, thoughts?

Anyways, I wasn’t happy with how my pictures turned out for the Skreened post that I am working on. Why? IT goes back to that self criticism doesn’t it? Taking self criticism to new heights. And there ya go even after sending examples to people you know will be critical(constructively) you still want to throw all the pictures into MT DOOM. Why? You don’t think they are good enough that you are good enough. You go back to reading those bigger bloggers and think ugh…it never looks like that. Even though when you go back to some posts it does. Who cares if you do not have a photographer following you around, or the fact you may have to use your camera on the phone, which by the way are getting just as good as a DSLR. Wow. Some of the Galaxy phones take amazing pictures. And there are lens kits available now for the phones. FYI.  You do you, you can take them to the next level with photo editing software and filters. As well as natural light. Yup. The pic below, phone photo.

The first photo, I was not happy with either. OH GOSH. Insta loved it. I was like meh. My hair was like Magenta from Rocky Horror and nothing lined up how I wanted. So I resnapped the picture above, and It’s better. The thing about my hair is that I was always told it was too messy by people for ever, and always hearing the saying that people with curly hair are not taken as seriously as those with straight hair, kind of sticks with you when it is sometimes true.

So, how do you get over it. Truth is I HAVE NOT A CLUE. If I did life would be all sunshine, butterflies and Unicorn farts. But, life is not picture perfect, blogging life is not picture perfect. Social media can make it worse especially when dealing with followers going up and down and you can not get past 900 followers, but blogger xyz did and hasn’t been in the blogosphere as long. OUCH. It can definitely take the wind out of the sails and such. So, what do I do? OK, lets be honest. I say I don’t get competitive but I do. I am. I can say I will try not to look at follower count(easier said than done when a lot of brands want you to have lots of social media followers on certain platforms) eesh.  I will say I am getting better at not scrutinizing loss and gain. That is true. I am going to keep plugging away at what I am doing  and reality is that that is all you can do. Blogger friends who are feeling the down in the dumps, know you are not alone. We all go through that, and yes while you didn’t get that paid sponsorship or those products or whatever. Just think maybe it just wasn’t for you, right now. Doesn’t mean that in future you wont get that designer spotlight. You may. Just keep plugging away at it. Just keep going.


can’t stop, wont stop.

DO or DO NOT, there is no TRY. (Yoda)

Do not give up.

Just keep swimming.

And Break the Wheel.

Stephanie ❤


And I am loving that first image more and so I may just have to do an outfit post with it. …..

Beige sweater and blue maxi skirt 

shabby apple skirt and hm sweater

Well, now Christmas is over. Can you believe it? I sure can’t. I’m still trying to recover. 2 days of merriment making. So much food, and lots of gifts for the little one. Lots and lots of gifts.The outfit in this post is one I wore before Christmas, Friday to be exact. But, with all the holiday prep and being with family. I didn’t get around to posting anything. I took a few days off. It was needed. I was happy for a small break.It was good to recharge the batteries and get ideas flowing again. Ahhhh to be relaxed.

blogger style simple outfits

I went for a simple outfit, since it was a day at home with the lad. And since it was cool in the morning I could get away with wearing a sweater. However, by noon to the early afternoon, I forwent the sweater and changed the top for a tank top. Cant blame me when it is 80 degrees in the shade.

This skirt is always a repeat and as you all know I constantly recycle pieces from my closet for new outfits. There are so many options and outfits to make. I love this maxi and how flowy it is and how it goes so well with anything!!! sweaters, tanks, crops, tshirts, this skirt goes well with it all. I think that maxi skirts can be so underated.

Outfits like this never get tiring, just hot, but for all of you up north or where it is cooler here ya go!

Hope your Christmas was amazing and fun!!!

yesterday we went to a Christmas shop and wow!!! I wanted everything!

SKyrim remastered and lotr socksmy Christmas, all I wanted. And I got it! HOW awesome was my hubby!!!

YAY! Merry Christmas friends!

What to do if your Christmas is crappy.

Sweater hm similar from express//jeans express

Hi there friends! Today I want to talk about Christmas. Yeah, it is next week. I know. So weird. And I feel like I have accomplished nothing. And yeah that is pretty crappy. You know it is OK, it is OK if you didn’t get to do all the things you wanted. It is OK if you can’t buy presents for the 800 people that you think you need to get for(the number is very exaggerated) . And it is certainly OK if one year you are a Grinch.

it is allowed. It’s OK.

This time of year is so hectic. People get nasty and patience runs very very thin. And it is ironic that it is supposed to be the “jolliest time of the year”. Ironic. Very ironic.

So, what can you do about it, well my friends..not much. Except you can change your own outlook. You can not change the people around you, but you can holly your own jollies. What? Yeah, decorate your house, put up as many lights as you want and take care of you. Kindness and charity start at home. And that means being kind and charitable to you.

What does that mean? Well, it means friends taking time out for you. As I have said before here dealing with holiday stress is a bummer,but you can make it better. Light some candles, like my faves from Glade, and read a magazine. Drink that 5th cup of coffeee and give yourself a facial. Like with The Rodial snakeskin peel, it is amazing! Highly recommend !

This year and really the past few years the holidays have really been put into perspective for me. And I have realized what is most important. Memories of course but also to take a minute and relax. Stop the clock, put down the damned phone, which is hard for me being a blogger and a mom wanting to capture every freaking cute thing my son does. Like right now, I just took pictures of him being a goof ball outside. OK, phone down. Social media away. Step back from it. If you are having a crappy Christmas it is easy to fall and tumble into the their Christmas is better trap. Especially when scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Get back on Pinterest and look at cookies. Make the cookies.

Right now, I am fighting a cold. My hubby is sick and I hope my little one doesn’t get it. But, I am not going to let that ruin my holly jollies. Or I hope. I am going to rest at night and as much as I can drink the cocoa, and do a facial peel. All while watching Christmas classics.

I found myself, friends, falling into that pit of Christmas crap, when I was wanting to do all these things and it just went kaboom. But, all that said, we are going to go light looking, we did Ginchmas, we will make more cookies. (I was wanting to post more on the blog of them but you know life got in the way)

And we ate them.

Take time for you, and don’t rush it. It’s important. I’m hoping to get some Chrismtas shopping done this weekend. We love doing the whole last minute stuff. It’s fun!  It’s how I have always been.

Have a great Thursday!


This is what I call, I am at home fighting a cold and want to be comfortable and cute. I gave myself “bear ears” to feel adorkable since I am not feeling the best. But we wont tell will we? Concealer is amazing BTW and this one by NYX hides the funk. Anways, the weather here is up and down so this light weight loose knitted sweater was perfect for the ever changing temps in Florida. And the burgundy color is perfect for the season. Matched with a mustard yellow bag and some metallic shoes, BINGO . Comfy Chic. Even though I was one with the couch today, I did get a bathroom scrubbed, dishes done, and some laundry cleaned. There was that. But, other than that I am not really sure where my day went. Blur. it was a blur. Oh well. Right? I love this outfit and if you want something like this I found a great sale at EXPRESS of the sweater that is Identical to the one I am wearing!

Steal my look!

Sweater: hm similar


earring homemade


lips NYX


Nancy's Fashion Style


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The One Pants walk.

Hi there friends! Another day another something. Right? Today, I wanted to show another active wear outfit. One I actually prefer to do yoga in. A year ago, I bought some nerd pants for yoga as inspiration to keep at it. I bought pants with the dark speech from The Lord of The Rings. I have the One Ring pants. AKA the One Pants.


Yeah. These pants have been amazing for turning myself into a pretzel. It would be great if they made one invisible but that wont happen. If anything people end up looking right at you. They are BRIGHT yellow!


These pants are super stretchy and the design is pretty cool. They make you feel bold!




There is even writing on your bum. I want the map of Middle Earth ones next or maybe an ancient Egyptian print. Thoughts?


A walk/run was what I needed this morning. I have been thinking about a lot. And sometimes  walking in nature clears my head(how very elvish of me) One thing is my blog’s name. I have never really thought it(my blog’s name) reflected much of my personality, if anything I figured it was sounding more like a place where you go to find deals like one of the coupon sites you see everywhere. I picked the name with out really sitting down and thinking about it. I am a fashion blogger / personal style blogger / life blogger/ nerdy Tolkien person who yells at her Xbox when a game crashes. That is me and really that is what my blog is about. While I love a good deal I don’t feel my blog’s name reflects what this blog is actually about. And it really bugs me. So, why haven’t I rebranded? Uh…I don’t know. Laziness? Comfort? Both? I have worked so hard on this blog and in really working on it has made me realize that.  So question is what to do now?




Oh and if you haven’t seen this show Fashion Bloggers, you really should. It is fun to watch.



A cup of coffee and a thought; random stuff.


Hi there friends and happy happy Monday. I hope you all had an awesome mother’s day weekend. I had a pretty decent one. In fact I am thinking of splitting up the post into two parts. Mother’s day and Saturday. I also am currently fighting with a tiny cat over the keyboard at the moment so if things are a bit off, it is HER fault. Shee wont move. At ALL! BRAT. But, she is a cutie. I got some new shoes from JustFab coming in. I forgot I had a store credit, go me! I also started playing Broken Age which is a really great game and available for iPad, PC, ETC.


I will be doing a post on that this week as well. I love video games. I always have.  I really would love to incorporate more of this side into my blog. And that brings me to my next thought besides the Mother’s day post that I still need to do as well as Saturday’s post of cars and such.

Then there is today, Monday. Oh Monday how we love you.


We decided it would be fun to go outside and play until it got too hot. And Trying to get my dog to pay attention. He wouldn’t, so I had to pick on him.


My little one decided mama’s shoes needed to have a car and my sunnies in them.

wpid-img_20150511_101940.jpgI thought. hhhhmmmm Tiny child you are on to something. Boredom will get you every time. And then we went inside. A. Because it was already almost 90 and B. He got lolly pop all over himself and me. So, A quick wardrobe change and then off to the mall for some shenanigans. My mother and I took the tiny child to the indoor playground and let him play. He was in a shy mood today. But he had fun. Then we went to a store called The Winey Wench. Where we were greeted by this sign.


HA! So what kind of store is this  do you ask? One that sells WINE!


wpid-20150511_140510.jpgI love this painting of an octopus. Of course the wine is good too!





It was one of those “All aboard the hot mess express” days. As you can tell.


This mug. This mug needs to be in my house. Right now.

How is your Monday?