I hate you, I love you. I hate that I love you, your facial animations make me want to barf some…..OK, so this is supposed to be a post for a Techy Thursday(I’m bringing it back) but then it isn’t, because I wanted to do a makeup tutorial of some makeup that really NO one would wear today because yeah it is from a video game. And a little rant about Mass Effect Andromeda. Which if you have anyone that plays video games you may have heard some rants. Mostly about animations being a bit first gen  and glitches all over the place. In my case I had an NPC(non player character) walk though a wall and disappear thus causing me to restart. UGH. SO, what is today’s post about? Well, I wanted to share the makeup from that game, One of the looks actually. When my hubby started his game we both went BLEH! WHAT? WHat is that? EWWW. Who would…why? Not to say that people wouldn’t like that particular eye look. We are maybe just being picky.

Looks like her head is trying to fall off..

Seriously BIOWARE, the makeup options future or not were subpar.There is not a whole lot of hair options as far as style and as far as faces. I really love Bioware games, a lot of women do. Really, just look at all of us who LOVE the Cullen Dating and Dorian epic bff simulator, I mean Dragon Age Inquisition. I get it is the future. I get it. Just like how everyone in the 60’s thought we would be in flying cars and dress a certain way and really here we are dressing like it is a more updated 1969. I am not saying the game as a whole sucks, no far from it. Damn it is fun, so much fun! But, the small things that can turn into big things. Annoying things just take the wind out of the sails. Sails for a AAA game that had so much hype and yet fell flat. Really, I am scared Dragon Age will have the same fate. Which Inquisition is so beautiful.  Don’t rush games, we can wait. Impatiently, but we will wait. We will still spend our money when the finished product comes out. The potential was there. It was there. How will it bounce back? I still am going to play the heck out of Mass Effect because it is fun. I might just grumble a bit over the little things…

Mass Effect Andromeda
We both like purple, BFFs?

OK, So enough of that, lets look at this here makeup.

Straight from your Pathfinder Nexus Salon…..

milani foundation and NYX concealer

not really….

You can pick colors! And transparency.

lets see you can pick blue

This is one of the looks! I am not even kidding!

Or purple….



Isn’t we wont even get into the neon blush and spotted shadow. For that I think a cream would be needed.  You can also pick mermaid colored hair, however hair options are also very limited. Which was also a complaint of Dragon Age, which leads people to Modding. With modding you can get better customization. Right now I haven’t heard of much Modding for Mass Effect, I know there is for DAI, for PC.

I got help a bit.

So really, there isn’t much to this “look”

If you cosplay it would be easy to recreate as there isn’t much thought to it. I used The Milani foundation 2 in 1 concealer foundation and Nyx concealer. Although with this you really don’t need the concealer for under eyes..because um you are a purple raccoon. You basically just apply in a small square from eyebrow to right above the orbital bone(cheekbone) I then added a bit of a darker blue and black to the crease and corner of my eyes, followed up with black eyeliner. it is such a silly thing.

I woke up from Hypersleep like this.

HAHAHAHA I hope you had as much fun laughing at this as I did, doing this “look” are there any other video game makeup you want me to do? This was fun!

Pathfinder scary

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THreadsforthomas lizzieinlace




Bioware owns Mass Effect. The character is mine from ingame Screenshot. And blah blah blah.. This post contains affiliate links. No Krogan’s were hurt during the making of this post.


Stickin around with StickerAPP

Sticker App

I love Stickers! I always have, I remember back in the 90’s(yes) as a kid in the EARLY 90’s making Sticker books. Basically we took stickers and put them in a book. And we loved the holographic ones with that were cat heads. Very glam cats. Remember those? But, even now as a Scrapbooker(who hasn’t done anything in a long, long time. ) StickerApp is a company I just love, they not only make predesigned stickers but you can get Custom stickers too! And since wedding season is coming it would be perfect as save the dates. OR even other things. My husband and I have business cards made. And they make wall decalls too! Hurray for StickerApp!

Shipping is pretty quick for having a custom made sticker, and shipping time is 5-7 business days.  You can order them separate or as sheets.

stickerappIf you follow me on insta @gofashiondeals you may have seen me mention a certain pug. Well, here it is! HAHAHAHAHA I love it! Check out StickerApp

Thank you StickerApp for some awesome stickers!!!!!





This post was in collaboration with StickerApp stickers provided for review! All opinions are my own

Grinchmas part 1!

Grinchams Universal

You know one time, I am going to go to Universal all decked out in Harry Potter glory. Robes and all. I need this to happen. Anyways, yesterday I talked about getting out of the Christmas funk, well you know there are things other than presents there are creating those special memories! And a dear friend gave us an early present of a trip to Universal Orlando for Grinchmas! We love the Grinch in this family and how fitting when we have all been feeling so grinchy.

Grinchmas Universal Orlando

Grinchmas happens every year in December to Jan in Universal. This event is so much fun! Universal decorates everything for Christmas…er I mean Grinchmas. And everyone dresses up. The guests dress up. As one guy put it ” It is hard to distinguish the weirdos from the non weirdos today.” Well, we are all weird and it is normal to see Harry Potter fans run around in full Gryffindor attire and yet someone cant dress up as a WHO? do you people. You do you!

Ahh SO CUTE! THe hubby and kiddo!

When we got to Islands of Adventures we were greeted by the mass amount of people wanting pictures(that’s normal.) and since my hubby and I have a weird sense of humor how ironic that it was we took a picture of me and my son infront of the people wanting a picture. HAHAHHA


Any face you make Ill make

We checked in and were ready to start the day!

Grinchmas Universal Orlando

The first ride we did was the Cat in The Hat. My son was tall enough to ride it, this was of course after we let him run around in the playground area in Suess Landing. Now there is something to note. There are places for the wee one to play. There is a few places for “quiet times” If they get over whelmed. My son, being on the spectrum can have that and I am glad there was place really quiet at Suess Landing for him to be silly and play. It wasn’t busy at all since everyone was waiting for the Grinch. You may think there isn’t much for a little one to do at Universal, but there is. And there are some things to consider. There will be heightened security. You will have your bags checked. They do accommodate for people with needs. And my son was able to have his food with him, he is very very picky. Prepare for a large crowd. If you want extra fun reserve a seat for the Grinch meet and greet.

The next ride was Red fish blue Fish which is my son’s fave book. How neat that he got to ride it!

I rode all alone. #allbymyself

We rode the Carousel, which my son did well on. He normally doesn’t like them. And Of course I had to ride the one meant for a 4 yr old. I felt like a giant on a pony.


From the Sneeches View

The Kong ride is back and new. It was a 3d adventure ride, and my son was tall enough to go on it! Hurray for a tall child. And he was so brave. He was not scared at all. When the TREX showed up he was like “WOW, it’s George”. George is his trex toy. Now in the picture above was the animatronic lady for the ride, holy crap was she COOL! So realistic.

Kong universal orlando

Now we went all over the park, both parks. WE went to the Wizarding world of course. And went to HOGSMEADE

Now this post will probably be in 2 parts there is a lot to share! So we will end this with the Hogsmead.

My Christmas list. Video games.

Dunkin donut

Hi there gang. Today I am not doing much of an outfit post. Yesterday I was supposed to have my Rocksbox post up(failed) and instead played hooky and went to Universal. A post on that will be later this week. Sorry got so much to do this week.  Today, I am recovering from all the fun at Universal, I’m so tired my pjs don’t match. Wow.

I wanted to talk about my own personal Christmas list. You ready?

I only want 2 maybe 3 things. It’s a short list. A simple list.


I have everything I want, really. But if I could have something it’s this

Skyrim for XboxOne and Dragon Age 2 for Xbox360. That’s it. That is all I want, that and a new stroller for the wee one. But that is a need more than want. He is needing a new one because he is outgrowing the other one and we still have elopement issues. That means he will take off and keep going.

But yeah,that is all I want or need. Doesn’t seem like much. But I don’t need clothes, I don’t need shoes, and I don’t need anything else. I want video games that I can play when my son is home and when my husband has the XboxOne to himself.

Via 25days of Christmas
Via 25days of Christmas

Of course there are “wants” but realistically got to think of can haves. And I mean Dragon Age 2 is under $10!


That doesn’t mean I won’t post any gift guides or things like that, no no. I just don’t need anything or want it. Except for those two things . Sure other stuff would be nice, but right now I am so focused on my little one other things just take a back seat.

So why Dragon Age 2? It’s an older game yes, but I hear the story line is great and fenris….ok Fenris. I want a shirt that says Because Fenris, only the fandom would get it. But yeah. My humor there.

Dragon Age is a great series, you get to really control the story. The way the characters develop and how you save the world.

Skyrim, is a game that I have clocked so many hours on and the copy I had for the 36o broke and so I just want to upgrade it. And I love the storyline so much.

Thats it.

what is your Christmas list like? Do you have one? I think as adults when we can just go out and get things ourselves we just get lost when it comes to gifts. That or money gets tight for one reason or another, and so we put all the other stuff to our kid or kids. But, my son his list is short too. He has so many toys….so many.



My top spooky night in must haves.

Top spooky must haves for a night in

Hi there friends! With Halloween quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to do my personal top spooky night in must haves. This time of year just is perfect for watching fun scary movies or doing things like that. I mean why not, Halloween is for fun and jump scares. As well as candy, lots and lots of candy. This is not your grab your Luch bath bomb and read only kind of list. So grab your jack o lanterns and your pumpkin ales and let’s jump into it.

The Evil within. Xbox one

im still under a bed……it is a survival horror game..thanks Bethesda for not enough ammo…I hate that guy with chainsaw.

Rant over. It is a survival horror game,  you are trying to survive one nightmare after another. It isn’t so scary as it is frustrating. But I have seen quite a few people get scared. there is quite a bit of story in this game but after getting mad at the game I put down the controller and forgot if there was a plot at all. Still a bit of spooky horror type movie gaming agrivation.

Actually there are quite a few good horror games but I listed the ones I have played. If you stil, have an Nes and can get a copy of Castlevania, get it play it. Good game.,ahh the good old days of 8bit goodness.

Resident evil 1 and 2

yeah these games are old, but they are cheesy and good! Zombies and puzzles. These games were really ones that put survival horror back on the map followed by my fave PlayStation 2 game silent hill and silent hill 2 (thanks konamilami, for smashing my Silent hills dreams. I actually cried the day I found out it would not be a thing.)  Any ways, these are horror games not meant for wee ones. These are games I love playing and never get tired of, they have been remastered for the newer consoles and are pretty cheap on the Xbox market place on the Xbox one. The only thing is the controls still suck. But at least the dialog is not as bad. Barry is not a total idiot.  Grab a glass of wine and some chips and play all night. I beat Resident evil 2 in 2 hrs and 36 mins? No saving. But that was a long long long time ago. Still turn your lights off and play your night away.  And grab some snacks!


caramel apples!

oh my god of sweet tooth. These apples went from being those sticky caramel goodness to delicate and sometimes over the top candy coated chocolate Wonder! You can still get the plain ol caramel apples but now there are so many varieties it is hard to choose!

check out some great recipes on Pinterest!

Hot wings..OK stay with me on this one.

my family has a tried and true tradition of hot wings for Halloween. I love the spicy goodness this time of year.  And I make my own buffalo sauce and I use chicken tenders instead of wings. Use half a stick of butter melt it and add 1/2 cup of Frank’s red hot to it whisk with garlic powder to taste. I add a lot as it needs a lot. Fry the chicken as you normally would and prep a crock pot by heating it on high and pour a bit of the buffalo sauce on the bottom add chicken as it finishes in the frier so chicken gets done in the frier you go strait to the crock pot. The pour more sauce on and close the lid when all the chicken is added add the rest of the sauce and cook for an additional hour. Then serve with ranch or my fave the hidden valley Frank’s red hot sauce ranch. (This isn’t sponsored, it is just the best hot sauce for this )

so good. Now if shooting zombies or gaming is not your thing here are some non video game related stuff.

hocus pocus!

This movie was a childhood fave and still is a fave as is the Adams family. Love this movie! Who doesn’t love either of these movies. Classics.

Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!

This is a great movie and so much fun to watch. It is a musical and  a comedy. If you haven’t seen it go see it.

A good Vampire series

Anne Rice vampire chronicles . If you love vampires these books are amazing, and while some have found them scary. I haven’t I think Lasher was more along creepy than Interview with a Vampire. No glitter necessary. There is also the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton . Those are so good, a bit on the NSFW side. Hahaha.

Wine no more needs to be said. I love popping a cork of Barefoot’s bubbly pink Moscato chilled. Which is weird with hot wings but if I am just snacking on Halloween candy or caramel apples it is ok! If wine isn’t your thing then some Angry orchard or Sam Adams Oktoberfest

or if you can’t have either or don’t not drink some crisp apple cider I love taking cinnamon sticks and a couple of cloves as well as a star or two of anise and making a mulled cider. SO GOOD.

Cinnimon sticks scented candle just fall and Christmassy smells. Love it.

Candy corn. You either like or you don’t. I had some that tasted like candy apples.

not just the standard candy corn anymore. Just none of the peanut butter taffy. Bleh.

So there is my list of what I think are my fave night in things. These are things I love doing when there is no one home and I am having me time. The wee lad is in bed, and my hubby is on the other Xbox playing.(yes we have 2 xbox consoles. 360 and we need a second xboxone, I mean SKYRIM is coming out and I want to play the remastered version…because Graphics.)

I hope you had fun reading this list and let me know if you make those hot wings or tenders!!!


Also if you want a great Halloween party outfit that is glamourous check out this post here!

Halloween Party Chic!



Brick or TREAT with LEGOLAND!!!

LEgoland Florida Brick or treat

Once upon a time there was a Halloween adventure that wasn’t so scary, but to a tiny child was ohhhh so fun and adventurey. OK, So Sunday my family and I went to LEGOLAND Fl for their annual Brick or TREAT!!!  It was so much and we had such a great time, mostly because the wee lad was big enough for the rides!! GUys, he rode a water ride!!!! You don’t know how big that is that he was able to stand in line.


Going to LEGOLAND is amazing and fun! THis park is perfect for little ones and bigger kids. There is more for the teeny tinies to do here than any other theme park I have been to so far. Including Sea World.


But there are some things to know and think about when going to theme parks in FL.

Legoland fl

OK, it is hot as hades.

Really, pack cold waters in bottles. LEGOLAND lets you bring in your own food and drink. Which is a money saver! And it is great for kids like mine who have issues with food, He doesn’t like certain textures. And we don’t have to sit in a restaurant to eat and the noise bother him.

NExt SUNSCREEN! lots of it.

Pack swimwear! Why? Well they have a waterpark, and yes there is a separate ticket for it so my advice is to get both!  FL is hot and you will thank me later for doing it.  pack a small first aid kit, it is necessary. Kids will be kids and are accident prone at 3. Hahaha.

Mine fell 5 times at the water park after I said NO RUNNING!

Wear comfortable clothing, this is not a night club. Heels may not be the best idea. So sandals or tennis shoes . Even flats. Get waterproof bags.

PAck extra clothes for kids.

Ride the Water Ride The Chi FIRST! Why? Because FL is hotter than MT Doom in Mordor. Being on that ride you get really wet and walk through the park comfortable and cool. It isn’t weird. We did that and got right on the ride and then were very comfortable the rest of the day. We were dry by the time it was trick or treat time.




THis ride my little man was able to ride it with me and the hubby! Love it and it was so much fun!famootdI wore a cotton dress from H&M and he wore a Halloween Star Wars shirt from Target.

cutepictureThis park is one of my favorites to take my son to. There is so much to do and LEGOLAND is adding more in 2017!!!


They even have live performers every where for Brick or Treat!




Brick or treat was so much fun and he got so much candy!



Here is the water park, they have a lazy river and other fun things to do like a wave pool. After a hot day of walking the park with the family we needed a relaxing and fun time at the LEGOLAND waterpark.

legolandwaterparkflThe trip was so much fun and I highly HIGLY recommend going to LEGOLAND Fl. Thank you so much to LEGOLAND Fl for inviting my family to spend the day at your marvelous park!

To plan your next LEGOLAND Fl adventure click here!



Tickets provided by LLF Media for event review! All opinions are 100% my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help make this blog even greater!

Geeky and glam.

Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday! After a quiet day at home it is back to blogger world. I wanted to talk about the shirt I designed. As you all know I love my nerd shirts and I love glitter and sequins. And so I combined the two.  Geeky and so very GLAM!

SKyrim sequin nerd shirt

I paid homage to one of my favorite video games, Skyrim! I love the dragon symbol and with the sequins it brings it to a whole new level. So much love. And I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop selling sequin nerd shirts. Just got to think of a good name. Maybe I’ll do a nerd shirt give away for the one who comes up with a good name.


I word my CMEO collective skirt with the shirt and kept the whole look monochrome as you all know I love doing. I am thinking if I did do my own line I would keep it basic colors like White, black, and grey.

All of this was done by hand. Nothing was machine.


MY hair was doing something crazy weird yesterday.

2016-07-04_14.45.53I love the shirt and I can not wait to make my next one, I am thinking of the elvish word for hello.




See you can support your fandoms or fave things geeky without sacrificing style and look chic, it is all how you style it.

Like yesterday’s outfit of the day here




2016-07-04_14.44.112016-07-04_12.03.25So what do you think? Tell me in the comments below!



The Etsy shop is now OPEN! This shirt is available here!!! So far available in white, going to be eventually make it in black with white or silver sequins! Stay tuned, but the white one is for sale now in the shop sizes S-XL !

Shop the shirt here!
Doing some great linkups check out their blogs!!

Garay Treasures
I do deClaire