I hate you, I love you. I hate that I love you, your facial animations make me want to barf some…..OK, so this is supposed to be a post for a Techy Thursday(I’m bringing it back) but then it isn’t, because I wanted to do a makeup tutorial of some makeup that really NO one would wear today because yeah it is from a video game. And a little rant about Mass Effect Andromeda. Which if you have anyone that plays video games you may have heard some rants. Mostly about animations being a bit first gen  and glitches all over the place. In my case I had an NPC(non player character) walk though a wall and disappear thus causing me to restart. UGH. SO, what is today’s post about? Well, I wanted to share the makeup from that game, One of the looks actually. When my hubby started his game we both went BLEH! WHAT? WHat is that? EWWW. Who would…why? Not to say that people wouldn’t like that particular eye look. We are maybe just being picky.

Looks like her head is trying to fall off..

Seriously BIOWARE, the makeup options future or not were subpar.There is not a whole lot of hair options as far as style and as far as faces. I really love Bioware games, a lot of women do. Really, just look at all of us who LOVE the Cullen Dating and Dorian epic bff simulator, I mean Dragon Age Inquisition. I get it is the future. I get it. Just like how everyone in the 60’s thought we would be in flying cars and dress a certain way and really here we are dressing like it is a more updated 1969. I am not saying the game as a whole sucks, no far from it. Damn it is fun, so much fun! But, the small things that can turn into big things. Annoying things just take the wind out of the sails. Sails for a AAA game that had so much hype and yet fell flat. Really, I am scared Dragon Age will have the same fate. Which Inquisition is so beautiful.  Don’t rush games, we can wait. Impatiently, but we will wait. We will still spend our money when the finished product comes out. The potential was there. It was there. How will it bounce back? I still am going to play the heck out of Mass Effect because it is fun. I might just grumble a bit over the little things…

Mass Effect Andromeda
We both like purple, BFFs?

OK, So enough of that, lets look at this here makeup.

Straight from your Pathfinder Nexus Salon…..

milani foundation and NYX concealer

not really….

You can pick colors! And transparency.

lets see you can pick blue

This is one of the looks! I am not even kidding!

Or purple….



Isn’t we wont even get into the neon blush and spotted shadow. For that I think a cream would be needed.  You can also pick mermaid colored hair, however hair options are also very limited. Which was also a complaint of Dragon Age, which leads people to Modding. With modding you can get better customization. Right now I haven’t heard of much Modding for Mass Effect, I know there is for DAI, for PC.

I got help a bit.

So really, there isn’t much to this “look”

If you cosplay it would be easy to recreate as there isn’t much thought to it. I used The Milani foundation 2 in 1 concealer foundation and Nyx concealer. Although with this you really don’t need the concealer for under eyes..because um you are a purple raccoon. You basically just apply in a small square from eyebrow to right above the orbital bone(cheekbone) I then added a bit of a darker blue and black to the crease and corner of my eyes, followed up with black eyeliner. it is such a silly thing.

I woke up from Hypersleep like this.

HAHAHAHA I hope you had as much fun laughing at this as I did, doing this “look” are there any other video game makeup you want me to do? This was fun!

Pathfinder scary

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THreadsforthomas lizzieinlace




Bioware owns Mass Effect. The character is mine from ingame Screenshot. And blah blah blah.. This post contains affiliate links. No Krogan’s were hurt during the making of this post.


Cat Eyes so Too faced

Too faced cat eyes

SO the other day I posted my Too Faced HAUL . And so I wanted to share the look I created with the palette.

I normally do not do things like this as I do not have the ring lights and blah.

So, start with a great primer for shadow. I like the Milani eye shadow primer in Nude.

Makeup tutorialI apply this all over the lid. It is amazing!

We are doing the second row shadows. The first color is Meow. I applied that all over my eye, brow and lid.

I make the most hilarious faces( i am sorry) Not so glamorous.

Then I used Pussy Cat which is a pretty pale lavender color with lots of shimmer.

SO much purple

Then lastly the Jungle love which I put in the crease and corner in the eye. I make a c shape in the corner to bring the focus in.

You can really see the difference in how it tops off the eye look.

I normally do eyeliner and stuff last because I do use a setting powder.

The blush is pacifica

And highlight the tops of the cheekies.

My fave eye liner pen. RODIAL! UGH this thing is amazing!

I use a purple eye liner ALL the time under my eye, it makes the blue in my eyes pop more. And sometimes the green.

I don’t do a heavy eyebrow because I will end up with brows like Thranduil with the blonde hair and all.

THen after a lash primer I use this mascara! I love Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

And that is it friends

Too Faced Cat eyesWhat do you think?

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This post contains affiliate links~

THe linkups!

I do deClaire


The Too Faced Haul.

Too Faced haul

Hey there friends I finally got my Too Faced order in! And I was so excited to share it! SO here is another unboxing video of my Too faced haul!!!! I hope you enjoy! A full post of a look I created with the products will be up on the blog this week! YAY!


You can see my original wish list in this post here I love Too Faced and let me tell you this was worth the irritating wait! The compact foundation was worth it alone.

Too Faced Cocoa compact makeup

As I said in the youtube video, I needed to switch from my Lancôme Dual Finish to something else, as Lancôme was not offering the no fragrance powder. Dual finish was a powder I used for YEARS and then I couldn’t anymore. My skin would get irritated and itchy. So I did some research and found this one by Too Faced may be good. And so far it is! I know immediately is a powder will work or not, or a foundation will. Having sensitive skin is a huge problem that way. And So, I took a gamble and bought this without matching. And it worked out(thank GAWD) I am happy with my long anticipated order!

Too Faced Cat eyes

The face one makes when waiting on their makeup order to get shipped

I am pretty pleased with everything and it all worked out in the end. Still, better communication would be nice*cough cough*.


You can also shop my haul here



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Choose a free samples with every order from!


Patience  on a Monday.

flatlay too faced

Today is a bit of a great day, although my feathers are a bit ruffled.I am going to go a small rant. I’m am having a problem with patience.  When it comes to my kid I can very patient when it merrits. When it comes to me the same. But! And there is a but,(heh) when it comes to when I order something online and there is no mention that things are delayed, no emails, etc. One can be a bit irritated as to why there is not communication between customer and store. It’s understandible. So you call customer service to see why order is pending. Get told that it is due to mass amounts of orders and they were not prepared for the bulk of orders from sale and from new collection.  Again understandable IF there was some sort of communication via mass email saying orders may be delayed. So after that and no eta what so ever I get an email saying it is due to blizzards..mkay. then I check back(this morning) customer service has no idea what I am talking about(the email and the reason for blizzard delay in orders) and said the same thing the last service rep said. So. Yeah..a bit disgruntled. A bit. I want my powder and my palatte…😢 And let it be known I have never had this happen before with ordering.

tabby catMy orders from Too Faced have never been like this. And(I hate throwing them under the semi truck) yet, here we are. Getting two different stories or excused from them over orders. Again as I stated understandable if they had told me a week into my order still processing. I am running out of patience, which is not normal for someone like me, who is usually not so worried about things like this. I have ordered things from other companies which take a couple of weeks to process and ship. So, why am I writing about this? Well, that is what life is. And we are all about conversations right? And I would say the same things to my friends, I would rant and rave about this silliness. Which in the grand Scheme of things, is not so bad compared to other things. Like arguing with insurance companies over coverage of things necessary for your kid. Or as bad as other things. Makes you feel like you shouldn’t care, total first world problems. But, also you know it is OK, at the same time because you have spent the money. And I called today to actually cancel my order so I could just go to my local ULTA and just get the damned powder in person. But, they said the invoice was too far on to do so. SO, I am stuck in make up limbo!! NOOOOOO. OH, well I know there are others stuck with me and we can all wait impatiently and patiently for our makeups.

Until next time friends! The next posts will be all about our adventure of the Winter Park Art fest. And some great outfits!

Ipsy Glam Bag unbagging March

It is March Madness ya’ll . Really that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me because I am not that big of a sports fan. #sorrynotsorry

Anyways, I got a new ipsy unbagging to share today!!! WAHHOOOO! if you saw on my Insta @gofashiondeals You may have seen the pictures.

ipsy glam bag marchYou are beautiful! Anyways, here is the full unbagging video!


TO get your own ipsy subscription you can sign up here!!!

The Fashionista Momma

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Nancy's Fashion Style


VoxBox Ole Henriksen

Ole Henriksen

HElllloooooo and once again it is another Voxbox time! This time is skincare oriented. Ole Henriksen skincare. I will be honest, I have never heard of Ole Henriksen before Influester sent me these products to try and review. So I am going into this with unbiased opinion. Yep.

I was sent products that are for both Am/PM and a full skin care 3 step system. This skincare regime is all about that “Ole GLow”//

It claims that it is powered by Green Fusion Complex, neem seed oil, and AHAs.

THe complex is a proprietary blend of active botanicals like green tea,eucalyptus,kelp,and Irish Moss extracts. It is supposed to help control oil, mattify, and refine the pores. It has a massive peppermint and Eucalyptus scent. I mean MASSIVE. It is really really strong. Right off the bat that was the first thing I noticed. It hit me like a baseball bat to the face! WOW. My eyes watered.

Like I said, I am entering this with unbiased opinion. I have tried a lot of the products that I have gotten before from Influesnter before, or at least know the brands pretty well.

So, let us dive into each product shall we?


First up the oil control cleanser

Oil control cleanser Ole Henriksen


It is pretty thick and smells heavily of the peppermint and eucalyptus. It does foam up nicely and my skin felt clean after use, no irritations. save for the smell, which normally doesn’t bother me.

The Balancing Force oil control Toner

The Balancing Force oil control Toner

This toner has salicylic acid and such and it tends to sting a little. But, it works well for refining pores and toning. As well as control acne. Although truth be told I didn’t notice much of a difference between this and say the clean and clear. But, no weird skin reactions which is good. Also same smell.

The counter balance oil control hydrator.

I like that it comes in a pump bottle. makes life easier. THis one ALSO has that same smell, and is supposed to help control shine and oils. mattifying. ETC. It didn’t mattify for me. My skin was still shineyand after a while a bit oily in the t-zone. I haven’t noticed a big difference in the longevity of foundation. It did make my skin feel nice and smooth after use. It was nice. And as far as the smell of the product it was not as strong as the others. Which is good. I keep mentioning smell, because for some people it can make or break a product for them. But, it isn’t a lingering smell.

I have been using these products for a bit and I will say I do like them. Will they replace my RODIAL or Nip +FAb, as well as Cetaphil. Maybe not. But, if you like Ole Henriksen, then you may like these. They are not bad products, I just prefer my other ones. I think for at night I will keep using the hydrator and use the Cetaphil moisturizer for the day(it has SPF) and then continue with the toner.

Thanks for reading! You can get influenster for free on IOS and ANDROID Via Appstore and google play. Influenster is AWESOME!

Ole Henriksen

THese products were sent to me to try and reviewfor free from influenster!
Unboxing here


Too Faced melted sale

Hi there friends! I just wanted to share something really awesome and fabulous and marvelous! And that marvelous thing is that Too Faced is having a grand sale!!! Up to 60%off!
So Here are some of the things I want in the sale!!!

Totally cute makeup collection. Was $36 now only 18!!! WOOT
Melted Metal Was $21 now $10!!! EEEK and this shade looks gorgeous!

Cat eyes! This puurrrrfect palette has a orig price tag of $36 and is now $18!!!! I want this palette.
Secret Beauty Weapons. This set gets you the lip plumper a bronzer and the better than sex mascara all for $9!!!! AHHH

The Selfie powders are now on sale for $14 originally $36! this is such a good deal! look how pretty!

So there at some of the things I want so very very bad. Such a great sale! So, be sure to check them out! And when you get stuff from them you get samples and Too FAced packages things so pretty!!!