Blue lace and white pants.

blue lace crop and white crop skinny jeans
top: EXPRESS similar// Pants: TARGET // shoes ALDO similar // Bag DOONEY and Bourke similar

Well, everyone’s been talking about their white pants.Their white pants, got their white pants on.

OK, so this is actually the only pair of white pants I own, weird I know. I love the way white pants look. However, with a 4yr old, they are a dirt and dirty hands magnet. For instance he wiped his Doritos laden hands on my pants later in the day. Yup. Nice. And since I too am also a klutz it is a reason why I never wear white pants. I have white skirts, and i fear for them every time I wear them. #momlife That is just how it is I guess. Right?

OOTD gofashiondeals

So what made me bring them back out? Well, since my little is in school now I figured why not?! SO I wore these cute Target white cropped skinnies with my Express shirt that I have had for ages just always wear it tucked in with a maxi or or midi skirt. Like in this post here . So yup. And pulled out my old DOONEY  . But alas, his school day was cut short as he was not himself. Sometimes meltdowns happen and so it really takes it out of the kid. But, this turned out to be later he is sick AGAIN. There were several littles not in class for being sick. Got to love that they share Everything. Right? NO….somethings they SHOULD not share. Germs..ugh. Oh well. And so he got home and I made him some food for a snack and my pants became victim of little.

That is OK, I am used to it and that my friends is why there is Spray n’ wash.

OOTD bloggerSO this was another outfit I was going to shoot elsewhere and ended up doing it at home because of reasons above. We have to make do. But it still worked out.

OOTD gofashiondeals

Sam and I made it work. If you don’t know who SAM is read this post here . We got it done.

white jeans and blue tank

I also didn’t realize it was April Fools day….hm.

spring outfit idea

Things were alright. Except the lack of sleep last night do to new big boy bed and coughing, sneezing, snotty nose, and grumpy child.

Poor kid and poor mama.

What can you do, I just let him sleep in the bed after the 4th time of getting into bed with us after hearing how he was breathing.

Is that bad?

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Oh that boho charm, 2 OOTD.

justfab romper and breckelles shoes
So it feels a lot like summer has hit, it is March still and already it feels like the middle of June. It was 90 degrees today in Orlando! WHAT?! How crazy, well I guess it is Florida and all.
Today’s outfit post is more of a what I wore what I wore. Since yesterday, I had to change right after I wore this. Ill tell you what happened after I pause my Mass Effect Andromeda AND tell you about this outfit.

OK, so this amazing blue bell sleeve romper is from Justfab, which I wore here and these awesome Breckelle’s gladiators as well as my NEW Rocksbox set. Kendra Scott brought out the new gold glass collection and I was lucky to get the set. YAY!

I love the sleeves of this romper and that it will be so flattering on so many different people. The golden necklace is perfect and the sandals are just so SUMMER!

kendra scott necklace

They have a zip up back and that is something I really love! I got these babies on Nordstrom about a year to 2 years ago and am so happy I did. But, I will be honest at first I did NOT know how to style them. WHAT?! no really I had not a clue. Wow. Blogger blunder right there.

Oh well, after a lot of Pinterest browsing. I figured it out. And here we are.

justfab boho romper
SO, what was I talking about earlier?? Well, let me just say that yesterday was a series of unfortunate events. Just one after another. And the seriousness of them worse and worse. Of which I am not entirely sure I can actually talk about. Since I didn’t exactly witness the crash just the aftermath and let me say, I had no idea people could bleed like that. Just things that would haunt you and that is all I am going to say because I was able to finally eat. SO, back to the more light hearted bit, after shooting this outfit, I got home and before going in the house I took my shoes off, which I have been doing a lot lately as my cats like to sit by the garage door waiting on me. And I have stepped on them. So, I took these off. Walked in the door. and WHOOP I slipped on cat mess(pee yuck) and fell in my cute ass romper on my ass. YES. how fun, luckily my head hit my handbag. I have travertine tiles…so,that would have been bad.

The cat mess, soaked my romper and so I had to take a quick shower because GROSS and then get the romper in the wash ASAP. So I changed into this….

Target top mango pants ALDO shoes

I love these ALDO shoes so much and these MANGO pants. Just the most comfy things ever and after that slip I needed it. OH and Aunt Irma visited so there was that too, hello cramps! (aunt Irma is from IT Crowd,go NETFLIX it now! OH my god hilarious show is hilarious!

Here is a clip so you know what I am talking about now GO WATCH THE SERIES!

all black OOTD

I mean both were great outfits. But this was supposed to be on the blog today as today’s outfit of the day and yesterday’s outfit of the day never made it so it is now on it today! OH it is What I wore Wednesday!

Anways, that is why nothing got done on the blog yesterday. The tutorial was pre scheduled and it made me realize I really need to do that more often. You can see that post here and the original haul video here

OOTD blue romper


oh well, right?

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Romper: JUSTFAB c/o

Boots: Breckelle’s similar


jewelry : Kendra scott



Pants: MANGO

SHOES: ALDO similar

jewelry: Kendra Scott


You can also get similar here!

similar OOTD 1

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Similar OOTD 2

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Outfit of the day, green shirt dress and graphic tee.

green ootd

To say I love this tee is an understatement. I adore this tee, ADORE it! You wouldn’t blame me either when you feel how soft the tee is. A great graphic tee and a great texture shirt. I decided to wear it with my green shirt dress from Target and H&M leggings. And of course my JUSTFAB shoes and bag. My hair was crazy so I wore it up in a top knot. I love outfits like this when you just got to the closet and grab the pieces you want to wear and not think about it.

No thinking just fashion. Just comfy.

TArget style and justfab

Today is justa  sum up of my week or rather MARCH in general. I was supposed to volunteer at my son’s school as ELSA, and murphy’s law came up and slapped me in the face. Maybe it is Karma for making fun of Mass Effect Andromeda so much lately. Anways, I have really bad PMS and neck spasms. The medication makes me retain water, and of course PMS makes you just Bleh everywhere. SO, I finally tried on the dress again(which fit last week) and the zipper was like “NOPE” and I couldn’t get it to zip at all. Wonderful, embarrassing. SO, I wore different bras, a spanx thing and nope. I did get the dress zipped at one point to which it didn’t stay zipped. Now when the dress was originally made it was measured a bit off. And there was not a lot of wiggle room. So, yeah, I had to tell them I couldn’t do it. Which hurts. I cried over a dress. A silly dress, and disappointing the kiddies. Crap. I feel like the worse person ever.

OOTD green target dress and shirt H&M pants. justfab jethro

Well, it is a learning experience isn’t it? Right?
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Justfab c/o
Bag: Justfab c/o

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OOTD: Monochrome basics.



Everyone needs those basics in their closet. Like White tees, black tees, plain tanks, etc. And this tee is perfect as a great basic. And you will never ever guess where I got it! I will wait….

Nope not H&M, good guess though. Walmart, guys, Walmart. Yeah, I got this basic white tee from Walmart. And what is even more staggering is how little it cost me. Ready for this, you may need to sit for this…. $2.87. YES, $2 freaking dollars and eighty seven cents. WHAT?! Why? How? Walmart is how. And while I do not buy a lot of clothing from there, I do think these basics are great and affordable.

OOTD monochrome basics

  • Why is this such big deal? I have a messy bouncy little. He loves to paint, he loves to draw, he loves to be dirty, and he loves to wipe his hands on MOM. The last thing I want to do is have him wipe his hands on an expensive basic like this. I can get why some pay $60+ on a plain….white…tee shirt. For me right now I will stick with my cheapies when it comes to the basic plain tees.But my silly butt will pay some for a great graphic tee, but a basic? Not sure why my loci is weird. To each their own I guess. To each their own. 

But, for me, I like this, because if my little gets it dirty I wont cry over it. If I spill coffee on it I wont yell at myself over it. I will try to get the stain out and then if not *toss and dump* or cut up for cleaning rags. Reuse and recycle, right?

OH and PS, ladies, if your man has socks that are OLD as dirt and holey cut them up and make rags…..I do that(after washing them of course)

What is it with men and holding on to holey socks and underwear? Really?

OK so I got off topic.

The tee comes in several colors. I got black and white. I will probably get more and P.S. These Junior shirts run way hella small, this is a MEDIUM. SO go up a size or two..I did.



SO, this particular outfit I decided to wear the tee with my black faux leggings and a chunky statement necklace. I pulled out the Justfab bag and heels as well as the H&M bomber. For an exceptional monochrome ootd.


monochrome basics

This is an outfit that can be worn day and night. So if you have to be somewhere at night no worries, just add nothing and go.

OOTD white and black


Monochrome outfit

OOTD blog

I took my little with me who didn’t want to be bothered with pictures so he played with his car next to the tripod.

mom and son ootd

This was the best I got.

The thing about shooting pictures of yourself, by yourself is that people tend to stare, which you do get used to it. And when it isn’t busy you take pictures and that is when all the people magically appear as if they are NPC in a video game and just appear. Like WTH, you weren’t here a second ago.

ootd styling a white tee

styling a white tee

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Shirt: Walmart

Pants: H&M

JAcket: HM

BAg: Justfab c/o

Shoes: Justfab c/o

Necklace: ZAFUL c/o

Sunnies Zaful c/o

lipstick TARTE liquid lippie.

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What I Wore Wednesday: The Skreened graphic tee.


Skreened tee h&M jeans ALDO boots

It is no secret around here on GFD, that I love me some graphic tees. Nerdy graphic tee with references to my fave books, games, movies, shows, or just funny in general. This Graphic tee by Skreened is one of my all time faves and I spilt foundation on it, but thank GOD for Shout, because I saved the shirt. Woot! Anyways, I defitintly feel like graphic tees and sweaters are part of my signature style. Something that I have a lot of. Something I wear often. And I lean on my faves. That is just part of that signature style I guess. That part of your fashion sense that keeps going back for more and more and more. And really looking back(thinking) I have always loved tees like this. Only back in the 90’s I wore them with over sized joggers, you know when they were baggy as hell and swishy. The years of the Sports pullovers.

Anyways, I decided to show how I typically wear them when I just do not feel like wearing a skirt(I didn’t shave…ew) And um it was chilly….it was…for Fl.

OOTd gofashiondeals And really windy.


gofashiondeals I decided to wear my tee with my new H&M bomber jacket. I love the satin(satin is going to be big this spring summer! Check out my ETRO spring/summer 2017 post here) I love the monochrome look, I mean who doesn’t love a good monochrome outfit, again another part of my signature really. Black and white outfits. I wear color…..sometimes…you see it…sometimes….

Gofashiondeals outfit of the day

Ilove these ALDO boots so much I am wearing them out!!! NOOOOO…..I didn’t get them in time when they were on sale at Macy’s. Should have, would have, could have….damn. Oh well….Oh…well.

OOTD skreenedProperty of Mirkwood…not the best guard…I think some dwarves got by I was distracted by a great hair moment.

Unlike earlier when I was test shooting myself with a little in tow who did NOT want to test shoot with mommy or let mommy test shoot while he bounced around in the background.


This was also before I straightened my hair, it was a bit crazy, everyone kept TOUCHING it. And so it got mad.

We are actually fighting over my hat….

He started to play with the tripod…

I am excited to get more pictures here it combines the best of both worlds for me nature which I do actually love(just not the pollen and the mosquitos) and a stable WALKWAY.

You know us bloggers always walking no where.

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Shirt: SKreened On sale

Pants: H&M

JAcket H&M

Boots: ALDO similar by ALDO

BAg: Justfab c/o

Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice city



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Momwith style

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Justfab Romper

OOTD Justfab
Romper: c/o justfab //shoes: JUSTFAB similar c/o //Bag: JUSTFAB c/o

OK, so a while back I got a blouse from Justfab and was not impressed with the fit and so for the LONGEST time I pushed justfab out of the light. At least when clothes were concerened. But, then they were kind enough to send me this romper for review and I was stunned at how well it fit! WHAT?! Yes, it fit right in the right(pfft) places. And The bell sleeves are divine! Not to mention the color of the romper. So I wore it out to our aquarium adventure and it was awesome! Perfect for the occasion. So, now I have 3 rompers and that’s the only shorts I have. HAHAH. I did get this in a size small and it was good. I was worried about it fiting since the last shirt did not fit. But, it was great. Has a button back and elastic at the waist.

gofashiondealsKinda wished I hadn’t worn heels, because there is a lot of interaction there. ANyways that post will be up late this week.

justfab outfit


justfab jethro

WHat do you think of the romper?

Justfab is having a 50% off sale right now~~~~~!!!!!


Romper: C/o Justfab

SHoes: justfab similar c/o

Bag: justfabc/o

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The $2 tank and a metallic skirt.


H&M jacket Walmart tank Zaful Skirt and neckalce OOTD

I have a little secret. That secret will make you smile, the tank I am wearing is under $2!!! WOW! I got it on a trip to Walmart for my son’s fave snack, strawberries. WOW, does that kid love strawberries. Anyways, I saw the price and thought I need one of these. Why? I wear it under a lace up shirt and other blouses. But what makes it special is that it is cheap as hell and that it is pretty decent. Walmart, I braved it to get strawberries and got a great basic tank top.

OOTD metallic skirt

There is nothing more perfect than a great basic tee and a great basic Tank. Which for FL summers it is as important as a pair of Flippity flops.

OK, and bug spray. But it is just as important. The key is styling them and a good and wonderful strapless bra.

MY dog is always facing the wrong way….ugh.

Anyways, the great thing about fashion blogging is finding these super pieces and sharing them and this was one I had to share with you all. And so, I decided to style it with a metallic skirt and the bomber jacket I got from H&M for under $20! And for the shoes, no heels I have decided to wear my fave flats by ALDO, the Leopard print shoes add a bit of edge to the black and metallic outfit, but they are more camo here. No wonder Jaguars have them in the forests. You wouldn’t see them…hahah

OOTD blogger
Skirt: Zaful // Shirt WAlmart// jacket H&M// necklace ZAFUL// SHoes ALDO// bag Ifchic similar// NYX lingerie

I have been defintitely embracing my curls even more now, and since summer is around the corner I am for sure going to get back into the hobbit, of taking care of them the right way. And so far so good, except my hubby angered the hair earlier. UGH.

blogger style ootd

love this tank and skirt combo and how it all looks with the bomber jacket!

OOTd fashionblogger

As much as I love a good wall for a backdrop, what blogger doesn’t? But I love lush enviroments just as much! Like these palms.

outfit of the day tank top and metallic skirt

Steal my style!
Tank: Walmart
Bomber jacket: HM
skirt: zaful
shoes: ALDO
necklace ZAFUL
lips NYX

OOTD bomber jacket

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