What I Wore Wednesday: The Skreened graphic tee.


Skreened tee h&M jeans ALDO boots

It is no secret around here on GFD, that I love me some graphic tees. Nerdy graphic tee with references to my fave books, games, movies, shows, or just funny in general. This Graphic tee by Skreened is one of my all time faves and I spilt foundation on it, but thank GOD for Shout, because I saved the shirt. Woot! Anyways, I defitintly feel like graphic tees and sweaters are part of my signature style. Something that I have a lot of. Something I wear often. And I lean on my faves. That is just part of that signature style I guess. That part of your fashion sense that keeps going back for more and more and more. And really looking back(thinking) I have always loved tees like this. Only back in the 90’s I wore them with over sized joggers, you know when they were baggy as hell and swishy. The years of the Sports pullovers.

Anyways, I decided to show how I typically wear them when I just do not feel like wearing a skirt(I didn’t shave…ew) And um it was chilly….it was…for Fl.

OOTd gofashiondeals And really windy.


gofashiondeals I decided to wear my tee with my new H&M bomber jacket. I love the satin(satin is going to be big this spring summer! Check out my ETRO spring/summer 2017 post here) I love the monochrome look, I mean who doesn’t love a good monochrome outfit, again another part of my signature really. Black and white outfits. I wear color…..sometimes…you see it…sometimes….

Gofashiondeals outfit of the day

Ilove these ALDO boots so much I am wearing them out!!! NOOOOO…..I didn’t get them in time when they were on sale at Macy’s. Should have, would have, could have….damn. Oh well….Oh…well.

OOTD skreenedProperty of Mirkwood…not the best guard…I think some dwarves got by I was distracted by a great hair moment.

Unlike earlier when I was test shooting myself with a little in tow who did NOT want to test shoot with mommy or let mommy test shoot while he bounced around in the background.


This was also before I straightened my hair, it was a bit crazy, everyone kept TOUCHING it. And so it got mad.

We are actually fighting over my hat….

He started to play with the tripod…

I am excited to get more pictures here it combines the best of both worlds for me nature which I do actually love(just not the pollen and the mosquitos) and a stable WALKWAY.

You know us bloggers always walking no where.

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Shirt: SKreened On sale

Pants: H&M

JAcket H&M

Boots: ALDO similar by ALDO

BAg: Justfab c/o

Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice city



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OOTD whit crop top

Isn’t it funny we all have those pieces in the closet we either forget about or say “I’ll wear that after such and such reason” Well, this shirt is that one. The first one actually,is how I feel about it. And since the weather has been summerish, I figured why not get out the ol crop top and wear it! SO, wear it I did. I put on some flared jeans, grabbed my fave ALDO shoes and Oscar DelaRenta bag. Made for the perfect what is this weather outfit! And to give it some of my “edge” if that is even a thing, I put on my sunnies from Zaful and added a dark lipstick from Urban Decay, in conspiracy. Side note, this particular color has a nice purple undertone to the brown and also lots of gold flake. So EXFOLIATE! I love this crochet style lace, and I love that a few years after me getting from SHEINit( isn’t available anymore but I will link to something similar) the shirt is still in. Still very in. I want the red dress of this style lace. I want to have that soooo bad. Anyways.

Crochet lace top

Crops are great! The key is to balance them so for that I usually put on higher waist pants and skirts. That balanced it out more. And it is OK, if the tum tum shows. Confidence is key!

OOTD Flares and crop top

So, I feel like I haven’t been getting stuff done around here, at home and on the blog. This whole no sleep thing is driving me crazy. Any advice? All those people who said to me when my son was a newborn “Don’t worry mama, he will sleep through the night soon, and then you will too.” LIARS! I think they forgot this part of the toddler stage, where the little is on the cusp of no longer being considered a toddler. Where they are refusing bedtime and get up a lot through the night. Add my son always having a bit of a night fear anyways and his ASD and I have a cup of good times all night. Seriously, this is getting to me and my health I feel. I have been slacking on the blog,too tired. Been slacking on things sort of around the house,to tired. Slacking on my own health, too tired. The thing is for me, to stay off the heart meds I need to be active. I loved exercising when I could, but now I just want to lay on the couch and hope to fall asleep for even a little bit. LAst night we had the little in the bed with us, he got up and got into bed with us. Which I don’t mind, but he tosses and turns a lot. Constantly making sure WE are still in the bed. poor kid, poor mommy, and poor daddy.

Anyways, made myself a smoothie and I am currently trying to figure out the best way to do my curly hair care and style how to post. I think I need a bit more coffee.

OOTD white and denim

OOTd crop and flare jeans



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Crop: SHEIN similar here

Jeans: Express similar here

BAg: Oscar deLaRenta for target similar

shoes: ALDO similar

Jelwery H&M

Lipstick Urban Decay Vice city Conspiracy

More looks

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E.SSUE by Love & love

E.SSUE by love and love pants and Skreened tee justfab bag aldo shoes
Pants: E.SSUE similar //top SKREENED //shoes: ALDO similar //bag: JUSTFAB// necklace H&M// bracelet nakamol //Lips toofaced melted

I have been looking for some high waisted pants. And Satin pants thanks to ETRO spring/summer 2017 show. You can see my faves from that show here. Anways, I was shopping around my new fave online shop TOBI when I saw these E.SSUE pants on sale. And they were Satin, they were high waisted, and they are now mine! And for under $20! They are also wide leg pants. So comfy and so lightweight perfect for this spring and summer. Satins will still be very big and so will the sequins! Anyways, I snatched up the pants and when I got them I knew exactly what top to wear with. My Hobbit tank from Skreened. I put on some strappy ALDO sandals and grabbed my blush Devin tote from Justfab. Instant geek glam. This outfit was a match made in heaven. YEs, just so much yes!

tobi and skreened

The wind was making today’s shoot almost a nightmare. My husband took out my weight for the tripod of the car. EEK! It was so windy. But luckily my little helper was with me.

He was SUPPOSED to be in school, but his allergies have been bad lately. SO, he was up and down all night coughing and sneezing from it. And I forgot his cough meds. SO he was up and therefore so was I.

I think collectively I have gotten, maybe 15 hours of sleep this past week. It has been this way since he came down with that horrible cold. MAMA is over tired. Anyways. MY little was here with me, I was trying to wear him out and he as an over abundance of energy.

MANGO kids

Told him to “blogger” and this was his reaction. He wanted me to shoot him this way. HA, I just go with it.

How cute is his MANGO kids outfit? I am in love with their kids line BTW.


OK, so I got some other things from TOBI, new fleece yoga pants that I have lived in since I got in the mail. And a shirt with some bling details, but, oh that but. It is BACKLESS!!!! And the way this blouse is, which is also a crop, it needs to have more substance in the back. Why? Well the back being open makes it fit wrong in the front. The blouse moves too much and horrible. I will have to add either a zipper half way up OR buttons. Because there is no way in MORDOR I am wearing it the way it is. Not because it is backless, no but because how it warps the whole shirt. They needed to think it through a bit more.


And that is the thing friends I want to be honest as pie with you lot, and that is why I am telling you my fails and triumphs in this. Like in my H&M shirt hilarity post from the other day. But, since these are final sale I have to make it work as Tim Gunn would say.

“Make it work”

I will sir, I will.

hobbit tank

OOTD graphic tee and satin pantsOOTD blog

OOTD tank top and satin pants

my helper got in the way, he wanted to take the “piture”

Satin pants by E.ssue

I hope you all love this outfit as much as me!

Bloggers walkin nowhere fast, WHERE ARE you GANDALF?

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Shirt: Skreened

Pants: E.SSUE by love &love similar

Shoes: ALDO similar

Bag: c/o Justfab

Lips: Toofaced

on tiny child

MANGO kids shirt  Gymboree pants Payless shoes similar

PS his shirt is only $3.99!!!!!!!!!!!

More goodness

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What I Wore Sweater weather.


Sweater weather outfit

Hi there friends! It is another What I wore Wednesday! YAY! And I am completely drawing a blank on what the heck I should type here. Hate it when that happens. UGh. So, when that does happen I tend to put on my Pandora account and turn up the tunes. After a walk in some nature. It is truly the best inspo! THE BEST, the greatest.  Today’s outfit is one that I meant to post a while ago, hence why it is a “what I wore” Wednesday outfit post.

HMJ outfitLove wearing basic plain sweaters with faux leather pants or leggings. There is just something so chic about it. And add a pair of booties that match the leggings to elongate the leg, and BAM glam ma’am.

OOTDThe only thing about this is the fact that I broke my sunnies. UGH. I am so SO mad about it! MAD. I really love these Cat eye mirror sunnies! Bummer. Oh well. It happens. Right? I hope you all have a happy Humpday!

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Sweater: HM

Pants: HM

Shoes: Justfab similar

Sunnies: ZAFUL

Necklace: ZAFUL

lips: NYX

MORe inspo

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Linkup here

Frequent Flyer.

OOTD sweater and OTK boots
Sweater :ZAFUL // Boots ALDO// Jeans H&M// Bag JUSTFAB

OK, so I wore this outfit a bit ago. I just didn’t get around to blogging it.Why you may ask? Well, life kinda happens and it gets in the way of other things. And so here we are, a week later and I am finally getting around to getting this outfit on the blog. I at least posted it on Instagram. I will be honest, I didn’t like how a majority of my pictures turned out. I am picky. And I want things just so. SO, when things like lighting and too much going on around me start happening I tend to rush things and then bleh. Just bleh.
OOTD Sweater Weather

It was cold this day, so I pulled out my Frequent Flyer sweater and a cute Armani scarf (basic very basic) and my OTK boots. Which incedently have been on sale at Macy’s go figure.  I should see if they have another pair in my size. I need to replace them, OR at least get a second pair. Right?

I love sweaters like this with some writing on it and such. You know me and my love of graphic sweaters and tees. Can never get enough!

ANd this bag has been one I can not seem to put down. You can also read about it here and here

OOTD zaful sweater ALDO bootsI think what I love most about these silly boots are the point. They elongate the leg in the best ways, and it goes with everything!

Even if my hair is being a nightmare, at least the rest of me is put “together”

Oh well. Hope you all have a marvelous weekend.

Shirt: Zaful c/o similar since it sold out

Jeans: H&M

Boots: ALDO

Bag: JUSTFAB c/o

Scarf: Armani

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Tobi Tyrell dress and Vice City.

Tobi dress ALDO boots
Dress: TOBI//boots ALDO//Bag: COACH similar


I love this silly Tobi dress so much. The way it fits, the bell sleeves which are all in right now. And the flirty style. As well as the fact it looks AMAZING with OTK boots. Like I wore with it this time around, again. All black ensemble today, black dress, black boots, and a black bag. Only bright red lips courtesy of my newest lipstick addition. The New Urban Decay Vice City liquid lipstick! OH MY GOD I love it! The rich vibrant red of the red color Trap Queen, is fabulous! And the metallic sheen is perfect. Just awesome!  And perfect with this all black look. And I will have a whole review up on the blog later!

The dress from Tobi, is so comfortable. The flowy dress is perfect for those kinds of days where you wanna be comfy but also chic and dare I say it? Hip.It is a lined dress, but does have that cut out detail, that Yeah, I wear a tank under it. I wore it without once, and was fidgeting with the damned dress all day, because it wanted to shift around. and although I was wearing a black bra, it didn’t matter. I knew it was bothering me. SO, I put a tank under it. And really I should get a tank top in black. I have one in brown, need one in black. Target and H&M have them pretty cheap. I like H&M’s better though.This dress is just so cute and I always love wearing it! And it is perfect all year!

blogger outfit tobi dressblack outfit of the day

blogger styleRIght now Tobi has it where new customers can get 50% off their first order which is awesome!Another awesome thing is that I get a lot of compliments on this outfit. And the thing is I am so awkward about it. When people say ” Your outfit is so gorgeous.” “You always are dressed so nice.” “what is in your closet.” I answer in the most weird way, a simple thank you or once I said yes and that was my response to a “love the outfit”and then I stand there like a dorky deer stuck in headlights. That leads to the shuffle literally I shuffle away like I want to run off squealing. No joke, I am an introvert. WHAT?! No really I am. And when people compliment me in person or on Instagram or even here, it is full on panic at the disco. I seriously do not know what to do with myself. I have been told “Just say thanks and move on.” I do that and still feel like people expect me to say more than that.  Introverts have it tough in situations like that.

Steal my style

Dress: TOBI c/o on sale for under $40!

Boots: ALDO

Bag: COACH old I like this one and this one

Lipstick: Urban Decay Vice city trap queen.

MOre ideas~

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What I Wore Wednesday, cold shoulder.

What I wore outfit cold shoulder shirt

I know I have worn this shirt a dozen times before. It is one of my many faves from EXPRESS. I love the stretchy material and that it is a black shirt. Goes with everything. And I hope you are not tired of this gorgeous JUSTFAB bag. Because I certainly am not! Look at it! It is a gorgeous bag! EEEEKKK! There is something so classic about red and black and a touch of pink. OK, maybe I am going into a Valentines mood. (even though I secretly hate the holiday.) These ALDO shoes are some of my faves and I am so happy I got them when I did. ALDO has my love and I get in to so much trouble when I go there. SO much trouble. These shoes worn with some awesome flares like what I have on are perfect!

OOTD Express and Justfab

OK and there is a #tinyOOTD .

A bit of Children’s Place and Gymboree. Comfy clothes are his faves. As much as I love putting my little one in jeans and such, he is so much happier in comfy clothes. Especially on OT days. And isn’t this dinosaur sweater cute? It made me think of the COACH sweater everyone has been wearing.

My little fashion blogger here. Cute overload. I love getting him things from The Children’s Place, I always here that, that store is expensive. And no it isn’t. They have sales all the time, and it is no more than Walmart or Target in price range for clothing for the wee ones. I love that freaking store!With him, you have to be quick with pictures, he is always moving. I literally chase him with the camera.  I take TONS and TONs of pictures for only a handful of good ones, but that is why I take so many right?

Look at these nerds.

Steal our style!

Shirt: EXPRESS similar



Shoes: ALDO similar

Lipstick: MAC

tiny child:

Shirt: The Children’s Place sold out I like this one

Pants: Gymboree

Shoes: Payless He only wants Thomas the tank engine or Avenger shoes…lol.

Here are more cold shoulder faves

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