I hate you, I love you. I hate that I love you, your facial animations make me want to barf some…..OK, so this is supposed to be a post for a Techy Thursday(I’m bringing it back) but then it isn’t, because I wanted to do a makeup tutorial of some makeup that really NO one would wear today because yeah it is from a video game. And a little rant about Mass Effect Andromeda. Which if you have anyone that plays video games you may have heard some rants. Mostly about animations being a bit first gen  and glitches all over the place. In my case I had an NPC(non player character) walk though a wall and disappear thus causing me to restart. UGH. SO, what is today’s post about? Well, I wanted to share the makeup from that game, One of the looks actually. When my hubby started his game we both went BLEH! WHAT? WHat is that? EWWW. Who would…why? Not to say that people wouldn’t like that particular eye look. We are maybe just being picky.

Looks like her head is trying to fall off..

Seriously BIOWARE, the makeup options future or not were subpar.There is not a whole lot of hair options as far as style and as far as faces. I really love Bioware games, a lot of women do. Really, just look at all of us who LOVE the Cullen Dating and Dorian epic bff simulator, I mean Dragon Age Inquisition. I get it is the future. I get it. Just like how everyone in the 60’s thought we would be in flying cars and dress a certain way and really here we are dressing like it is a more updated 1969. I am not saying the game as a whole sucks, no far from it. Damn it is fun, so much fun! But, the small things that can turn into big things. Annoying things just take the wind out of the sails. Sails for a AAA game that had so much hype and yet fell flat. Really, I am scared Dragon Age will have the same fate. Which Inquisition is so beautiful.  Don’t rush games, we can wait. Impatiently, but we will wait. We will still spend our money when the finished product comes out. The potential was there. It was there. How will it bounce back? I still am going to play the heck out of Mass Effect because it is fun. I might just grumble a bit over the little things…

Mass Effect Andromeda
We both like purple, BFFs?

OK, So enough of that, lets look at this here makeup.

Straight from your Pathfinder Nexus Salon…..

milani foundation and NYX concealer

not really….

You can pick colors! And transparency.

lets see you can pick blue

This is one of the looks! I am not even kidding!

Or purple….



Isn’t we wont even get into the neon blush and spotted shadow. For that I think a cream would be needed.  You can also pick mermaid colored hair, however hair options are also very limited. Which was also a complaint of Dragon Age, which leads people to Modding. With modding you can get better customization. Right now I haven’t heard of much Modding for Mass Effect, I know there is for DAI, for PC.

I got help a bit.

So really, there isn’t much to this “look”

If you cosplay it would be easy to recreate as there isn’t much thought to it. I used The Milani foundation 2 in 1 concealer foundation and Nyx concealer. Although with this you really don’t need the concealer for under eyes..because um you are a purple raccoon. You basically just apply in a small square from eyebrow to right above the orbital bone(cheekbone) I then added a bit of a darker blue and black to the crease and corner of my eyes, followed up with black eyeliner. it is such a silly thing.

I woke up from Hypersleep like this.

HAHAHAHA I hope you had as much fun laughing at this as I did, doing this “look” are there any other video game makeup you want me to do? This was fun!

Pathfinder scary

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Bioware owns Mass Effect. The character is mine from ingame Screenshot. And blah blah blah.. This post contains affiliate links. No Krogan’s were hurt during the making of this post.


The Too Faced Haul.

Too Faced haul

Hey there friends I finally got my Too Faced order in! And I was so excited to share it! SO here is another unboxing video of my Too faced haul!!!! I hope you enjoy! A full post of a look I created with the products will be up on the blog this week! YAY!


You can see my original wish list in this post here I love Too Faced and let me tell you this was worth the irritating wait! The compact foundation was worth it alone.

Too Faced Cocoa compact makeup

As I said in the youtube video, I needed to switch from my Lancôme Dual Finish to something else, as Lancôme was not offering the no fragrance powder. Dual finish was a powder I used for YEARS and then I couldn’t anymore. My skin would get irritated and itchy. So I did some research and found this one by Too Faced may be good. And so far it is! I know immediately is a powder will work or not, or a foundation will. Having sensitive skin is a huge problem that way. And So, I took a gamble and bought this without matching. And it worked out(thank GAWD) I am happy with my long anticipated order!

Too Faced Cat eyes

The face one makes when waiting on their makeup order to get shipped

I am pretty pleased with everything and it all worked out in the end. Still, better communication would be nice*cough cough*.


You can also shop my haul here



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Choose a free samples with every order from!


Nip & Fab

I love taking care of my skin. I feel like it is truly the foundation to the makeup structure. Skin is everything! There are so many products and I am so lucky that I get to test out some products as part of my career. And I was so lucky that Nip+Fab were kind enough to send me some products from their lines to try! And I am excited to share! Because I fell in love with the packaging the minute I opened the box!


AHHH! look at that! And what else is great about Nip+Fab? Well, it was created by Maria Hatzistefanis who is the mind behind RODIAL(you can read that post hereeeeee) This is a line that is for the woman who wants affordability and something that is effective! ANd Voila you have Nip+FAb.

Dragon's Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot

This stuff, holy crap. I love it! I have been using this since I got it. And wow, my skin already was feeling great with one use. Times that by a week to two weeks and you got an amazing product. THe dragon’s blood prevents environmental damages as well as reducing redness and irritation. Which for me, I wash my face and wow do I get red. And this WORKS! Holy mother of Makeup it is a miracle product! The Hyaluronic acid does help keep skin’s plumpness and it’s super-hydrating to  so that helps reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.IT also softens and smoothes your skin for a radiant and younger-looking complexion. Which who doesn’t want that? Right? And yes, it works. Even if it didn’t help the wrinkles the redness and irritations alone would make me buy this. No kidding.
Nip+fab dragon's blood
It has a unique dispenser. so You never get more out than you need and it smells amazing. So spa ish and so relaxing.
Kale fix clay mask
Kale Fix Clay mask
I love me some masks! We all know I do. Masks are an essential part of my “mommy me time” And this mask is phenominal. My skin was radiant after 1 use. I do it two times a week and my makeup sits so much better on my face. The kale helps prevent dryness the odraaline® helps with hydration and smoothing that lovely skin. Duraquench helps with making your skin more radiant. AND IT SMELLS LIKE CUCUMBER MELON! justsayin. It made me have a throwback to my “younger’ days of wearing that from Bath n body works. Anyways, this bottle is under $20!!!!
bust fix night nip+fab
Bust Fix Night
OK, this one make me giggle like a 12yr old. Why? Read it. Not because of what it says it will do but because it was unexpected. Hahha. Now this one I just started to use as I got really ill. But it is supposed to help plump up the decollette area. And well, I’ll just have to try this one a bit more.
Ill still link to it. It is a great moisturizer and smells good.
Nip+fabGlycolic Fix daily cleansing pads.
THese have a great citrus smell and work so well. And I don’t get all itchy or red after use! And my acne is becoming less and less since using this with my other Rodial and Nip+fab products.
These help retexturize and smooth the skin as well has soothe and calm it! I am all about it. And it’s affordable. This and the dragon’s blood are my fave of the skin care products.

Rodial liquid liner.

THis pen is awesome and the tip is really thin. This stuff STAYS PUT. holy crap it doesn’t move!!!!!!

So these are the products I got to try. And I am so in love!!!!! Nothing better than great skincare! And these are products I will repurchase! For sure!



Get the good here!

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These products were provided for by Nip+fab for review. All opinions are 100% my own . There are affiliate links.

Get gifty with Lancôme 

We all know that I love beauty products. And especially when those are Lancôme Products. If you have seen my recent Lancôme Post you will see how much I love it!Right now Belk has some great gift sets for Lancôme! So I rounded up some of my fave gift Sets!

Lancôme gift set

And they have this set too!

Which comes with quite a bit of stuff! The great thing about these gift sets is you don’t have to to worry if the colors are right.

The title of today’s blog post is nod to Rick and Morty’s Get Schwifty. hahaha watch that show, hilarious!

For another gift guide, check out my

Shein holiday shop

Beauty gift guide

MANGO gift guide for the family


THis post contains affiliate links.


It’s here! My LANCOME Voxbox!

LAncome Voxbox

Hi there friends! How the heck are ya?! Oh my gosh it is time for another YouTube Wednesday! Today is my Lancôme Voxbox from Influenster! WOW! I am so excited to get this and so happy they picked me to try and review these products! HOLY cow! And all that jazz!!!! I am going to post the video at the end of the blog post! But, for now let us dive into the awesome! MY last voxbox was this one here and here

Lancome Vox boxLet me say as LAncome is one of my fave brands, I jumped for joy when I got the email for this! Litterally jumped for joy with my son. He likes to be silly too and yeah he helped mommywith flat lays. What do you think?


Helping all the time. I don’t mind! 🙂 it makes me smile when he helps as well as makes me want to pull my hair out. Anyways, it made me laugh.



I got the bifacils which is my fave eyemakeup remover. I have been a loyal customer of LAncome and when I get these in gifts I just love it! It removes stubborn waterproof mascara.


This is an eye brightening serum, and I was excited to try it. Ill let you know my thoughts. SO far OK, but need to try for 2 weeks for a definite answer



Influenster is a great app and company, with the more influence you have the more chances for Voxboxes. This is one of several I have had, and let me say it is so awesome to get these things and try it out!

LAncome Definicils

This mascara is amazing! ANd it is one of Lancôme’s number one best sellers. It has stood to the test of time and remains an amazing mascara! This was a full size valued at about $35 or more. This defines the lashes and lengthens


THese are lancome new Liqui-pens. Basically a liquid pencil, it goes on like liquid liner but is a pencil and holy Hera does it stay put! I am wearing it today and love it! I got it in black and purple! both full size and I got a pencil sharpener too!

2016-11-16_12.52.53.jpgSo cool!

Have you heard of influenster? Sign up here! FREEEEEEE


Fashion should be fun


Shopping My Closet

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


Bioderma Hydrabio h2o Review!

i there friends!!!! I have another product review today!!! ANd not a moment too soon! I got another video on the YouTube channel and It is all about the prize I won from BioDerma Usa.

bioderma hydrabio//

I entered in a contest on Instagram and actually won! WOW~ And I was thrilled when I got the Bioderma Hydrabio line. The products are great and I love how they feel except one is a bit too much moisture for me.

Hydrabio BiodermaThe light cream was amazing and it made my skin feel so good. This will be my new night cream. Since I had an allergic reaction to Lancôme Regenerie. I couldn’t remember what was causing my skin to freak out and break out in a rash and when I stopped using that product it started to clear up. So, yeah. good times and no makeup  today. Which is why you are also getting a beauty thing.


The light cream was $24.95 a bottle.

Bioderma Hydrabio h2o extreme

This is the crème riche. this one is super thick and great for people who need that extra extra boost of moisture. I probably will give this one to my mom. Since it is waay too much moisture for me.

Aslo $24.95 a bottle.

And you can also see my reviews on my youtube channel. I posted that abit a go.

Bioderma Hyrdabio H2oAnd I was also sent Micellular water, for makeup removal. This stuff melts the makeup right off and then you can follow up with the normal face washing routine. I like it! It works and it doesn’t make my skin freak out either. Which is why I use a lot of Cetaphil products lately. Anyone else after having a kid have that problem? I know my son is 3 but still.

THe micellular is $16.50 for the bottle size.

What do you think? Be sure to check out the YOUTUBE channel!!!

ULTA micro Haul!


Hi friends!! Today on Gofashiondeals I wanted to really share my Ulta micro haul. Why? Because why not! I went in to ULTA for some new concealer and well, I was bad. I got all the things instead of just one thing.

ULTA HAULI got more of my Urban Decay all nighter spray. Which is hands down my fave setting spray. This bottle is $15 at Ulta.

I got the NYX concealer which I used yesterday on my makeup. One side was the NARS the other NYX, the only real different other than price was consistency. NARS is thicker.

Nars vs NYX concealerI think my NArs had more pinky tones.

But both have amazing coverage. At least in my opinion.

NYX liquid suede in cherry skiesI love this color and am so happy I got it!!!! So beautiful! And I wore it yesterday too!

Such a gorgeous shade! And I made a whole YouTube video of this haul as well as spoke of all the pricing in the video!

I love these products and yeah there were other things too like the hair mask which I used and WOW is it amazing! Definitely going to put that in Christmas gifts with the oil! Great stuff!!!!!!!! EEEK so good and it smells amazing!

Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to my channel !

ULTA micro haul