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Hi there friends! It has been a while, and I am trying to get things done on the blog which will be up soon over at I have been wanting to get things changed for a while there, the blog name and such. It was time friends. Time. I made the new years resolution to A. get some shorts(still have not done) and B. To get the blog changed to the new name etc. And I am so excited. SO excited! And while waiting on the new blog to be finished being ported over to the new URL. I am going to write here and just transfer things myself. Because I am an Elvish Wizard like that.



Anyways, going back through my pictures and blog posts of old posts( we are talking since 2009) I have learned something. My mad photo skillz have gotten WAAAAYY better and my writing too. Isn’t awesome, and I saw in my old as hell horrible posts that I found my direction and grew once I found it. Went from a collage site mostly posting things like Gucci and such things I probably wouldn’t own for a long time(I own some Gucci clothes now and DVF and Tibi,by shopping really smart and thanks to sites like The Real Real)


But, yeah. My site started to grow and I started to get comments. When I first started blogging I honest to gawd had no idea what to write about, what to do, how to do it. And no one being supportive AT ALL. It was me, myself, and I. And since my blog has started to gain some momentum, I am starting to get some family behind it and such. This was more to me than just a hobby,

It was a life saver.

bluepants ESSUE

I started to take my blog more seriously after I had my little. I was really, really depressed. I have that tendency anyways. We wont go into that right now. But, I had bad post partum. I even blogged about it on Blogher and was told in the comments that it was in my head. ACTUALLY, no. It isn’t, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by hormones and influxes.

I also read PROblogger on my Kindle and learned a lot. And then started to research how to blog better. And so here we are today.  A long cry almost from the start. I then was using my crappy phone and Ipad for blog photos. I had no SAM(my tripod) and no remote, and candy camera app. It was something I am happy I improved upon.Once I got better pictures and really asserted myself I got more sponsors. (i still use a camera phone. But let me be honest, some of the phones are so high tech they can beat out the cheapest DSLR in quality.I still want a Nikon or Cannon DSLR) I named my blog Gofashiondeals for the worst reasons and that is there was no reason. No thought to it. I just did it because I felt pressure to make a name. And I kicked my own butt for it since. Until now.


I made the decision that 2017 I would revamp the blog to be more reflective of me and my weirdness. AKA my personality. I am a GAMER, I am a HUGE Fashionista, I am a MOM, I am a WIFE, I am obsessed with MAKEUP, and I am a big BOOK WORM. I am all of those things and I do it all glamorously. And that is why the new blog is Glamorous and Geeky. Because I am. I am glamorous and geeky. And I am hoping that the site is up soon, because this sucks. MY hubby suggested I blog on this Temp thing here until then because I wont stop complaining about the time. My blog had a lot of content….and uh…yeah. HAHAHA

SO yeah…I am looking forward to this. And I hope you all are too!



Shirt: Target(old) similar here

PANTS: Essue by love4love similar

SHOES: Sophie and Trey similar

Bag(old as dirt) Dooney and Bourke I love this one here


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Life lately. Art fest and wine tastings.

Winter park FL ARt fext

SO about a weekend ago we went on a train ride to Winter Park for the art fest they were having. Lots of local artists and food. It was a fun event to go for free. It is always a great idea to keep an eye out for things like that here. I was trying to take pictures of things while having the hubby and the wee lad with me. Hubby was telling me to take lots of pictures for the blog, and there really was no space, too many people and when you stand still to take a photo, the people are bumping into you. So I didn’t get a lot. Bummer.

I managed a selfie and pictures of my fam.

These two, rode the train and were ready to go and here I am taking pictures of them.


This watch, I love mine so much I bought my hubby a matching one for his birthday!

We walked around looking for coffee for the first 15mins, as I was up all night before with the little who DOESNT want to sleep in his bed.

For the day, I wore a lace up body suit and flares with my flats by JUSTFAB.

Nothing spectacular. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the event. But I just didn’t get a real chance to, and when you have a child with ASD, they tend to not want to just be still for that. With the noise and all the stimuli it was over whelming. So we didn’t stay long. And that is OK. The little enjoyed the train and that was the best part. The Train.




ANd then fast forward to this weekend and we(mom and I) went to a wine tasting at World Market.


I got some really good wines! You can not leave me alone in a store when I have been drinking. Shit like this happens.  😉

Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!


A bit of nonsense

Dooney and BourkeHi gang! It is a time for a post of nonsense.  Basically life stuff. I am way to tired to think, between my little deciding he was going to play all night long and a horrible muscle spasism in my neck and shoulder, I am exhausted and so very sleepy. How am I even functioning? And where is my break? I swear everything keeps blowing up doesn’t it. I am hoping for sleep tonight I have too much to do tomorrow for the blog(catch up) and stuff for my little. I didn’t take blog pictures today, and the ones I took the other day, I still had to edit. And I kept dozing off. So, yeah.


Let’s talk really quick about those Dooney bags, I am in love with that bee bag. Even though it is very ketch,  still this is a bag that will hold my little’s stuff and mine as well. This one was found at MACY”S And I just know I want it!


MY little and I running around.and I am so over this pain. SO very over it.

And while out and about I may or may not have bought a can of wine with a straw. May or may not have.

So, I am going to go to bed now. Good night blogosphere and friends!

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Patience  on a Monday.

flatlay too faced

Today is a bit of a great day, although my feathers are a bit ruffled.I am going to go a small rant. I’m am having a problem with patience.  When it comes to my kid I can very patient when it merrits. When it comes to me the same. But! And there is a but,(heh) when it comes to when I order something online and there is no mention that things are delayed, no emails, etc. One can be a bit irritated as to why there is not communication between customer and store. It’s understandible. So you call customer service to see why order is pending. Get told that it is due to mass amounts of orders and they were not prepared for the bulk of orders from sale and from new collection.  Again understandable IF there was some sort of communication via mass email saying orders may be delayed. So after that and no eta what so ever I get an email saying it is due to blizzards..mkay. then I check back(this morning) customer service has no idea what I am talking about(the email and the reason for blizzard delay in orders) and said the same thing the last service rep said. So. Yeah..a bit disgruntled. A bit. I want my powder and my palatte…😢 And let it be known I have never had this happen before with ordering.

tabby catMy orders from Too Faced have never been like this. And(I hate throwing them under the semi truck) yet, here we are. Getting two different stories or excused from them over orders. Again as I stated understandable if they had told me a week into my order still processing. I am running out of patience, which is not normal for someone like me, who is usually not so worried about things like this. I have ordered things from other companies which take a couple of weeks to process and ship. So, why am I writing about this? Well, that is what life is. And we are all about conversations right? And I would say the same things to my friends, I would rant and rave about this silliness. Which in the grand Scheme of things, is not so bad compared to other things. Like arguing with insurance companies over coverage of things necessary for your kid. Or as bad as other things. Makes you feel like you shouldn’t care, total first world problems. But, also you know it is OK, at the same time because you have spent the money. And I called today to actually cancel my order so I could just go to my local ULTA and just get the damned powder in person. But, they said the invoice was too far on to do so. SO, I am stuck in make up limbo!! NOOOOOO. OH, well I know there are others stuck with me and we can all wait impatiently and patiently for our makeups.

Until next time friends! The next posts will be all about our adventure of the Winter Park Art fest. And some great outfits!

Exhaustion and a cant stop wont stop attitude.

gofashiondealsIt is no secret that I have been a bit tired as of late. I have a kid that just won’t sleep through the night anymore. One reason being he has a cough that comes during the night (allergies) and 2 I just don’t know why . I am tired. Exhausted. And yet, I still am trying to find time to get shit done. Blog shit, house shit,  sleep shit. That is over rated by now the sleeping bit. But this whole lack of that is taking its toll. The dark circles that no amount of magical concealer will fix. Praise God for photoshop (I only use it for lightening, darkening, and dark circles ok and bad pimples) it can do what concealer cant. So, why not take a break, you may ask yourself.


Because of that can’t stop won’t stop attitude. I have to get all my shit done, friends, all of it. And this blog is my oasis, just as much as my Xbox is. Although the stress from this is a different kind of stress. It is the stress I like the challenging kind, the creative kind. It’s good.

Lately though I have been feeling slacking in that dept. I spend a lot of time a doctor offices with my little. As a parent with a child who has ASD, it is sometimes hard for us to remember us. Take time for us. And I unfortunately  am also the kind that just can not sit still, can not do nothing. Even dead tired I have to get the dishes done, even dead tired I have to get the little to his appointments. That can’t stop won’t stop attitude keeps me a float as much as my coffee does. And as far as the blog is concerned it is my business. My creation (even though it will be changed in future.we are working on the details.) . I am still trying to get traffic back up from when I was sick for most of January.ugh.

So I figured I would post a bit of what’s going on. A bit of nonsense.  Really is this post going anywhere or am I rambling like an exhausted weirdo?



Maybe not.

Random 4Am stuff.

Ok so it is 4 AM and I am awake. Got a sick little will do that. So I just thought I would pass the time while snuggling with this little to write a nonsense post . A post written by a mom who is debating making a small pot of joe. Why? Because it is 4 AM. 

Here are some sandhill cranes. 

To make the coffee or not to make the coffee. Hubby and I are taking turns on being up with the lad and it is my shift. Ahhhh the joys of having a sick child. 

I a loving this random 4 AM garbage post. Look at that cat.

Cat glitter. Always cat glitter. 

What else? Well I think I settled on a new blog name and we are going to be setting that up soonish. And I am really excited about it. I had to retype that last sentence twice, I kept typing eczema instead of excited.

Wow. Just wow, they aren’t even close. 

Brain go poop.

Getting over self criticism.

Whoa there dude! Today on the old bloggerooo I am talking about the kind of criticism where you are constantly questioning everything you do to the point of mental anquish. It can be as simple as “ugh these pictures are horrible that I just took, shot, or styled.” To am I good mother?  I shouldn’t have let him eat Doritos. I am a horrible friend as I haven’t answered so and so’s call all day. You sit and go back and forth with yourself over everything and it sucks. Self Criticism while good in small doses can be pretty bad when in excess. Which I am completely guilty of. Hands up friends if you are guilty of it! I am raising both hands here.

This is about anything really when it comes to that, but today I really want to touch on blogging self criticism. We are after all our worst critics.

Being in the blogger world or the blogosphere can be so stressful.Deadlines, followers or lack there of, blog traffic, comparing to other “successful” bloggers, dreaming, wishing, and planning. When you don’t get answers to emails for PR, when you don’t get posts that pay or they want you to review their whole site and not pay a thing or give product. Ouch. For me it is stressful, you bet. It is even worse when you are a massive introvert. I will tell you it takes a lot of moxie to get me out of my bubble and once I do start talking I go home and freak out because I am thinking how dumb I sounded or maybe pretentious. Or nerdy. “Did they really want to hear about how I beat Dragon Age Iquisition ?”  Was the eye roll directed at me? Oh my gosh panic at the disco here!

And then we get to the blogging pictures and I go through freaking out about them all. Thinking they are no good and since I want to make this more of a career and not just a hobby or something that keeps me sane I am even more critical. Add sponsor content and I want to be the best for my blog. And I know I am not alone in this. Hands up if you are in the same boat. #introvertsunited

Take in point this picture here

OK, first I got this belt from ZAFUL and have no idea how to style it outside of a YSL advert. I say that because that is where I got the inspo for it.  And since then I am like “how?” SO while trying to shoot my outfit for SKREENED, I was playing around because that is what fashion is isn’t it? It is taking risks and thinking a little outside the box. I took quite a bit, thoughts?

Anyways, I wasn’t happy with how my pictures turned out for the Skreened post that I am working on. Why? IT goes back to that self criticism doesn’t it? Taking self criticism to new heights. And there ya go even after sending examples to people you know will be critical(constructively) you still want to throw all the pictures into MT DOOM. Why? You don’t think they are good enough that you are good enough. You go back to reading those bigger bloggers and think ugh…it never looks like that. Even though when you go back to some posts it does. Who cares if you do not have a photographer following you around, or the fact you may have to use your camera on the phone, which by the way are getting just as good as a DSLR. Wow. Some of the Galaxy phones take amazing pictures. And there are lens kits available now for the phones. FYI.  You do you, you can take them to the next level with photo editing software and filters. As well as natural light. Yup. The pic below, phone photo.

The first photo, I was not happy with either. OH GOSH. Insta loved it. I was like meh. My hair was like Magenta from Rocky Horror and nothing lined up how I wanted. So I resnapped the picture above, and It’s better. The thing about my hair is that I was always told it was too messy by people for ever, and always hearing the saying that people with curly hair are not taken as seriously as those with straight hair, kind of sticks with you when it is sometimes true.

So, how do you get over it. Truth is I HAVE NOT A CLUE. If I did life would be all sunshine, butterflies and Unicorn farts. But, life is not picture perfect, blogging life is not picture perfect. Social media can make it worse especially when dealing with followers going up and down and you can not get past 900 followers, but blogger xyz did and hasn’t been in the blogosphere as long. OUCH. It can definitely take the wind out of the sails and such. So, what do I do? OK, lets be honest. I say I don’t get competitive but I do. I am. I can say I will try not to look at follower count(easier said than done when a lot of brands want you to have lots of social media followers on certain platforms) eesh.  I will say I am getting better at not scrutinizing loss and gain. That is true. I am going to keep plugging away at what I am doing  and reality is that that is all you can do. Blogger friends who are feeling the down in the dumps, know you are not alone. We all go through that, and yes while you didn’t get that paid sponsorship or those products or whatever. Just think maybe it just wasn’t for you, right now. Doesn’t mean that in future you wont get that designer spotlight. You may. Just keep plugging away at it. Just keep going.


can’t stop, wont stop.

DO or DO NOT, there is no TRY. (Yoda)

Do not give up.

Just keep swimming.

And Break the Wheel.

Stephanie ❤


And I am loving that first image more and so I may just have to do an outfit post with it. …..