I hate you, I love you. I hate that I love you, your facial animations make me want to barf some…..OK, so this is supposed to be a post for a Techy Thursday(I’m bringing it back) but then it isn’t, because I wanted to do a makeup tutorial of some makeup that really NO one would wear today because yeah it is from a video game. And a little rant about Mass Effect Andromeda. Which if you have anyone that plays video games you may have heard some rants. Mostly about animations being a bit first gen  and glitches all over the place. In my case I had an NPC(non player character) walk though a wall and disappear thus causing me to restart. UGH. SO, what is today’s post about? Well, I wanted to share the makeup from that game, One of the looks actually. When my hubby started his game we both went BLEH! WHAT? WHat is that? EWWW. Who would…why? Not to say that people wouldn’t like that particular eye look. We are maybe just being picky.

Looks like her head is trying to fall off..

Seriously BIOWARE, the makeup options future or not were subpar.There is not a whole lot of hair options as far as style and as far as faces. I really love Bioware games, a lot of women do. Really, just look at all of us who LOVE the Cullen Dating and Dorian epic bff simulator, I mean Dragon Age Inquisition. I get it is the future. I get it. Just like how everyone in the 60’s thought we would be in flying cars and dress a certain way and really here we are dressing like it is a more updated 1969. I am not saying the game as a whole sucks, no far from it. Damn it is fun, so much fun! But, the small things that can turn into big things. Annoying things just take the wind out of the sails. Sails for a AAA game that had so much hype and yet fell flat. Really, I am scared Dragon Age will have the same fate. Which Inquisition is so beautiful.  Don’t rush games, we can wait. Impatiently, but we will wait. We will still spend our money when the finished product comes out. The potential was there. It was there. How will it bounce back? I still am going to play the heck out of Mass Effect because it is fun. I might just grumble a bit over the little things…

Mass Effect Andromeda
We both like purple, BFFs?

OK, So enough of that, lets look at this here makeup.

Straight from your Pathfinder Nexus Salon…..

milani foundation and NYX concealer

not really….

You can pick colors! And transparency.

lets see you can pick blue

This is one of the looks! I am not even kidding!

Or purple….



Isn’t we wont even get into the neon blush and spotted shadow. For that I think a cream would be needed.  You can also pick mermaid colored hair, however hair options are also very limited. Which was also a complaint of Dragon Age, which leads people to Modding. With modding you can get better customization. Right now I haven’t heard of much Modding for Mass Effect, I know there is for DAI, for PC.

I got help a bit.

So really, there isn’t much to this “look”

If you cosplay it would be easy to recreate as there isn’t much thought to it. I used The Milani foundation 2 in 1 concealer foundation and Nyx concealer. Although with this you really don’t need the concealer for under eyes..because um you are a purple raccoon. You basically just apply in a small square from eyebrow to right above the orbital bone(cheekbone) I then added a bit of a darker blue and black to the crease and corner of my eyes, followed up with black eyeliner. it is such a silly thing.

I woke up from Hypersleep like this.

HAHAHAHA I hope you had as much fun laughing at this as I did, doing this “look” are there any other video game makeup you want me to do? This was fun!

Pathfinder scary

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THreadsforthomas lizzieinlace




Bioware owns Mass Effect. The character is mine from ingame Screenshot. And blah blah blah.. This post contains affiliate links. No Krogan’s were hurt during the making of this post.


Manicure today, Avon Stardust

Avon Stardust cherry dazzler

I got my newest polish in the other day from Avon. It is the newest polish Avon Stardust. And while I am not a fan of textured polishes,I like smooth and shiny polishes,this one is not too bad. The colors are really pretty and vibrant. The polish also stays on rather well and I have not had any chips. Worth getting.

I found a great shampoo and conditioner!

Everyone has had this drama at one art of life or another, finding the right shampoo and conditioner! I have been on the hunt for a shampoo that works. One that will make my hair shiny and silky. I may have found it.
Avon advanced techniques 3D damage repair shampoo and conditioner along with the repair serum. Where have you been all my life. Not only was my hair much better after two uses, it was shiny and straightened much easier. I feel great about these products! My other favorite was Redken So Soft. These items are now going to be a must in my hair arsenal.

To purchase the Avon advanced techniques 3d products click here

Mani time! Avon Metallic effects. Sneak Peek!

Copper gleam 076837

This is a gorgeous new polish coming soon to an Avon rep near you. Avon Metallic effects nail enamel. This beautiful Shiney polish will be available soon for purchase in the next Avon campaign.  They are specially priced at $3.99 when they launch. It is supposed to resist chipping and is streakfree. Which I didn’t find any streaking on my nails. We shall see about the chipping.
need new polish ? order here and get direct shipping!

A little sushi date.

Finally went out to a great place to eat locally with the hubby and little man.    Little man almost didn’t want to stay but, a bit of Peppa Pig and we were good.


Fujiyama sushi was great and we ate it all. Paired with Kirin Ichiban. 

Look at my beer! Look at it!!! Look at iiiiitttt!

And of course while waiting my little man and I played with the camera and bracelets.

My bracelets by Mark by avon glimmer and gleam bracelets

I love these bracelets as a part of my jewelry ensemble. Mark by avon glimmer and gleam bracelets. 
And I finally got the dress I have been drooling over.

Mark by avon island elegance maxi dress

Mark island elegance maxi dress. I love the print and when you walk it is just flowy and I absolutely love this dress. The only thing is I wish I had the white belt from the pictures.  But, alas it was sold out. I wore shoes from I am sorry about the sunglasses. But it is Florida and we’ll sunny out (sort of).
I used the Avon blue lagoon quad for my shadow.

Blue lagoon quad

If you like the dress it is available now on Avon’s site here and free direct shipping!

Manicure Avon Nail wear pro+

Avon nailwear pro + lagoon

I got my new polish in by Avon. I love the nail wear pro+ . It stays on, and I love the colors. This blue is gorgeous and is a bit pearlescent.  Great for summer!
Maybe I can try some nail are with the starry sky with this. Perfection!  Yes!


Order yours today here. Free direct shipping with $35 order!

Manicure today. Avon Nail pro + .


I also used opi top coat and a glitter polish. Yes, the acrylic nails are gone…again. But my nail beds need a break.  Sorry if they look rough.

The Avon polish is great by the way!
And always decently priced. I only had to use two coats of the polish. Next I’ll try the quick dry.